Sweet Desire
11 Chapter 7.2
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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11 Chapter 7.2

"What! Tell me what happen that cause the commotion, "exclaim Shimin quickly getting to his feet.

"A maid who supposes to watch Hei and Bia. She let them run around when they are injured."

"Fu Cangzhi, come along with me to see the situation," Shimin spoke.

"Yes, of course."

The two ran down the hallway then turn a couple of corners Fu Cangzhi stop momentarily in front of the edge of the entrance.

"My Lord, I think you should take a look at this," says Fu Cangzhi pointing at the door.

Shimin stepped forward and saw a strange scene. In the room, Chun Mu stood with a whip in his hand. Near his feet sat a young lady with her clothes barely covering her body. Red marks can be seen on the shoulders of the young lady.

Shimin moves slowly into the room. What should I do now? Should I say something? Lost in thought, Shimin had not noticed his brother eyeing him.

"Little Brother, why are you here at this hour?"


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Words seem to escape him at this moment. Shimin kept opening and closing his mouth. No sound can be heard except for breathing rhythm from the people in the room.

"I hear that you are very choleric, so I came to calm you down." Shimin finally spoke breaking the silence.

"Heh, is that right. You should not have come here. My business is my own."

"My apologies, brother, I did not mean to get into your business," said Shimin lowing his head.

"Good now you should stand in the back not uttering a single word."

Seeing the look of fury on his brother's face, Shimin knew nothing he could do to about the situation. Obediently he went to the back holding in a sigh. I am so sorry I cannot do anything for you.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!" the young lady cries out.

Shimin places his hands over his ears. Her cries made him want to be deaf. Shimin thought to himself Brother, I beg of you please stop this aggressive action. He sat down in a chair nearby and lay his head in his hand.

High pitch screen echoes throughout the room once again. Sometime later, the sound of the whip stop. Shimin raises his head after hearing commotions.

"Who are you?"

"Your Majesty, please pardon my interruption I overhear that you are looking for your cats." says a soft voice.

"Did you take them without permission?"

"Your Majesty, I did not take them. I found them crawling around my feet." answer the voice politely.

Shimin makes his way towards the sound of the voice. Stopping halfway his eyes saw a thin young lady with two cats in her arms. Very slowly she moves closer to his brother.

Shimin silently watches the two of chat away. In his mind he thought have I seen her before? The girl's looks are not that bad. He could scrutinize her this time because she stood too far away last time. Her raven hair looks smooth and shining even though it is in a bun with a wooden rod through it. Large dark brown eyes make the girl have an innocent aura. Pink rose petal shape lips seem really enticing to Shimin.

Another voice shouts, "Sou Fei, why have you wander off without my consent."

"An Jun, hello."

"Don't hello me! How dare you leave me when I took my own time to explain the important rules!" An Jun said feel irritated.

Shimin turns his gaze to the other girl as she walks in. He knows An Jun ever since his mother brought her into the palace. Back then he was six years old. An Jun was in her twenty years. Shimin saw her as an older sister. An Jun had a score of 5 in the beauty category. Black hair pile on top of her head with a few colorful hairpins. Her ebony cat-like eyes give off the air of maturity.

Still watching the scene Shimin did not bother to get involved. Seeing all of this event a yawn appear on Shimin's mouth. I am bored. I hope this will end soon. Sure enough, his silent wish came accurate minutes later.

8An Jun, Sou Fei and the girl on the ground left after bowling. Finally, Shimin went over to his brother.

"Brother, have you calm down?"

"Ya, I feel much better now." Chun Mu reply plopping into a chair.

"Why are you so upset over a small matter that almost leads to a person's death?"

"Little brother, please forgive me for showing my unsightly side moments ago. Chun Mu spoke softly while rubbing his forehead.

"Are you overwhelm by a load of learning?"

"No, you do not need to worry about anything. All I want you to do is to not neglect your studies." Chun Mu response.

"Alright, please look after yourself especially your health."

Shimin knew the royal tutor recently increase his brother's ruling learning to the max level. He also experiences the pressure, but his education was still the same.

Since there was nothing else to do Shimin decide to leave. About halfway out Chun Mu calls out, "Wait, brother, I need to ask you something."

Turn around Shimin went back in, "What is it?"

"Can you do me a favor?" ask Chun Mu.

"Hmmm... it depends on the favor."

"Can you cover me for a few days during the imperial court meeting?" request Chun Mu.

"Give me a good reason to help you."

"I need a break from all the work. I am willing to compensate you. Tell me whatever you like, and I will try to get it for you." Chun Mu said after swallowing down the tea.

Rubbing his chin Shimin ponder over the issue. Silently debating himself on the pros and cons if he assists his brother.

"I do not know brother. Do you not remember what happened last time I cover for you."

"I have not forgotten. Do not fret so much. I will make sure you would not receive any punishment." Chun Mu assure him.

Previously Shimin had helped his brother during court meeting. However, he got exposed and had to kneel for three whole days in front of the throne door.

"I do not think it is a good idea. How can I act like you again? Why don't you just ask Mother to give you a break." Shimin question.

"Tks, do even you know the reasons why Mother is ordering me to be in the court?"

"I have few guesses. Mother wants you to get used to processing of handling the matters of the imperial palace." Shimin said folding his arms.

"True right now Minster Goa Don might support either you or me.'"

"What about Minster Zhang Chi? Who do you think he would support?" Shimin inquires a bit curious.

"In my opinion, Zhang Chi will support whoever Mother approve."

"Make sense, I wonder why Mother has not announced you as a crown prince?" Shimin spoke.

"I do not know but anyway you have not answered my question from earlier."

Shimin swallows the saliva in his mouth. "I will only do it if you can think of a way for me to do it."

"Well, I can prepare a wig, have the servants dress you and you need to come obverse me for a couple of days."

Sighing Shimin said, "Alright."

Finishing speaking Shimin went back to his room. Shimin felt tire, so he went to bed early.


In the Empress's room (night)

Laying on the bed Wu Loa stretching out her hand to caress the bare chest. Sweat roll down her cheeks.

"My love, you are beautiful."

"Zhang Chi, I- I want you to back up my son Chun Mu when he ascends the throne." Wu Loa state.

Zhang Chi pauses his movement for a moment. His sharp eyes roam all over her smooth bare body. He had not replied to the question.

"Well, answer my request." Wu Loa smile sweety as she pinches his nipples.

Grinning broadly Zhang Chi squeezes the full breasts then said, "I will do as you say."

Wu Loa put her arms around his neck respond, "Good! Is this a promise from you?"

Immediately Zhang Chi continues his previous movement. Pain and pleasure sensation spread throughout her body.

At the climax, he shouts, "My Empress, that is my oath to you."

Soon after the two drift into sleep.
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    《Sweet Desire》