That Adonis is Mine!
4 Thinking about your wife..?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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4 Thinking about your wife..?

In the center of the most advanced metropolitan, City W, lies the big gun of the business empire. The highest skyscraper is the Edward Empire, the conglomerate that shocked the business world in the past five years after the new heir took over the reins.

The present 27 years old CEO, John Edward is the oldest of fraternal brothers. Despite totally having no similarity look to his twin brother, Shawn Edward, he and Shawn share most common interest together. Growing up together, sharing secrets and fist fight equivalently, they could read each other wordlessly. Thus, they made a secret pact years ago in order to save their collapsing family business.

A soft knock on the door bring John attention back to Earth. The door opened easily as Peter walked in with a stack of documents and a planner on top. His left hand holding a disposal coffee cup from well known coffee chain store, Coffee Co.

"Good morning, CEO John. Here the usual."

Peter place the hot black coffee in front of John while placing the documents on the left side of the desk.

"Thanks, Peter. What's today plan?"

"Meeting with HOD this morning at 9. Appointment with Miss Kinamoto regarding acquiring K-Arc at 2 pm, Mr David from TBank at 4 pm and tonight is the Florescence Charity Gala."

Peter replying John with his fully booked schedule and appointment, which included his attendance to tonight gala.

"Inform Shawn to attend tonight event with me."

Peter nodded slowly then turn to walk out of the office.

Silent yet comfortable surrounding the CEO office, with soft pen scratching over the private and confidential documents. As John focuses on report on hand, his attention diverted to Peter that comes in after two knocks. John knew Peter since middle school, where they were partner in crimes and swore brothers.

John can still remembered how he help Peter to pass Peter's confession letter to his high school desk mate, Jane, when they were on class duty at end of school period. Assuming the letter was from him, Jane immediately decline the letter, apologized and mentioned that she had fallen for Peter instead and hope to remain as friends.

Baffled by Jane blunt, John walked to the slightly opened classroom door and pull Peter inside and left the newly confessed couple behind….while he continue walking out while texting Peter,

"Treat her well" message.

"What were you thinking about, CEO John?"

Peter inquire after noticing John reminiscence face.

Looking at Peter that was sorting out the documents, John reply in mischief tone.

"Thinking 'bout your wife, Jane."
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