Sundering Nature
Chapter 30 - It“s Raining Gods
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 30 - It“s Raining Gods

Shao Xian’s soothing voice helped people settle down and relieved them of their fear. As a result, the evacuation became smooth sailing and was done in an orderly fashion, which stood in stark contrast with the deities who seemed unconcerned with the safety of the people. After singing the song over and over again several times, Shao Xian reached for her bottle of water, only to realize that the broadcasting room was now empty.

At the rooftop of the building, Bai Zen, Sai Gao, Pan Junwei, and the president all stood, waiting for the results of Shao Xian’s performance.

“It’s the seventh time. Have you noticed any changes?” Pan Junwei asked,

“And there’s a little sis Lin that falls from the sky…” Bai Ze sang a verse from a famous opera show.

Right as Bai Ze finished singing, a shockwave suddenly spread across the sky — the giant golden deity had changed its target, heading in the direction of the broadcasting station. The next moment, it began to struggle desperately as it fell toward the ground, as if it was pushed down by an invisible ceiling.


A deafening crash was heard as two skyscrapers in the distance collapsed.

“Face-first landing. Great!” Bai Ze pumped her fist in excitement.

Following the golden deity near the television station, one golden silhouette after another fell down toward the ground.

“Should we go?” The president asked eagerly.

“Leave this one to me. I’ll warm myself up with this one.” Sai Gao leaped off the rooftop. Loud cracks were soon heard, and Sai Gao re-emerged, holding a giant head on his hand.

“I’ll give this one to Shao Xian. She liked gold.” Sai Gao hopped back onto the rooftop effortlessly.

“It’s fake.” Bai Ze pursed her lips as the giant head turned into threads of gold that flew back toward the sky.

* * *

“What… is that?” Eyeglasses widened.

“Bai Ze’s probably not happy seeing them flying so high above us,” Big Beard said as he readied the cannon on his mecha.

“Well, not all of us can fly, so she’s doing us a big favor here,” Qing Linglong said as she unsheathed her blade.

“Li Huaibei’s still busy clearing the outskirts. We should hurry!” Eyeglasses urged as he calculated their course of action.

The guardians, who had been waiting for the opportunity, ambushed the giant deities as they fell from the skies. Many of them were veterans who knew who the mastermind controlling Heaven’s Laws was and were ready to fight against any enemy to earn a chance at survival. Just like Li Yiming said, to follow their own path was the right thing to do, and survival was the one only path that guardians had ever known.

One by one, golden deities rained down from the clouds, only to be greeted by a barrage of attacks. Although they were strong in their own rights, they all crumbled to the ceaseless onslaught of the guardians. As fierce as the exchange was, it all ended quickly, and the world was restored to its usual peace.

“That’s it?” The president asked in wonderment. He was especially impressed by Li Huaibei, who flew around with his sword and finished off all of his opponents with one clean strike.

“Would you believe it if I told you so? I think it’s time to let your people in, Mr. Pan. We’ll get ready for the second half,” Bai Ze said.

Pan Junwei grabbed the radio transmitter and went down with the president. A makeshift command post had been set up in the lobby of the building. As the commands were sent out, tanks, artilleries, and even missile launchers assembled in the city. Even in the university campus, where Li Yiming and Liu Meng were having their date, a squadron of soldiers appeared and began to set up.

“It’s starting…” Li Yiming let go of Liu Meng’s hand as he gazed at the thick layers of clouds.

“Wait a bit.” Liu Meng said as she refused to let go.

Li Yiming lowered himself and gently picked Liu Meng up from the ground.

“Let’s go gaze at the stars. Maybe we’ll even get to see the next sunrise…” Li Yiming smiled and jumped up, launching himself into the sky. He immediately fell back to the ground after bumping into some sort of invisible barrier.

“You’ve underestimating little Bai Ze...” Liu Meng laughed as she looked at the two small craters Li Yiming’s knees produced.

“Alright, let’s walk then.” Li Yiming scratched his head as he looked at the broadcasting station before walking into the darkness in the distance.

* * *

“Can you keep going?” Bai Ze asked.

Shao Xian nodded as she sang.

“Great! The spotlight is on you today! Go!” Bai Ze gave Shao Xian some encouragement before putting her hand on Shao Xian’s back and transferring her energy over.

“Keep going, I’ll add some more spice.” Bai Ze retracted her hand, and the marks on her back slithered their way to a spot on Shao Xian’s back. Bai Ze cut herself once more, seeping out more blood for her to use as paint.

The clouds began billowing violently. At this point, even the common people could tell that nature itself boiled with human-like anger.

“Does a firefly dare measure up to the moon for light?” A sigh was heard in the heart of each person, causing everyone to shudder.

The sky was lit up once again. The deities descended once again, only now they were all concentrated in the area around Hangzhou.

“Prepare yourselves!” Pan Junwei’s shout was heard throughout the city.

As the golden deities came down from the cloud, however, they all suddenly froze still and fell down toward the ground.

“Haven’t you learned your lesson?” Bai Ze sneered as she looked at heavenly rain.

“Fire!” Pan Junwei shouted, and the sky was set alight from the cannons and missiles. It was just like New Year’s firework, as many of the deities vanished in a golden flash of light before even having a chance to land.

“Do you really think humanity has spent the last thousand years farming the land and doing nothing else?” Bai Ze looked up with disdain.

The few deities that had managed to escape the barrage of fire were dealt with the squadron of vampiric soldiers. Although they much weaker compared to guardians, their coordination and strategy were more than enough to quickly dispose of their enemies.

“Really? But that one was a sage! How…?” Sai Gao could not believe what he was seeing.

“Why do you think I’ve been bleeding myself out for?” Bai Ze asked.

“What?” Sai Gao closed his eyes and extended his senses.

“You’ve disrupted the will of the Heavens?” Sai Gao opened his eyes wide.

“These fake gods are hiding up there. If they decide to come down, I’ll drain half of their power to the least.”

For the first time, Sai Gao appreciated the power of Bai Ze’s wisdom.
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