Sweet Desire
8 Chapter 6.2
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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8 Chapter 6.2

Hearing the high pitch scream startled Sou Fei. Glancing around the place as she looks for the person who made the sound. Curiosity compels Sou Fei to leave An Jun who is still chatting away.

Following the loud cry, she passes by several eunuchs and maids. Minutes later Sou Fei arrive at the place where the noise was coming from. Strange that the door was partially open. Sou Fei silently moves closer to the entrance.

Her eyes saw a young woman kneeling. Garments on the woman were shredded to pieces. A young man who looks familiar towering above her. A severe scowl form on his handsome face. In his right hand, he held a black whip.

"My Lord, Ah! please forgive me!" beg the woman.

"How dare you lose my pets!"

"My Lord, I did not mean to lose track of your pets." said the woman still bowing down.

"Bai and Hei are injured, and all I ask you to do was to watch them!"

Strike! Crack! Strike! Crack!

"Ahhh!" cries the young lady

Seeing the whip coming down made Sou Fei close her eyes. Poor thing I pray you to survive from this.


Red House some time ago

"You dare you to steal from me!" shouted Mother standing in front of her

"Mother, I did not take anything that belongs to you," responded Sou Fei kneeling.

"I have heard from other girls that say otherwise," stated Mother glaring.

"I was framed for a crime I didn't do."

"Do you know who did it then?" asks Mother.

"No, I do not know who would have done it."

Mother left the room. Sou Fei kneel there unsure what to do. Minutes later, she came back with a long whip. Along with her some other girls also came.

A confused expression showed on Sou Fei's face, "What is going on?"

"Since none of you know where my precious jewel is at. I have decided to demonstrate to you the consequences of stealing from me."


Closing her eyes Sou Fei flinch. Feeling tickling sensation at first on her back.

"Remove all of your clothes!" Mother order.

Without saying a word Sou Fei strip down until she bares it all in front of them.


Crack! Wincing from the pain Sou Fei fall to her right side. Each strike made her pain level increase. How much longer do I have to endure this? I wish that mother were here to protect me.

"See now this is what happens to those who go against me." Mother stated, "Now get up!"

With each movement of her body, Sou Fei cried out, "Ow! Nmm. I cannot get up. "

"Fine then, I will bring your costumer here."

"I beg of you! Please let me rest tonight." pleaded Sou Fei still laying down on the ground.

"I don't think I can afford to turn away customer especially when that customer personally requested for your company. I suggest you go and freshen up."

Sou Fee grimaces as she tries to get on her feet. Slowly but surely she put her clothes back on. Before she could finish. However, a man enters the room.

"You seemed eager to serve me tonight."

Do not flatter yourself, Mister. If I have a choice, I would not be serving you. His appearance looks slightly repulsing. Warts on his chubby face with an elongated nose. When he smiles old foods visible on his teeth. He wore a purple and gold robe that barely cover his belly.

Looking away Sou Fei holding in the urge to vomit. Moving forward closer she request, "My Lord, may I humbly ask for a day of rest?"

"Young lady, who do you think I am? I came all this way just for you so you can live. I suppose you rather starve then taking some gold from me?"

"My Lord, I appreciate your support so far. I am not feeling well tonight," reply Sou Fei as she moves steadily to the exit.

Before she could leave the room, however, the man snatched her arm.

"Not so fast dear. You cannot refuse me!" whispers the Man into her ear while pulling her into his arms.

Colliding into him made her back pain increase. Feeling his warm breath on her neck make every muscle tense up. Sou Fei ponder what to do to get out of his hold.

"My Lord, why don't I go get you some wine," suggest Sou Fei

"Hmm... Maybe later, right now I just want to hold you."

Damnit! He even tightens his hold. Sou Fei felt a hand on her shoulder. Heart pounding loudly in her chest. Standing straight without moving a single muscle. Seconds later, clothes slip off Sou Fei's shoulders baring all in front of him.

Even though she did this before many times. Sou Fei wants immediate to hug herself to conceal the embarrassment. Unfortunately, she could not also hide because the man holds down her arms.

Rough hand stroke her backside. Words like disgusting, shame are not enough to describe how she felt at that moment. Without giving a warning the man ram his thing into her.

"Argh!" Sou Fei yelp. Senses lost, and tears roll down her cheeks. Cries came out of her throat had no passion. If I ever leave this place, I swear I will never let a man hold me. Even if the man is from a royal family.


