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TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes
Author :anime_princessaaa
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I think the worst feeling is when you wake up to a light shining in your eyes, people who sleep by windows know the struggle

so, I began waking up 2 hours before, however I could have used those hours to sleep but were lost to dodge the bullet, e.g. the blinding, annoying light.

I am awake, the light is shining in my eyes,

but I'm not going to get up, you're probably thinking what the fuck is she going on about?

you see as soon as I wake up, my brain begins filling up with thoughts, again your questioning my sanity, let me explain.

I was born a natural genius, some think of it as a blessing, others think of it as a curse, I believe it is 50/50.

right know I'm thinking of how I'm going to escape this unknown room, you see, I wake up 2 hours before the sun comes up, it had become a natural routine, however today I woke up to a blinding light and a softer pillow than what I usually have, I can smell a deep sent of lavender, however in my room I worked hard to maintain a soft vanilla and pine scent.

"I know your awake" a raspy male voice broke the train of my thoughts

oh well, we were found, there is no point in trying to pretend to sleep or hypnotise myself to believe I am still asleep.

I opened my eyes showing my dark blue eyes, eyes that can hypnotise the soul, the mind, and body.

I began admiring the room so white you couldn't tell where the walls started or ended.

I sat up staring at the empty room slowly searching with my sense looking for the raspy voice,

I smiled weakly before abruptly opening my eyes 'what gave it away'

'you keep tightly opening and closing your fist' the mystery man said

'oh yeah I do that sometimes, without realising' I muttered in defeat

'you know your dead, right' hot voice man said

Then everything suddenly got to me, ah yeah joseph & step-mother was planning to poison me, I clearly new which is why I allowed it to happen, I was done with my life, you know the genius-freak kid, that no one wanted to be around, the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, also the title of the smartest kid on earth was no more.

I was done, I needed a new purpose in life then please your so-called father so he can recognise your existence.

Yes, I am the basterd child of the Rossi house, abandoned at a young age left to fend for myself, having to learn street smarts and help myself from all the dickheads in my life, then becoming a billionaire and standing on my own two feet, visiting your father after 17 years due to constant harassment from his agents following me everywhere and giving stats to my father, looking for ways to profit over me, leave me in the dirt.

I look up at the air and answer my consciousness with a simple, 'yeah'

I look down to my toes, smiling to myself about how many lives I saved in the past 25 years of my existence, at I helped some people.
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    《TRANSMIGRATED: How Many Lifetimes》