Sweet Desire
1 Prologue 1
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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1 Prologue 1

In the year 618 AD the Suí empire fell. Li Yuan ascended to the throne as emperor. The Kingdom renamed, Tang. He brought peace to the entire country was loved by his people. During his reign was called the golden age of Tang.

A few years later,

Chang'an capital of Tang evening

Emperor Li Yuan decided to throw a banquet in honor of his empress Chun Fang. All of the court officials and their wives gather to celebrate in the banquet hall. The room was cover with red all over. On the scarlet walls, there are gold paintings. The paintings are dragons surrounded by cherry petals. Majesty and queen sat at the head of the table.

Chun Fang's beauty can't be described with words. She had a virtues spirit, and her husband celebrated trust in her.

Chun Fang said, "Majesty, I appreciate you putting on a party for me."

"I was happy to do so since it's a celebration of our child Li Shimin Bide soon after birth."

"I hope he becomes like you and has your fine qualities" states She with a grin and pats her round stomach.

Although this was the seventh time, Fang carried a child in her womb. Unfortunately, she kept having miscarriages.

Wu Loa was sitting on majesty's left side. She is the second wife who was unloved by him. Her eyes glare at the Empress with intense envy. For she gave the king his first son.

"The Feast is great your Majesty," interject Gao Don.

"I thank you for your kind words."

Everybody drinks and ate until the group no longer can. Some of the concubines put on dance performance. By halfway through, the party Chun Fang cried in pain.

"My child is about to comes!"

"Wu Loa help Chun Fang get into her room." order Li Yuan.

Wu Loa assist the empress up to her feet. Both of them exit the room with Wu Loa's maid Mei Ling. They went down the hall; turn right leading her into a room.

Wu Loa said, "Chun Fang lie down on the bed."

Fang did what she suggested.

"Mei Ling, go get some towels and water. I will help her deliver the baby."


She quickly leaves the room. As fast as her legs can go, Mei, ran to the well to drawn up water. Then she carried the water back to the room along with towels.

"Ah!!" yell Fang.

"Keep pushing your child is almost out!"

Mei Ling wipes the sweat off of Fang's face. Fang grab her hand as she gave last push.

"Well done Chun Fang, you are now a mother," exclaim Mei.

Her lips curl up into a small smile.

"Take the child then clean it." order Wu Loa handing the baby to her maid.

Mei washes and wraps the baby in a silk blanket. After that, she lay him on his mother's arm.

Fang sigh, "He is a gorgeous baby I have ever seen. Please go get my husband."

Ling walks out of the room then went to his majesty. While she was gone; Loa and Fang glare at each other.

"Loa, I am a bit surprised by you," spoke Fang weakly.

"Why are you surprised?"

"I know that you deeply despise me, so I did not expect you to help me."

"I am only doing this for the emperor since I love him." reply Loa putting a cover on her.

The door abruptly open and Yuan rushes toward his wife along with his one-year-old son.

"Chun Fang, are you alright?" asked Yuan in a worried tone.

" Darling, I am fine. You do not need to worry."

"I am glad now let me see my second son."

Yuan hand his first son to his mother Loa. He took the child from Fang. Li Shimin slept soundly in his arms.

"I hope Li Chun Mu will get along with his new baby brother."

"I am sure they will." answer Fang smiling.

"My lord, I think we should let Fang rest for the night."

"I agree," says Yuan giving Shimin to Loa.

He leans over to lock lips with his wife. Loa turns away to hide her tears. After that Yaun left the room and went back to say goodbye to his guests.

"Loa, please take care of my Shimin."'

She did not respond just leave with both children and Mei.

"Mei put the babies to bed."

"Yes, Mistress."

Loa went to her room. She sat down on the bed. A huge sigh escaped her lips. Why am I in pain? I hate her so much I just want her dead. A wrong idea pops into her head, but she will have wait until everyone is asleep.

