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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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Soon father Ming entered the room.

Looking puzzled.

'what happened to our guest? Lan'er, what's wrong Jie'er?'

Ming Jie and Ming Lan both looked at each other, sighing.

They both excused themselves for the day and both went to their respected rooms.

Father Ming was still confused and looked to the head maid for an explanation.

After the explanation, father Ming looked livid.

He too, soon sighed and went to his room.


In Ming Lan's room, she already was lying in bed, thinking about her next move. She was so happy she managed to get rid of that power leaching fly and miss green tea bitch.

A knock was heard, her little brother came in with teary eyes.

'what's wrong Jie'er?!' she sat up to console her brother.

'I-I'm s-s-sorry, s-sister'

'what for, dear?'

When she called him 'dear' his heart softened even more for his sister.

'I-I made you end y-your m-marriage with the p-prince' he stuttered.

Her posture visibly relaxed, 'no child, you didn't, I've wanted to end our engagement for a while, I

don't believe in one sided love' she muttered looking dejected.

'b-but sister!'.

'its true' her eyes filling with tears, She was so proud of her acting skills.

'come here, sleep with sister'. She opened the covers, enough for him to come in.

Ming Jie's ears stained red and acted like the world's biggest stundere, he entered her bed.

His head on the pillow, looking straight at her, not even blinking.

'what's wrong?'


This child.

Too cute for my heart.

She laughed at this cute little bun, pulling him into her arms, pushing his head into her large, soft chest.

His pink stained ears soon turned beet red, the blush travelled down his neck. Still laughing, she hugged him tighter.

Soon tiredness kissed her eyelids, 'go to sleep ok, forget about what happened today, you are my precious, cute brother, no matter what anyone says, I love you, ok?'

the waterfall fell once again but this time much harder, 'aya, come on stop crying, you big baby and let your beloved sister sleep, you want your sister to be sleep deprived, how mean, I thought you were my beloved brother, hmph!' she teased

'sorry sister, sleep sleep'

She smiled and closed her eyes and entered dreamland, her breathing evened out and she was out like a light.

'sister, I'm afraid of the future, I don't want to give you away to anyone, you're the only person I care about, without you I would be unbelievably sad. Sister, I will try to get stronger and become as strong as possible so I can forever protect sister, sister deserves the best, and only the best!.

'brother, will find a husband for sister, someone worthy, or else brother will drive them away, not just anyone can have sister.' He said ferociously.

Kim Nari could hear everything.


The first thing she thought of.
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》