TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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'I said nothing of such sorts, my lady'

Ming Lan sharply looked at Fan Wae, then called over her head maid who was present in the room the entire time, listening to the whole conversation between Ming Jie and Fan Wae.

'please tell us what happened here, head maid'

Fan Wae's calm, collected façade soon began disappearing, and the sweat on her forehead became more and more visible.

't-there is no need for that, my lady. Nothing had happened between young master and myself, isn't that right?' she looked over to the crown prince with pleading eyes, hoping he would rescue her in the name of love.

'yes, of course, do not worry Ming Lan, why would, my, Fan Wae, say something that could possibly harm your younger brother.' ridicule resided in his eyes, how could she dispute him, her beloved crown prince.

Now the look in Ming Lan's eyes were undistinguishable,

A terrifying aura was being emit in large room, the maids outside the room were frozen in fear, they couldn't enter the room.

Which beast had enough hate to be able to have, such aura, that one, could feel it from the outside of the room.

'I see' she murmured appeared to be in deep thought, however Kim Nari was laughing so hard inside.

She looked back up to the crown prince and Fan Wae,' I will not except that as a response, crown prince.

Head maid, my request still stands'

'well, you see young miss, young master was just enjoying his meal while waiting for you, Miss Wae asked him what his relation was to you. He replied politely saying he was your brother, however Miss Wae said that how could he be apart of the family'.

At this point Ming Jie was fanatically pushing himself into Ming Lan desperately trying to hide his face, however Ming Jie was secretly smirking, enjoying how much his sister was standing up for him, and starting to dislike the crown prince.

'Miss Wae also said that he was too privileged and should be kicked out to live with the dogs, and should grovel at her feet and polish their shoes, to show how unworthy he is to live in the Ming family.'

Fan Wae's legs were about to give out, the prince noticed this and kept hold onto her shoulders tightly, looking at her with disappointment. How could you get us in trouble even before poisoning Ming Lan, ah this woman, he thought.

Ming Lan looked back at them, hate oozing out of her pores, you could see her shoulders shaking lightly in anger.

How could this trash say all this bullshit about her brother

'This is very unexpected from you, crown prince. To bring this sort of woman to my humble palace'

'Miss Wae and crown prince, I, as respectfully as I can, ask you to leave, the reason I had called you over, crown prince. Is because I wanted to end our engagement, thank you and good bye'

She looked over to the head maid 'please ask the guards to escort them out' the maid hurriedly nodded and went to fetch the guard waiting outside the doors.

The look on the crown prince's face was amazing.

He looked so utterly mortified, his hold on Fan Wae increased, to an almost painful hold.

'you can't do that!'

By now Ming Lan's shaking had ended and a lazy and playful look was now apparent. The crown prince had finally realised that she had been playing with him and Fan Wae since they ended the door.

'who says I can't' I can fuck you up If I wanted to, was what she wanted to say.

Fan Wae actually looked satisfied, happy that the little bug Ming Lan was soon gone from her beloveds' side, now she could openly come out as the crown prince's lover.

Four guards were on stand-by, waiting for their madam to give them the signal to 'escort' them out.

Ming Lan gave them a little nod.

The guards nodded back and went to Fan Wae and the crown prince, holding them by the shoulder and pushing them out, both kicking and screaming to be let go.

'I CAN GET YOU BEHEADED, FOR HOLDING THE CROWN PRINCE SO RUFFLY… WHY AREN'T YOU RESPONDING, YOU WORTHLESS PEASENT UNHAND ME THIS INSTANT. The guards just looked at the crown prince with open disgust, talking about his own citizens as if they were just flies, the nerve of this guy.

'NO, NO LET ME GO, I AM THE SOON TO BE FIANCE OF THE CROWN PRINCE, HOW DARE YOU HOLD ME SO SHAMELESSLY LIKE THIS.' Huh, drama queens, giving me a headache, worthless pieces of trash….
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》