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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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I smiled to myself and began walking towards the door, just as I put my hand on the handle, the door was pulled open to reveal a frantic middle-aged man, with greying hair and over-sized spectacles, a chubby mid-section, short, a blackish almost grey hat and wearing a white and gold robe.

I smiled at the memory of this man, as he was Ming Lans father.

What a stupid girl Lan was she gave up everything for a man who didn't even love her.

Her fathers frantic express changed to a relaxed look
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"finally felt waking up"

I smiled "I'm sorry, for worrying you" I said as I looked down to the floor blushing madly, like a toddler who got caught stealing candies.

My acting skills have improved tremendously, smirking inwardly.

"its alright sweet heart, I'm just worried you might not wake up one day"

"don't worry father, I will always be here" smiling sweeter than the sunshine

"hmmm, come downstairs and talk to your brother, he has been asking me non-stop to see if your awake.

Sometimes I think he loves you more than me"

"that's not true father, he loves you just as much as he loves me"

"whatever you say" he said looking pitiful, "pftttt…". "why are you laughing I'm in a dilemma here" he said waving his arms around.

"sorry f-father I can't help it, you are to cute" my giggles soon turned into full on laughter, the man continued to pout till he left the corridor, me on his tail, following suit.

I entered a large room, that had a few instruments on the walls, mats on the floor and a vintage looking sofa. A small child sat on the sofa holding a sad expression

"Ming jie come greet your sister"

His troubled expression morphed into a cheerful smile.

He ran into Ming Lan's legs, though this child was at a ripe age of 10 years old, around Ming lan he acted like a 4-year-old, he loved how Ming Lan pampered him and treated him like a prince.

His mean father didn't spoil him like lan did to him.
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》