Sundering Nature
Chapter 35 - The End?
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 35 - The End?

The ray of golden light, hanging above Liu Meng’s head like a lantern, guided the countless golden soldiers toward her. As her enemies approached, she frowned and curled up her legs, bringing back all of her flames into her body. Her defenseless state only accelerated the soldiers’ pace. The next moment, she let out a long cry and unleashed her strongest attack. A mushroom cloud suddenly erupted, rapidly expanding and sending out multiple shockwaves as it melted most of her attackers.

Unfazed, the soldiers who were unaffected pressed the advance — the embodiment of Heaven’s Laws could not be defied.

“Thunderous Strike!” Seeing Liu Meng encircled pained Li Yiming’s heart and he gave everything he had on the attack. The situation was the very one that he had seen in his clone’s premonition, which he tried so hard to prevent from happening.


Li Yiming’s left eye burst once again to call upon the power of Heaven’s Punishment. Witnessing the giant eye appear through the crevice in the sky and the tenebrous bolt of lightning, Mr. Kong smiled in scorn.

“You’re not really so stupid as to call upon thunder against me, are you?” Mr. Kong said as he absorbed the attack with ease.

Li Yiming’s powers waned down as his armor slowly faded away. He could only stare at Liu Meng helplessly with the only eye he had left as she struggled to break free from the encirclement of golden soldiers. Suddenly, one of them who had sneaked behind her thrust its spear at her heart. Right as Li Yiming feared the worst, a hand emerged from Liu Meng’s back and the soldier was engulfed in black flames.

“What!?” Mr. Kong turned around with widened eyes.

Liu Meng’s clone emerged from her body. Its appearance was identical to Liu Meng, but it possessed a drastically different aura. Instead of the same hot fire that Liu Meng was able to produce, it carried a flame that burned coldly.

“Impossible! I already sealed you!” For the first time since the start of the battle, Mr. Kong showed hints of fear.


“Kill her!” Mr. Kong yelled.

A loud explosion boomed across the golden sky, filling the air with a murderous aura. Beneath the facade of holiness and justice were now countless soldiers armed with poisonous blades, ready for a vicious strike at a moment’s notice. All of the weapons on the battlefield now formed a massive whirlwind of metal that instantly devoured all of the other guardians and made its way toward Liu Meng.

Suddenly, Sai Gao emitted yet another cry and shot toward Mr. Kong.

“Even as a dragon, you’re still nothing but a worm!” Mr. Kong cried out and gave Sai Gao a powerful kick that sent him crashing down into the ground.

Without a moment of respite, Big Beard and the rest of team Dissonance made their way onto the battlefield on the mecha, their eyes filled with murderous intent as they approached Liu Meng.

“Heart’s Trial?” Li Huaibei was confused for a moment, but their expressions quickly reminded him of what happened to the vampiric soldiers earlier.

At the same time, a dilapidated van drove into the city. With the high speed of the vehicle and the uneven road, it crashed right into a building. The rock slowly rolled out of the car, and Mr. Kong’s countenance immediately shifted.

“Show yourself!” Mr. Kong waved his hand and the collapsed building shattered, revealing Chen Quan on the ground next to the stone.

Mr. Kong could not help but tremble — the presence of the stone was even more perturbing than feeling Heaven’s Laws’ aura on Liu Meng.

“Now!” Li Yiming exclaimed. His armor reappeared in a flash of light and he launched a volley of sword projections toward Mr. Kong.

With a mighty roar, Sai Gao emerged from beneath the ground with a white light orb in his mouth, ready to fire.

“Fang Shui’er!” Li Huaibei roared as he launched himself toward Fang Shui’er.

By the time Mr. Kong snapped out of it, Sai Gao was already above his head, and Li Yiming’s swords were already nearing his head as they spun furiously.

“Sword of Reincarnation!” Li Yiming concentrated his projections into a single spot, turning into one massive sword that quickly overtook Sai Gao.

Big Beard’s mecha made its way toward Liu Meng, passing through the tornado as if it never existed.

“Liu Meng!” Qing Linglong yelled. Big Beard’s mecha, along with its passengers, was suddenly reduced to dust. However, four shadows shot out from its remains toward Liu Meng’s clone, filling it with power.

Li Yiming’s former teammates finally understood their purpose for the final battle; after figuring out that the previous Heaven’s Laws hid a part of its power within their body, they simply needed to wait for the right moment to offer it to Liu Meng.

With her powers now greatly enhanced by their selfless sacrifice, Liu Meng stood still as the tornado of metal closed in on her. As it finally grazed her body, the weapons all melted like ice touching hot iron.

Making his way toward Fang Shui’er, Li Huaibei fused his body with his own sword, becoming one and the same with his weapon. As for Fang Shui’er, with her crystal armor shining brighter than ever, she pulled back her arrowless bow.

In response to Sai Gao’s attack, Mr. Kong erected an impervious shield which stood like a rock against the blast that Sai Gao unleashed. However, his shield was also met with a sword enveloped with purple lightning. Mr. Kong’s face showed disbelief as the tip of the blade collided against his shield.

“Did you really think that I tried to hit you with lightning?” Li Yiming’s voice came. With the aid of his sword projection’s concentrated power, he had burned everything he had, even his Thunder Purity, to seal his attack into his own body, as he himself was the strongest weapon in existence.

“Heaven’s Blade!” Wu Yun’s voice was suddenly heard as a massive dark blade emerged from the tip of Li Yiming’s sword.

"Wu Yun!” Mr. Kong’s eyes widened, not expecting Wu Yun’s appearance, much less his ultimate strike aimed to take away his life. He had no other option but to try to parry the attack with his arm, albeit too late.

“Three seconds…” Wu Yun said as his attack passed through Mr. Kong’s body and removed what looked like a golden spirit from him — this was the entire power and immortality Mr. Kong had been granted after taking control of Heaven’s Laws. Using all of his lifeforce, Wu Yun was able to forcefully detach Mr. Kong from the Heavens for three seconds.

“Three is enough!” Sai Gao opened his maw and bit down on Mr. Kong with all of his strength, burning his spirit to further enhance the attack.

“Thunderous Strike!” Li Yiming’s attack arrived a split second later, piercing through Mr. Kong’s chest.

Fang Shui’er’s arrow followed. Just like Li Huaibei, she had fused her own body and armor with her attack in an attempt to make it the strongest she possible could. Li Huaibei flew in tandem with the projectile, which pierced Mr. Kong’s throat, and exploded within his chest.

Mr. Kong was instantly decapitated and his head was sent flying, with his expression of bewilderment still frozen on his face.

Burning her way through the tornado of metal, Liu Meng dove down on Mr. Kong’s head, shooting a black flame. The flame exploded violently, turning Mr. Kong’s head to ashes.

“It’s over?” With blood still seeping out of his left eye socket, Li Yiming asked as he fell down from the sky, only to be caught by Liu Meng.

Fang Shui’er’s bow also fell from the sky and shattered against the ground. As for Sai Gao, he remained standing, the fire in his eyes slowly waning. Planted in the ground beside him was Li Huaibei’s broken sword, which still emitted a faint glow resembling that of the stars.

As the broken husk of Big Beard’s mecha crashed down into the ground, the sky finally cleared out. The city had been razed to the ground, and aside from Li Yiming and his friends, not a single living soul remained.

“It’s over…” Li Yiming closed his eyes. Despite the victory, he could only feel bitterness.

“Not yet…” Liu Meng said coldly.

“Not bad… For mere insects…” Mr. Kong’s voice came as he reappeared in front of Liu Meng.


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