Tempest of the Stellar War
655 Tyrant Su“s Qualities
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Tempest of the Stellar War
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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655 Tyrant Su“s Qualities

Lan Ling was surprised. She dry coughed a few times. "That's not going to happen. Our work is not yet done. He can't leave halfway."

"Then let Shan Meng go." Rara Durai said. Work was a pain to him, but as a Titan it could not be helped. Tita people and human matters needed attending to.

Hearing that they were sending 2 giants over, Yan Xiaosu was reeling. Could giants hunt?

He had heard they were ferocious, but had never seen one before. In Yan Xiaosu's heart, mecha were the unbeatable human weapon.

After entering, they looked at his hesitant figure and Pila laughed. "Ah, Brother Yan, what mecha did you order? Let us see."

In just a short while, they already knew that Yan Xiaosu was that mysterious guest on the top floor. But this bunch of people were not easily fooled with. After analyzing it over, something was odd. Little Lucky Star was trash. Perhaps because of the Solar System's reputation, they had some personal relation with the council member, and so Mu Sen gave them face for the sake of pretense, and to send a message that to stand with Tita Star was beneficial.

But, if that was the case, then they were of no value other than a message. Letting them stay there was already giving them face. If they asked for more, they would be slapping their face.

And this seemed to be confirmed by Yan Xiaosu's frightened face.

Jasper had not thought of this point either. Gabre was the most cunning among them, a particularly deceitful guy. The more they thought about it, the more they thought it made sense. Seeing his ignorant manner, he did not look the part of someone important at all.

"I don't know either. They said it'll arrive soon. Perhaps we should wait a while." Yan Xiaosu was inwardly doubtful as well, but of course kept up his bravado.

At this, a few of them exchanged glances. They were in no hurry. They were here to enjoy themselves, and things were good here. To drink and make merry. Nobody paid any attention to Yan Xiaosu anymore. Only Jasper was a little concerned about his own face. If this turned out badly, he would become laughing stock among them.

"Brother Yan, given the movement speed of mecha, shouldn't it be about arriving?" Jasper asked. He was curious to know.

Yan Xiaosu gave him a scathing look. "Who said I ordered mecha? Since we're here for pleasure, we should indulge in the local flavor. I called 2 giants."

Jasper was stunned. Behind him a few of them laughed raucously. "Haha, that's the best joke I've heard this year."

"Brother Yan, you're really something. Even the Lan family can't command the Tita. For them to accompany you on a hunt, do you think you're the Titan?"

Yan Xiaosu had thought that giants were nothing special, but it seemed like they were rather dependable. Besides, Lan Ling would not let him down on these things.

"Are giants that formidable?"

At this, they laughed even harder. Tita giants were awesome. They were unmoved by force or persuasion, and neither swayed by lust nor riches. They were unshakable. Privately, they all wished for 2 giant bodyguards, which would be the ultimate sign of status.

"Brother Yan, if you can really call 2 giants to the hunt, I'll gift this wench to you." Caragal's Pila said cheekily, patting his girl on the rump.

"If it doesn't work out?" From beside, Mitchell from Astina's GLP Group called out.

"I'll go in to fight the beasts alone!" Yan Xiaosu stared fiercely at the 2. D*mn, playing hard? Come on, then!

They called out their approval, secretly waiting for the joke to be revealed. Yan Xiaosu was secretly sad, but could not voice it. D*mn, they really wanted to call him out. A bunch of naïve noobs!

Face, was something that Yan Xiaosu had thrown away 10 years ago.

Jasper waved it aside. "Brother Yan, they're just kidding. But they should be here soon right?"

Yan Xiaosu was at ease. Just as he was about to quip some response, they felt the earth shake. From outside, workers were exclaiming in surprise, saying something about taking a photograph.

They felt something was strange, and ran out as well. At the door were 2 giants. Jasper and the rest craned their necks… F*cking tall! If they were bodyguards, one would be unbelievably impressive.

A few of them daydreamed for a while, then looked at Yan Xiaosu. They did not know if he had really found these 2 giants. The hunting camp workers were as passionate as if they had met celebrities, but the 2 giants stood aloof.

Until they saw Yan Xiaosu. As Yan Xiaosu walked over, the two giants kneeled. Their presence was intimidating, and this did not simply originate from their stature. The one in front was especially huge.

Pila and the rest exchanged glances. Had he really called them here?

So awesome?

They really could not underestimate him anymore. To have such power on Tita Star, he must be someone to build a relationship with.

Gabre had the presence of mind. He pulled over a worker and questioned him.

"Wow. I would never have dreamed of meeting the Titan Self Defense Force Commander Shan Meng." The girl was excitedly jumping up and down.

