Sweet Desire
6 Chapter 5
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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6 Chapter 5

Li Shimin Bide who stood in the back watched as his brother kept going forward. He could see a young woman glaring at his brother. The expression on her face is like a girl who fell in love at first sight.

Although he is not surprised that the young woman finds his brother attractive looking. Shimin Bide decides to move closer to Chun Mu.

"What the hell is going on here!" demand the older brother.

"Today was supposed to be a day where we get more girls for future concubines."

"Is it not too early to bring in the concubines into the palace?" asks Chun Mu eyeing his mother.

"You are never too early to learn how to handle a woman. For an instant, you can have the young woman in this room. "

Chun Mu shook his head and replied, "No thank you, mother. Please give her to my brother."

"Eh, too bad son, I had hoped you would take up my generous offer !"

Li Shimin turns back to gaze at the girl once more. Her appearance is at best average neither ugly nor beautiful enough to weaken a man. The girl is just skin and bone having hardly any meat on her. Then again looks are not relevant to a person's real character.

"Mother, what do you want me to do with her?" inquire Shimin facing forward.

"You can do whatever you want after I train her to be a virtuous lady."

"So basically I have to wait for my sweet desert on a different day." response Shimin while licking his dry lips.


"Young miss, state your name," orders Shimin Bide turning to the woman.

"M- - my name is Sou Fei."

"Do you not have a family name?" question Shimin.

"My lord, I do not know my family name."

"What happens to your family?" grill the Empress somewhat curious.

"My mother is not alive anymore. I do not know my father at all."

"Oh, I see. Please forget the past and focus on the present," said Empress showing no empathy towards the girl.

Li Shimin Bide spoke up, "Mother, how long do I need to here? I have to go to my lesson with my tutor?"

"Alright, you may leave for now. I want you to visit your father after your lesson."

"Will do. I will see you all later," answer Shimin as he headed out of the door.

Once out of the room Shimin immediately ran to the tutor's quarter. Raising his right-hand up Shimin tap on the sliding door.

"Come in young master." said a gruff voice through the closed door

Shimin Bide slides the door open then goes into the room. His teacher sat at a table. The man had his eyes on an open scroll.

"Hello, young prince."

"Oh, sister Cho Hung I did not know you were coming here today," said Shimin Bide as he closes the door.

"I decided to come to visit you with the teacher.."

Cho Hung is a family friend's daughter who shares the same teacher. She has a creamy complexion with a pair of dark, gorgeous cat-like eyes. On the eyes are pink, light blue and green paint. Deep rose color paint cover Cho Hung's soft heart shape lips.

Cho Hung 's attire matches her eye paint. The pattern of the dress describes light pink flowers floating on top crystal clear blue water.

Shimin Bide sat down waiting for his lesson.

"Teacher, what are we learning today?"

"You are going to learn about the past. Here I want you to read over these scrolls." reply Teacher as he plops down a pile of large scrolls in front of him.

Li Shimin Bide picks up one then open it. He looks over the scroll slowly at first soon speed up the reading. All three of them did their own thing in silence. After some time the teacher spoke.

"I am going out for some fresh air."

"Okay, we will see you after a bit." response, Cho Hung.

As soon as the teacher disappeared, Cho Hung more next to Shimin.

"Brother Shimin, would you like to have tea?"

"I would greatly appreciate having tea to hydrate my parched throat," answer Shimin still reading.

"Right away."

Cho Hung got to her feet and reached across the table for the tea. She pours the drink into a small cup.

"Here you go."

"Thank you, big sister Cho Hung," said Shimin taking the cup from her.

The corners of her mouth went up. After putting down the kettle, Cho Hung sat back down.

"Brother Shimin, Please be careful with the tea. It is still quite hot."

"Do not worry I will blow before I drink," respond Shimin sipping on the tea.

Both of them went back to reading. The information Shimin was looking at was about how his father rises to power.

"I hope Teacher is okay. He ha gone a long time."

"I am sure he is enjoying his time so do not worry," respond Shimin while getting the next scroll.

Cho Hung move closer to Shimin Bide and grab his right arm. Leaning in she nibble at his ear with a grin on her face.

"Sister Cho Hung, wh- what are you doing!"

"Hmm... can you not tell what I am doing.?" ask Cho Hung in a playfully. tone.

"Please stop biting my ear. You are way too close to me."

"Well, would you rather have me bite your lips instead." retort Cho Hung as she put her face inches closer to his.

"What are you implying?"

"You should know what I mean," whisperer Cho Hung.

"I have no idea what are you\saying."

"Tsk, you do not remember what you promise me." state Cho Hung feeling disappointed.

"What did I promise you?"


Seconds later the sound from the door interrupts their conversation.

"Who is it?" asks Shimin.

"It is me Chun Mu."

"Come in brother," said Shimin.

Chun Mu walk in, "I came to let you that teacher felt ill, so he went home."

"I see, thanks for letting me know," replied Shimin getting to reading.

"Hello Chun Mu, it is good to see you."

"Oh Cho Hung, I did not know you were here too. "response Chun Mu looking at her.

"Brother, what are you planning on doing for the rest of the day?"

"I am not sure what I will be doing. Why do you want to know?"inquire Chun Mu.

"Sister Cho Hung need a company."

"Why do you not want to be with her?" asked Chun Mu eyeing his brother.

" Umm... I have to do another task."

"I see very well I will stay with her," replied Chun Mu

"Brother, thank you."

Li Shimin Bide jump to his feet then quickly exit the room. He rubs his arms shivering. Sister Cho Hung give me a bad vibe. I will never look at her in that way ever.

Shimin heads down the hallway turning left then stop in front of the second door. Hr walking into his father's room. A servant came and greeted him.

"How is my father's current condition?" query Shimin wanting to know sincerity.

"He is still in the same state. Young Master, I am glad you came to visit him."

"I want to see that is all," responded Shimin quickly.

"Of course, I know."

"Would you leave us for a bit" requests Shimin Bide.

"Yes of course."

Once the servant disappears Shimin goes to his father's bedside. For as long as he could remember his father has always been ill. He always thought his father was weak. As a boy, he would beg his father to play with him and Chun Mu.

Unfortunately, his answer is always no. The way his father looks at mother felt cold to him. He would see his mother cry alone at night sometimes. Seeing his mother cry made his heart ache quite a bit. Experiencing these events cause Shimin to despise his father. After a while, he decided to go outside.

Once outside he felt a stiff breeze touching his cheeks. Feeling the wind felt somewhat refreshing. Huh, It is this late already? Stars twinkle through the black night. I better go eat some supper since I skipped lunch. Back in his room Shimin order his servant to bring food.

After eating his fill, Shimin plops down on the bed and immediately fell asleep. He totally forgot to check back with his brother.
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    《Sweet Desire》