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Sword Art Online: The Trap
Author :carloswatler76
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3 A Preview

The sound of a horn, the scream of numerous people, the bark of a dog, and the screeching of tires against the pavement. All of these noises were the last things Danny Hudson heard before he was blindsided by a truck that ran a red light, neglecting to watch where he was going. It was over quickly, a flash of pain that was immediately followed by darkness, the feeling of sleepiness passing over him, urging him to relax and let death take hold.

Danny just floated there for what felt like eternity, unable to move, looking at vast expanses of pitch blackness, as if he were floating in space. This nothingness lasted for what seemed like months until finally a rush of wind blew into Danny, something that not only suprised him but snapped him out of his sleep.

There was another rush of wind, followed by a flash of light that pierced through the never ending darkness. A voice rang out, shattering th silence that had gone on for so long in the pitch black void.

"Danny Hudson, an average kid." The voice said, sounding a bit similar to a robot. "A movie/show fanatic and also an anime/manga fanatic. Is sarcastic, egotistical, concieted, arrogant, and makes too many references involving shows, movies, and anime."

"Thanks for the negative remarks Dr. Phil, anything else? Next your gonna tell me if I'm the father or not!!" Danny said, even though he had been without talking for what felt like decades and was confused as to what was happening he could still respond with his usual sarcastic replies.

"I think you need to work on your comebacks because that one seemed to be rather forced." The voice replied, a hint of annoyance present in its voice. "However while you work on that I have some news for you. Your being reincarnated."

Danny was quiet for a second, attempting to organize the numerous thoughts spreading throughout his head. "Oh thanks for the heads up, mind explaining a bit more there Karen Eiffel?"

The voice actually sounded a bit amused at the name, responding to Danny's request. "Me and the other.....people noticed that you were pretty good when it comes to sudden changes. In one of the arguments with my friends, we made a bet. If you can survive in whatever world we send you too, then he has to buy me a meal."

Danny was stunned for a second before itfinslly registered what the voice was saying. "So your betting my life on a childish game between your friend? This isn't Yugioh you damn clown, stop fucking with me and tell me everything in one go."

The voice took a deep breath, clearly feelong more then a bit annoyed. "You'll be sent to the world Sword Art Online and playing as Kazuto Kirigaya. If you win the game then you can even continue living as Kazuto afterwards. Its all pretty simple, assuming you know what SAO is."

"Oh so now you wanna be a smartass?" Danny was becoming more then a bit pissed off with the disembodied voice. "Look, if your gonna send me to a different world then just send me, dont ask stupid questions or insult my inteligence."

"Okay okay, I'll send you off, but please try not to die as it would really ruin my day, and my wallet." The voice replied, clearly not caring much. "Do you know how much food these days cost.....at least where I come from?"

"Dont know and don't care," Danny said with a bit of hostility. "Just send me if your going to, I'd rather get this over with."

"You should try veing less of an asshole when you get to SAO," The voice said. "It might help you actually make some friends while your there."

There was a sound of rushing wind and Danny's vision began to blur. "When you reach SAO, remember that if you die in the game then you die in real life." The voice said, its soind growing dimmer as Danny began to lose consciousness. He struggled to fight against the approaching darkness but was once again no match for it as he settled in on the feeling of sleep


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