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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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2 hours later, miss Que Li arrived was currently sitting on the sofa waiting for Ming Jie, she had a shadow guard with her, just in case.

Father Ming and Ming Lan came to greet her,

Ming Lan smiled sweetly at her and conversed with her as she waited for her brother, after a while

she realised this girl was truly perfect for her brother.

Soon her brother emerged from his room, looking intimidating trying to make Que Li feel afraid,

however an opposite reaction came, she just sweetly smiled at him.


'brother greet, Miss Que'

'oh, please drop the formalities, please just call me Que Li' she smiled.

Ah, for a ten-year-old, she is...great'


Ming Jie said a straight forward, hi.

Oh, how cute this boy is, he trying to look intimidating, but his pink ears gave him away,

She winked at her brother, earning a darker shade of pink almost red ears.

And father Ming and Ming Lan laughed at the sight, soon Que Li took up a blush.

They all left accept Ming Jie and Que Li, they both just awkwardly stared at each other, until they both looked away at the same time.

Que Li snickered and soon did Ming Jie, until they both started laughing so hard, they were wheezing.

Ming Lan heard this and smiled.

Looks like, I don't need to worry about him anymore


Ming Lan saw the shadow guard outside in courtyard,

'are you alright' he asked without turning around to see her

'fine, and you sir?'

'just peachy'

'hmmm, I see'

'so, bringing over Miss Que, to make some distance between you and your brother'.


'mhhh, smart… he is so madly in love with you, your brother, and not the sibling love kind.'

'I know that, i'm trying to get rid of the problem before he realises, do you understand?'.


The conversation was so casual and peaceful, as if they had known each other for centuries and just being with each other they felt content,

he suddenly began unwrapping his mask.

Revealing a gorgeous young man, he had short, messy black hair, fair skin, sword like brows, thin pale pink lips, very defined cheek bones.


If there was one word to describe him it would be handsome.

'are you sure you want to show me your face?'

On the outside her face looked completely relaxed as if a wall was placed between him and her.

On the inside she was quaking, he was just so…

How could Ming Lan like that crown prince, compared to this man he looked like a toad, thought Kim Nari.


'…ok then'

They both simultaneously looked up to the sky

'beautifull' they both said at the same time

Like brother like sister the situation soon turned to be the same.

They both looked at each other and both gently smiled…
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》