Loa stood then went over to the desk. She pulls out a knife and slips it into her right sleeve. A knock heard at the door.

"Mistress, do you need assistance?"

"No Mei, you can go to bed," yells Loa.

"Alright then goodnight."

Wu Loa waited until she could no longer hear footsteps before leaving her room. It was time for her to give Yuan his medicine. She gathers some tea also the pills before heading to his chamber. Taking the sleeping powder, she put it in the drink than tap on the door.

"Come in."

"My lord, I brought your meds," said Loa walking in.

"Thank you."

Wu Loa pour some tea into a cup. Li took the tea from her. He popped the pills into his mouth and took a drink. Yuan stood up to move toward Loa. She helps him change his daily clothes to his nightwear.

Several minutes later, he was fast asleep. Loa pull the blanket over him then leans down to peck his lips. Her vision became bury and drips of tears fell on his cheeks. Once realizing it, she quickly went away. In the hallway, she wipes them away then preceded to Fang's room.

Loa slowly walk in so as not to awake her also pulls out the knife from her sleeve. When she was close enough, that is the moment she put the knife to her throat. After minutes passes by, she gathers ultimate strength before slashing Fang's throat.

Panting hard Loa rushes out of the chamber. Her palms sweat with iggy dew. What have I done! What should I do now? Wu Loa's mind race trying to think up an answer to her dilemma. Corners of her mouth went up as a wicked plan came to her.

Next, she went into Mei's room. Loa carries her to Fang's room then drop Mei next to now dead Fang. Before leaving she put the knife in Mei's hand. Loa wash her bloody hand and clothes. Plopping on the bed, she went to sleep.


Next morning

Loa was awakened by noises from out in the hallway. She opens the door and saw guards holding Mei.

"What is going on!"

"My lady this maid has committed an unforgivable crime.." stated one of the guard.

"What crime?"

"She murders the Empress."

"What will happen to her?" ask Loa.

"She will be executed in the afternoon."

"Lady Loa, please help me. I did not do it." plead Mei.

"Shut your mouth." yell a guard as he punches her.

The guards took her away. Loa quickly got dressed then rushes to Yuan's side.

"Oh, Yuan something terrible has sprung up."

"I know., my Fang was found dead in her bed, and your maid was beside her with a bloody knife."

Loa wrap her arms around him from behind, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I just am sad that Fang has passed away."

He pulls apart from her.

"Right now is not the time for this. I must meet with my advisers about the punishment."

"Of course." reply Loa bowing.

Yuan walk out without looking back. In frustration, Loa slams her hand against the wall. Next, she went down to the prison cell.

"Let me through!" demand Loa. "Let me talk to her alone."

The guards obey and walk out. Mei looks miserable with scars everywhere from the beating.

"Mistress, I didn't do it. I would never kill the empress."

"I know, here is what we are going to do. I stall the guards then you escape from here. And never come back."whisper Loa.

"Do you know who killed her?"

"Let's say someone close to her that did the horrendous deed."

Mei had a feeling like she might know who might do it. Loa disappear for a moment. Soon she came back the keys. She unlocks the cell door. To her dismay, however, Mei Ling did not move her spot.

"Why are you not moving?"

"There is no reason for me to leave here, "respond Mei.

"I do not want you dead."

Loa grab her and drag her out. Next, she leads Mei to the exit entrance of the palace. Wu Loa put a piece of paper in Mei's hand. Guards came after Mei. Loa push her to pass the door.

"Run and live this is my last order to you!" shout Wu Loa.

Mei did what she was told even though her pain was high. She ran without looking back. Mei knows that staying in the capital was dangerous. So she asks a traveler merchants to take her with them.

Mei stays with them for some time. When the merchants stop at Silla in which was north of the Tang Empire. She decided to live in Silla for awhile.

Although her life was a harsh one because she was a woman without a man. Mei was forced to become a prostitute to make a living in the red light districts. Nine months later Mei Sou Fei was born into the world.
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    《Sweet Desire》