Sweet Desire
12 Chapter 8
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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12 Chapter 8

Mei Sou Fei got used to living in the palace in just a few days and spending most of her time taking care of the Empress along with An Jun. Although recently the Empress orders her to study many subjects after finding out that she never been educated.

Currently, Sou Fei sat down at the table in her room. A scroll lay open in front of her. The content of the manuscript was about how to play a guqin and an erhu.

I wonder why the Empress wants me to learn how to play a guqin and an erhu? Should I tell her that I do not know how to read? I really don't want to bother An Jun because of my incompetence. I would probably get laughed at by the other servants.

Sou Fei did not move a single muscle. For some time, she stays still like nothing is going on.

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Tap! Tap! Tap!

Sou Fei heard someone knocking. Standing up, Sou Fei calls out, "Who is it?"

"It is me An Jun."

Hurry Sou Fei open the door. Stepping aside, she let An Jun into the room. An Jun had on a reasonably lovely hanfu which has a brown base color with white flowers. Her hair was up in a bun.

"Senior Sister An Jun, what brings you here?" Sou Fei asks while sliding the door close.

Sitting down An Jun place the two instruments on the table. Both music instruments look polish, and the unknown wood seems expensive.

"I came here to give you these instruments so you can practice music." An Jun response.

Biting her bottom lip Sou Fei mind raise. Ugh! What should I do? Na I will just not say anything.

"Hey, are you going to come over to try them out?" asks An Jun with a raised voice.

Sou Fei snaps back to reality then sat down across from An Jun. Reaching out to grab the guqin Sou Fei pluck the strings.

"Senior Sister An Jun, may I ask you a question." request Sou Fei softy feel anxious.

"You may speak."

"Why does the Empress want me to learn how to play music? I thought a servant's duty was to serve the royal family. " Sou Fei says.

"I don't know, but I suspect the Empress is planning to transfer you to the entertainment division."

"Oh! I see." Sou Fei mumbles to herself.

I really don't want to be in the entertainment division. I could just imagine me making a fool of myself during an important event. I would not be able to live anyone. I must ask the Empress about this matter.

"Senior Sister An Jun, have you ever work in the entertainment division?" Sou Fei asks.

"Of course I have not to work in that area. My only duty is to care for the Empress. Then again being part of entertainment has a few perks."

"Perks? What kind of perks do the entertainers have?" Sou Fei inquires a bit curious and excited.

"Well, I hear some rumors about how the prince would request the entertainers to spent the night with him. Do not take my words as the truth because I don't know if the rumors are true."

"Oh, can you tell me more about the prince? I think I met the prince when I gave the cats back to him. What is the prince personality like?"Sou Fei asks.

"You saw the first prince. He is the future emperor. There is quite a bit of rule you need to keep in mind."

Great here come an earful of rules again. I have to follow the etiquette of the imperial family.

"As a servant, you must obey the orders from the royal family."

"Mmm... I understand," spoke Sou Fei as she stops playing with strings.

"Well, I better go and check on the Empress. Let me know if you need help."

"Okay, see you later," says Sou Fei.

Sou Fei wave as An Jun left. She began to play with the instruments once again. Sometime later, Sou Fei put away the devices. Ugh, I am bored. What should I do now? Should I stay here and do nothing?

In the end, Sou Fei decides to look for An Jun. Exiting her room Sou Fei walk toward the work area. She saw many eunuchs and maids went in and out. Unfortunately, An Jun was not among them.

"Excuse me, do you know where I can find Sister An Jun?" Sou Fei asks a servant who came out.

"I don't know, but you need to get back to work."

Annoyance expression appears on the girl's face. Sou Fei left the place not wanting to bother anyone else. She wanders around the area for a bit more. An Jun was not around the locations either. Unsure of what to do, she made a choice to return to her room. Sliding the door, open Sou Fei was surprised to find An Jun sitting there.

"Where have you been? I have been looking for you all over."

"Heh, I was looking for you too," respond Sou Fei not moving a single muscle.

"Well, how come you are not practicing the musical instrument?"

"Hmm... I did practice for quite a while, but I thought I should do some work," answer Sou Fei softly.

"Oh! it seems to me that you do not want to obey the Empress 's order."

Sou Fei could tell by her tone of voice that she is not happy. Oh brother, is she trying to make trouble for me? I hope nothing terrible comes looking for me. All I want is to live a peaceful life in the palace, and hopefully, in the future, I will be able to have a family of my own.

"Senior Sister An Jun, I am not trying to disobey the Empress's order. I just want to do my job as a servant. I will practice during my free time." Sou Fei states.

"Good to hear that you are willing to do your duty. Now come with me to see the Empress."

"Alright." Sou Fei responds as she slides the door open.
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    《Sweet Desire》