TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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'so is this what hell looks like' I said looking around the pristine room

'not exactly' Mr hot voice dude said

'how so?'

'you aren't dead yet'

'I'm not?'


'oh, so then what am I doing here?'

'well you were poisoned, you haven't had the best of life and you have a serious case of philophobia'

'what you're my therapist now?!'

'nope, something more awesome'

'and that is? you nutcase'

'hey, hold it with the insults, you're going to transmigrate into worlds and not die, you can do whatever you want to do, to prolong your life, in the end you will go back to your original life'

'huh, sounds fun, what do get out of it?'. 'nothing' this dumb shit said so happily.

'no fucking way you dumbass, don't you know that's no how business works', I can feel my vein throbbing on my forehead.

'oh, so what do you want?'

'Give me the options as to what you can offer'

'I can offer pills, or points or something'

Hmm that was a rubbish deal, wasn't there something better, but I could use them to make my life longer, I'm sure there probably is a pill for that, you know what I can't decide 'you know what I'll ask you later, send me to the first world'

Ugh my head hurts

A series of memories swish past my eyeballs like a movie, it's quite enjoyable.

Let's see, a beautiful 16-year-old sickly child in ancient china, she has never left her house as her doting family don't wish for anything to happen to her, she has a little brother who loves her dearly, she lost her mother at the age of 6 years old, making her father and brother extremely protective of her.

She has many talents like music and painting

However, this beauty soon became the villain in the story, she was a funny character,

However jealously began to rise as she soon met the female lead

The female lead was what you would call a 'white lotus' or in my case a green-tea bitch

Originally the sickly beauty was

in love with the crown prince, who was the male lead, but in fact the male lead just used her, for status and a more lovable appearance to the rest of the world, as he was enduring being engaged to the sick beauty Ming lan, the villainess. Ming lan did not know this, she had thought that the prince had loved her just as much as she did to him.

As we know was not the case. In fact, he was in love with the female lead Fan wae.

When Ming lan came to know this, she was enraged and began harassing Fan wae. Fan wae knew she would get this reaction out of her and wanted to show the world how much of a rabid dog Ming lan was and wanted to tarnish her reputation, and poison her to worsen her condition so she could die faster.

'father look she is waking up' a sweet, young voice said

'5 more minutes'

The sweet voice and a deep fatherly voice chuckled

'aww even when she is sick, she is still immensely adorable' the deep voice said

Soon they both left

I opened my eyes, and attempted to sit up, I let out a moan in pain, it seems I had slept for quite a long time

I managed to get my feet on the ground, instantly you could feel the numbness in my legs become sharp needles jabbing into my leg over and over again. Another groan left my mouth.

After a while I stood up, getting used to the pain. I looked for a mirror after a while of twirling my head around the room I saw a large mirror covering the hidden corner wall

A gasp left my mouth, I looked exactly as I did in my actual life

I was dressed in a pale blue kimono, with a beautiful design on the back, red lining on the openings. Overall it was stunning and really made my eyes stand out.

I read a document left on the table addressing to Ming lan


Fucking great.

I'm Ming lan, honestly I kinda knew that, so....I won't act surprised

Oh well, we are currently 16 years old. already met the male lead, soon will meet the female lead. yay.
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》