Sundering Nature
Chapter 18 - Battle of the Stronges
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 18 - Battle of the Stronges

Li Yiming woke up on the morning of the next day to the familiar sight of the chandelier in the guest room of the tea house. His confusion on how he even made his way back was cut short once he realized that there was someone else lying beside him. The person had long, silky hair, snow-white skin, and a voluptuous body.

‘What?’ Li Yiming instantly activated Thunderflash to flee from the situation, but he was immediately pulled back to the bed before the purple light had barely begun to flash.

Li Yiming landed back into the burning hot embrace of Liu Meng.

“Am I that scary? Do you really want to run away?” Liu Meng’s teasing voice was heard.

“Is this a dream?” Li Yiming looked down at the face he had been dreaming about for so many times over the last year.

“It’s as real as it gets.” Liu Meng’s eyes teared up.

After a long moment of staring at each other, Li Yiming suddenly locked his arms around Liu Meng, squeezing their bodies together as tightly as he could. He did not even bother thinking about how Liu Meng was here or what happened to the Realm of Ghosts; he simply wanted to have a moment of passion with the love of his life.

Liu Meng put up a Boundary that covered the entire city, officially announcing the battle of the world’s strongest duo.

“What happened?” Pan Junwei jumped up from his sofa and looked up in terror, worried that there was yet another incident.

Even the president who had come with him, reached out for his belt out of reflex, only to realize that he had left his holster in the car.

“It’s nothing. Li Yiming is awake, that’s all,” Bai Ze said nonchalantly. She had her attention more occupied on scrutinizing the president. ‘This geezer… He’s not at all like on television…’

“Is there something wrong with Li Yiming?” Pan Junwei’s countenance shifted again as he recalled Li Yiming’s monstrous aura when he was possessed. He did not want to have unwanted complications when he had a guest of utmost importance with him.

“Who knows?” Bai Ze rolled her eyes. She, of course, knew that there was nothing wrong with Li Yiming, but did not bother explaining. The moment Liu Meng put up her boundary, her connection to Li Yiming has been completely cut off.

‘Tsk! Who do you think I am? You think I’m that nosy?’

“Should I call for reinforcements?” Pan Junwei quickly composed himself put himself in front of the president to protect him from any incoming danger.

‘Reinforcements, for what?” Bai Ze pursed her lips and sipped her soda.

“I think we have it under control. I believe Ms. Liu to be capable of handling the matter.” The president’s level-headedness was a surprise to Bai Ze.

“I've seen the footage, it seems like Ms. Liu’s strength goes even beyond that of Li Yiming. We should wait patiently.” The president pulled on Pan Junwei’s coat, signaling him to settle down.

“But…” Although Pan Junwei was no longer an ordinary soldier, years of training and discipline still left a mark on him. Moreover, he could not afford to put the president in harm’s way in such turbulent times.

“I think it would be better for you to come on another day. This is probably going to take a while…” Bai Ze suggested. The president went through the trouble of paying a visit, and it would have been disrespectful to make him wait for the “fight” between Li Yiming and Liu Meng.

The president smiled back and asked Bai Ze, “I’ve heard that you were the one in charge at Pure Water Herb Hall?”

“I'm simply here to relay Li Yiming’s orders,” Bai Ze equivocated as she waved for Chen Jiawang, who waited nervously, to come and fill up the tea cup. Pure Water Herb Hall was a tea shop, after all.

“However, I'd like to remind you that at this point, he's not the one making decisions either,” Bai Ze added as Chen Jiawang came in with a new kettle.

“Hahaha, of course. Actually, we are here to seek help from Ms. Liu,” The president said.

“You'd have to talk to her for that.” Bai Ze shrugged her shoulders and pulled a bag of chips from beneath the table. Right before opening the bag, she took out another one and offered it to the president.

“Thank you, but I'm too old for things like these,” The president refused politely and picked up his teacup.

“Alright.” Bai Ze opened her bag and started munching on its contents.

“So, how are the negotiations going?” Lin Lu asked nervously as she glanced at the small sign indicating that the shop was closed for today. The few “pedestrians” around her were actually elite agents trained to protect the president.

“It has been an entire day already, are they still not done?” The head of the security team, who wore an undervest, asked as he knelt down right next to Lin Lu, his hand on his belt at all times.

“I don't think that he would refuse an offer like that, would he?” Lin Lu said.

“That's hard to say. It would be quite difficult to execute our plan.”

Li Yiming came down from the second floor only after dusk came. Feeling refreshed and relaxed, he came down looking for some food.

“Oh, we have guests?” Li Yiming was surprised at seeing an old man playing chess with Bai Ze. Although the old man seemed familiar, he did not remember where he had seen him before.

“I don't think that introductions are needed, are they? They’ve been here since six in the morning.” Bai Ze jumped down from her seat. ‘How can he be this bad at chess? I’m falling asleep from playing!’

“They're here for me?” Li Yiming looked at the clock, slightly embarrassed. He still could not figure out where he had seen the man before.

“Are you okay?” Pan Junwei was still worried about Li Yiming suddenly attacking him. Although Li Yiming’s face was flushed when he came down the stairs, Pan Junwei could see that he was rather exhausted.

“I’m pretty good… This is…” Li Yiming changed the subject.

“You don't know him?”

“Should I?” Li Yiming was confused.

“Boss, this is…” Chen Jiawang came with an empty teacup and pointed at the television. The president was seen giving a public speech emphasizing the need for cooperation and hard work to rebuild what had been destroyed.

“Oh. Oh!?” Li Yiming’s countenance shifted as he finally recognized his guest.

“On behalf of the country, I would like to thank you for your heroic actions,” The president expressed his gratitude as he extended his right arm.

“I…” Li Yiming found it awkward to be on the receiving end of thanks, knowing full well about what he had done back at Shangbei. It would not be wrong to say that he had barely contributed to the collective efforts of the guardians. In fact, his actions almost resulted in catastrophic consequences.

“I hope… I hope that everything’s fine now…”

“We've started to do clean up work.” Pan Junwei replied. Although the gates to the Realm of Ghosts had been closed, the beasts spawned by it were still roaming the country, and it was up to the guardians to clean them up.

“We’ll take care of everything. I would like to ask you, Mr. Li, what are your plans after this?” The president asked.

“Me? I thought Pure Water Herb Hall was dissolved?” Li Yiming surprised at his opinion being sought for such matters, as he did not want to involve himself further with the government. He simply wanted to stay by Liu Meng’s side until the end of time.

“It doesn’t matter that Pure Water Herb Hall has been dissolved. You’re still and always will be a guardian. You know this better than me,” Pan Junwei stated sternly.
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