Present Day

Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!

The meow sound snaps Sou Fei back to reality. Cats why do I hear them? Looking around Sou Fei found two cats crawling around her feet. The first cat had white ears with a black body. Although it looks like a bandage was wrap its back legs. The second cat had black ears with a white frame.

"Oh my! These cats are so cute!" Sou Fei gushes as she carefully picks up both of them.

What should I do with them? Petting them seem to relax her. Sou Fei then remembers the young lady in the room. With one of her eye, Sou Fei peeks in the room. The young lady still on the floor with barely any clothes on. U kinda feel bad for her. Should I help her? For several minutes, Sou Fei debated with herself. In the end, she decided to go in there.

All eyes focus on her. This feels so awkward. Now I wish I did not come here.

"Who are you?" asks the young man with the whip.

"Your Majesty, please pardon my interruption I overhear that you were looking for your cats."

"Did you take them without permission?" He question.

"Your Majesty, I did not take the cats. I found them crawling around my feet with some injuries." Sou Fei answer

"Oh, I see. Thank you for bringing them."

"I am happy that I could be of service to you." Sou Fei response as she moves forward.

Uh, what should I do with the cats? Should I leave them here?

"Why are you standing there? Bring Bai and Hei over here." Young Master command.

Nervously Sou Fei made her way toward him. When Sou Fei got close enough, she hands the cats over.

"Here you go. These cats are so cute."

"You look familiar. Have I seem you before?" asks the young man.

"Yes, I am -."

"Sou Fei, Why have you wander off without my consent!" a loud voice shouted.

Glancing back Sou Fei found An Jun coming to them with an angry glare. Oh no! I am in trouble now. What was I thinking?

"An Jun, hello."

" Don't hello me! How dare you leave me when I took my own time to explain the important rules!"

"I am truly sorry about leaving you behind. I heard screams. My instinct causes me to want to know where the screams came from." Sou Fei response.

" Ahem! What is going on here?"

"Oh young Prince, I did not know you were here. Please forgive me for my outburst. The new servant ran off while I was giving her a lecture." An Jun replied while bowing to him.

"I see. Please take the girl on the floor when leaving the room."

"As you wish. Sou Fe, help me carry her." An Jun said.

Sou Fei obeys without uttering a word. Both of them assist the young girl to a room leaving the Prince behind.

"Sister, rest for now. I will get a physician to look over you." Jun state.

While An Jun went out, Sou Fei took a blanket and cover the girl. The young girl lay there motionless. Minutes later, An Jun came back with a man.

"Here is the patient-physician Wei Xu. I will leave everything to you." An Jun said.

"I will look after this young lady."

"Good Sou Fei come along. Let us leave this man alone to do his work." voice An Jun.

Both of them left the room. For several minutes, silence fills the air then An Jun turn to Sou Fei, "I cannot believe you approach the Prince."

"I thought I should give the injured cats back to him."

"I am going have to report this incident to her highness." An Jun state.

"Will I be punished for my actions?"

"I do not know it is up to the Empress." An Jun answers.

Soon after the two of them reach the Empress's room. An Jun knock on the door.

"Who is it?

"My lady, it is I An Jun. I have back to serve you."

"Come in."

An Jun and Sou Fei enter the room. Empress sat in the same position as before.

"What took you two so long to come back here?"

"Please forgive us. There was an incident that has to be dealt with. " An Jun reply kneeling down.

" What incident?"

"The new servant here wander around and cause trouble for young Prince Chun Mu." An Jun answers.

You liar I did no such thing. Why do you have to make trouble for me? I do not want to die.

"What did you do to my son?"

"My lady, I simply return the missing cats to your son." Sou Fei said while kneeling.

"I see now. Your punishment for disturbing my son is that you will have to clean all of the servants quarters by yourself."

"Yes My lady." Sou Fei responded trying to keep her anger from school.

For the rest of the day, Sou Fei cleans the rooms. She only had broken for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, the food had no flavor. By the time Sou Fei climb into bed, the sun starts to rise in the sky.

Dammit! The punishment seems harsh. I am sore all over. I barely going to have enough sleep. I going to be dead tomorrow. Stop thinking and go to sleep. Slowly Sou Fei drifted to sleep.
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    《Sweet Desire》