Gabre and the rest were shocked. Their utter shock was clear. It was like seeing a ghost!

Jasper recognized it now as well. Although the giants were all broad of stature, but Titan Rara Durai and his Self Defense Force's giants were especially big. No wonder he had thought these 2 were special.

The Titan Self Defense Force Commander, accompanying a human to hunt. F*ck, if they told others, no one would believe them.

Jasper and the rest were fully convinced now. Today, they had met someone amazing.

"Baja, as commanded by the Titan General, we're here to accompany you on your hunt." Shan Meng said very respectfully.

It was the first time that Yan Xiaosu was in such close contact with giants. He felt flustered as well. "I am in your care."

"Baja, you are to kind. To do this small thing for you is a privilege for us. I am Shan Meng, Ada's second disciple. This is Shan Long, the first disciple of the Titan General."

Shan Meng said. Within the giant community, position and seniority was very important.

"What does Baja mean?" Jasper asked, patting Natalie's bottom.

"Tita people's honorific for guests." Natalie had clearly done her homework.

This was also the reason why Jasper could not bear to let go of her. She was not only pretty, but capable. Truly suited to be a secretary.

"And Ada?"

"Ada is a term very rarely used by the Tita people. It loosely translates to mean Father, or Lord." Natalie herself was quite curious. Why would this term appear?

Yan Xiaosu was overjoyed. "I know you! Wang Zheng told me that you're the biggest among the giants. He spoke truly."

Hearing that Wang Zheng had mentioned him, Shan Meng smiled as brightly as a flower, and at one side Shan Long was completely envious.

By the time Yan Xiaosu had finished exchanging pleasantries with the 2 giants and come back, these rich young heirs were already completely flummoxed.

"Brother Yan is too cool!" Subconsciously, Jasper had already changed his tone. Seniority was rubbish. Ability was everything.

"Today, Brother Yan has opened our eyes. Pila, what are you waiting for?" Gabre praised. These were all clever people who knew which way the wind was blowing.

"I'm a gracious loser. Dear, you are now Brother Yan's. Sigh." Pila's face was regretful. Anyone they brought to such events was definitely a hot favorite. But he could not afford to give face now. If one went back on one's word in this circle, there would be no way out next time.

Yan Xiaosu waved it off. "It's fine. You just keep her for yourself. We're all friends, it was just a joke. Of course, if you're still feeling guilty, the remaining pleasures are all on you."

Pila heard this and was overjoyed. He could keep his girl. In his heart, he was grateful. "Haha, Brother Yan is so generous. As expected of you. Everything else today is all on me!"

To these rich men, money was no issue. Face and happiness were the most important things, and to stand out was what they wanted.

And to Yan Xiaosu, tangible benefits was everything. Face was a rubbish concept.

And although the girl was really sexy, but Yan Xiaosu did not want to lose sight of the bigger picture.

The two giants' presence made Jasper and the rest, who loved to show off, green with envy. They lost all interest in the mecha. When they entered the hunting zone, the 2 giants activated their war armor, and their aura skyrocketed.

The newest model of war armor. Normally, when kept, it was a box. After activating, it covered about 70% of a giant's body, leaving their mobility unhindered. But their coolness was indescribable.

Such hunting did not need armor at all, but it was the Self Defense Force's rule that one must don armor for any mission, and not don it for trainings.

For this hunting trip, Jasper and the rest really had their eyes opened, while Yan Xiaosu treated it as nothing.

They were completely confused. Although they were young, but they had seen much of the world. Money was unlimited. But deep down, they knew they could not compare to Yan Xiaosu.

The influence with Tita Star that Yan Xiaosu displayed had thoroughly shaken them. If they could be the ones to breakthrough programs that even their families could not further, they would greatly improve their own status in the family.

On the way, the fawning and flattery began. Yan Xiaosu took it all in. To think they had tried to test and con him? What a joke. Yan Xiaosu had made his mark based on deception.

Pila and the rest were even more eager than Jasper. Natalie had pulled Jasper back. Jasper was just about to join in, and looked at Natalie, annoyed.

Natalie pointed to the Skylink, which Jasper opened. His eyes narrowed.

Breaking news, KING company's space program experiment was a success. They had not made a public announcement, but the news was confirmed. This was the word from the Milky Way Alliance's information brokers, where every piece of intelligence was invaluable.

This was revolutionary technology that would definitely attract the eye of every financial group. Back then things had erupted, but the scientific world had estimated that this program needed a few decades to be practically applied. And conditions at Earth were not good, and the program would probably change hands in the end.

But now…

KING company's 3 major shareholders. The research team, OMG, Little Lucky Star.

After so long in the business world, he finally knew the meaning of low profile.

Jasper became even more animated. "Brother Yan, congratulations."
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