Sundering Nature
Chapter 58 - Mount Mu
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 58 - Mount Mu

“Really? You woke up on his bed, and…” Shao Xian’s quickly lowered her voice.

Shao Xian and Wu Jia had quickly grown attached to each other during the afternoon spent on the train. After a few hours of chit-chatting, they were already sharing each other’s deepest secrets. Even the seats had changed, as Sai Gao had been chased away to sit together with Fu Bo.

Wu Jia had just told Shao Xian about what had happened with Li Yiming, as well as her waking up after encountering Li Tie.

“Yes.” Wu Jia said as she glanced at Sai Gao, who was minding his own business with his earphones on. As for Fu Bo, she had already forgotten that he was even there.

“So you drank too much?”

“The thing is, I don’t even remember drinking. When I woke up, I…”

“Your clothes were gone?”

Wu Jia nodded timidly.

“What did he tell you after?”

“I… I didn’t even see him. I just left…” Wu Jia’s mood suddenly sank, her face hinting at sadness.

“He didn’t contact you since?”

Wu Jia remained silent and looked outside of the window.

This was the reason why Wu Jia had left her home for a trip to clear her mind. After waking up on Li Yiming’s bed naked, she had been told by Chen Jiawang that she had too much to drink, but it was palpable to her that he was not telling the whole truth. She returned to the tea shop looking for answers, only to be disappointed by Li Yiming’s absence.

Wu Jia did not know that after Bai Ze knocked her out, she also removed her memories for fear of dragging her into the mess with Yunyu Corporation. As for her clothes, they had been dirtied quite a bit, so Bai Ze replaced them. This was about as much as Bai Ze was willing to do, as there was no way she was about to help an ordinary person change.

In the end, even Chen Jiawang’s explanation that was given to Wu Jia was instructed by Bai Ze.

“What a coward!” Shao Xian spat out, obviously revolted after hearing Shao Xian’s tale. “Do you think that you could have been… you know… drugged? I don’t see how it’s possible for you to blank out like that…”

“There’s no way. He’s not that kind of person.” Wu Jia immediately rushed to Li Yiming’s defense. In her mind, Li Yiming was simply too embarrassed to face her.

“Sis, here’s my advice. That man is either too afraid to see you right now, or he’s a heartless coward,” Shao Xian said, owing to her experience in dealing with people.

“We’re here.” The conversation was suddenly interrupted by Fu Bo, who began to pack up his laptop and put down his earphones.

“Already?” Shao Xian had lost track of time after being so engrossed in the conversation.

“Oh? We’re already at Mount Mu?” Wu Jia said as the announcement was heard.

“Alright. How about we exchange phone numbers? Maybe we can talk another time?” Shao Xian said rather disappointedly as she looked at Sai Gao. If it was not for their current predicament, she would have tried to convince Sai Gao to change their destination so she could continue to converse with her new friend.

“Sure. But I’m also getting off here.” Wu Jia smiled, as she was also eager to continue the conversation.

“Great! Let’s continue then!” Shao Xian jumped up from her seat and grabbed Wu Jia’s wrist.

“They got off.” Ying Mei stood up.

“Wait!” Tian Yan suddenly grabbed her wrist.

“What is it?”

“I see black…” Tian Yan said with a severe countenance as she stared outside of the train window.


“The fate of the people here, it’s all black… The fate of the people getting off the train are also turning black.”

“What?” Ying Mei sat back down.

“This area is death itself.” Tian Yan said as she looked over Ying Mei’s head, noticing her fate was also turning obscure.

Ying Mei went silent, understanding from Tian Yan’s expression that she was no exception.

“Thank you for bringing me here. You can go back,” Tian Yan said.

“You’re getting off?”

“I need to find him. He’s the only clue we have.”

Ying Mei hesitated, as she looked at Tian Yan leave. After hearing the final announcement for the stop, she gritted her teeth and decided to chase after Tian Yan.

“Where’s your luggage?” Wu Jia looked at Shao Xian’s group with surprise. The closest thing resembling luggage was the small bag Shao Xian held for her snacks.

“Uh... Well, he’s rich, so he buys everything on-the-spot.” Shao Xian came up with an excuse, knowing full well that she could not simply tell Wu Jia that the only possession they needed to bring along was Sai Gao’s storage ring.

“Is… he your boyfriend?” Wu Jia finally asked.

“Something like that.”

“Something like that?”

“How should I say it. He’s paying for everything.”

“So, he’s…” Wu Jia’s eyes widened.

“You could say that he’s my sugar daddy.” Shao Xian said with a smile.

“You…” Wu Jia was shocked and rather disappointed at finding out about the relationship Shao Xian had with Sai Gao.

“A mansion in Hangzhou, and a credit card for my personal use. You know, this is what I’m talking about. Maybe that old classmate of yours isn’t that good of a fit for you.” Shao Xian said as she decided to stop the topic from developing any further.

Wu Jia felt uncomfortable about their relationship, but she was in no place to tell Shao Xian what to value in life.At that moment, Sai Gao suddenly turned back, giving Wu Jia a little fright as she began to wonder if Sai Gao held any ill intentions towards her.

“Are you here for sightseeing?” Sai Gao asked.

“I…” Wu Jia grew alert. She was now questioning if Shao Xian’s display of friendliness was all just an act to gain her trust.

“If you have another destination after this, maybe you should do a slight change of plans and head there instead. There isn’t much to see around here at this time of the year.”

“Why? What’s going on?” Shao Xian noticed Sai Gao’s sudden change of expression and asked.

Sai Gao glanced at Shao Xian, and she immediately understood that she needed to stay quiet.

“Thank you, I’ll consider your advice. My hotel is over there, so I guess we’ll part ways for now. See you again!” Wu Jia was now skeptical of Sai Gao, and all she could think of was flee as quickly as possible.

“What’s wrong?” Shao Xian asked as soon as Wu Jia left.

“It’s not safe here. Something bad is about to happen,” Sai Gao said as he looked at the mountain peaks in the distance with a severe countenance.

“And you’re letting her go alone?”

“She’s not the only person here, you know,” Fu Bo turned around and said.

“How can you be so heartless?” Shao Xian scolded him. Her already deteriorating opinion of Fu Bo, due to the latter’s rather eccentric behavior, worsened.

Fu Bo lowered his head and stayed quiet, refusing to take part in the dispute. After his mistake with the jadestone, he had resolved himself to duly fulfill the duties of a Recorder, which meant that he was not going to intervene under any circumstances. Their visit to Mount Mu all started with the bad premonition he had a few days ago about this area. After consulting Sai Gao, they decided to come investigate.

‘What will happen this time… Is it going to change the world again?’ Fu Bo wondered as he looked at the mountain.
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