Sundering Nature
Chapter 45 - Interview
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 45 - Interview

“Wow, it really does work!” Chen Jiawang exclaimed as he looked at the golden statue in his palm, which vividly replicated every single detail of the fly. This was the first time he had attempted to use his power on an animal, and its success gave him an even more daring thought of trying it on bigger animals.

“I know what you're thinking, it should work, you'll have to be stronger before you try it.” Bai Ze said in a rather pretentious tone as she took another bite off her ice cream. She was always more concerned with the combat effectiveness of guardian talents rather than their general usefulness.

“How do I become stronger? “ Chen Jiawang knew from Li Yiming’s many tales that the world was gradually descending into chaos. He had always wanted to contribute to saving the world, but he did not know how. He now saw a sliver of hope thanks to Bai Ze’s experiment.

“About that…” Bai Ze started to talk, but suddenly shut up as the main door was flung open.

“Wu Jia?”

“Is Li Yiming here?” Wu Jia was wearing a white shirt, jeans, and had a rather pale countenance. She had just gotten out of the hospital earlier in the morning and was accompanied home by one of the National Security agents. Despite her frail state, all she could think of was to see Li Yiming. She was still somewhat traumatized by the experience of being kidnapped, but she distinctly remembered Li Yiming to be the one who brought to her warmth and hope — she knew that she was in love.

“Boss isn’t here.”

Wu Jia’s hopes were shattered by the same disappointing answer.

“Oh…” Wu Jia said disappointingly as she sank into the sofa by the counter, completely ignoring Bai Ze, who was just sitting beside her.

“What do you have here?” Wu Jia turned her attention toward the golden fly, in an attempt to find something else to bring her mood back up.

“Oh, this? Boss told me to give this to you. He said that since you didn’t want the potted plant which was so expensive…” Chen Jiawang felt bad for Wu Jia, whose feelings were so obvious, and yet Li Yiming did not reciprocate them.

“That's for me?” Wu Jia’s face instantly lit up with happiness. She took the golden fly and began examining it carefully. Just like the potted plant, it was a masterpiece which intricately replicated the details, down to every single little hair on the fly's legs.

“Of course.” Chen Jiawang nodded, unable to come up with a better excuse.

“Are you helping Li Yiming court her?” Bai Ze suddenly asked.

“Oh?” Wu Jia was instantly attracted to Bai Ze’s cuteness, which was as attractive to girls as any kind of pretty accessory.

“She’s the boss's cousin.” Chen Jiawang explained.

“He has a cousin? I didn't know...” Wu Jia put away the golden fly and picked up Bai Ze.

“There are a lot of things you don't know…” Bai Ze rolled her eyes over Wu Jia’s shoulders, looking in Chen Jiawang’s direction.

“Well…” Chen Jiawang did not know what to say.

“What's your name? How old are you?” Wu Jia asked as she touched Bai Ze’s soft cheeks.

“My name is Li Bai.” Bai Ze said with wide eyes, as she made up a name which borrowed Li Yiming’s family name.

“Li Bai?” Wu Jia was rather astonished by the rather uncommon name.

“My big brother gave me that name.” Bai Ze tried her hardest to lean back and escape from Wu Jia’s embrace. As a Divine Beast, she would have blown any guardians’ heads up if any of them dared to hold her in such a way.

“That sounds like him.”

“Oh yeah, are you available now?” Bai Ze suddenly asked.


“Bring me to the amusement park!” Bai Ze suddenly thought of a brilliant idea. In the short-term, it would allow her to satisfy her own needs for entertainment. More importantly, in the long run, Bai Ze knew that the chances of Liu Meng ever coming back were extremely slim. Therefore, she agreed with Chen Jiawang in trying to get Wu Jia together with Li Yiming. She could feel Wu Jia’s sincere feelings for Li Yiming, and she believed that she could play a key role in awakening him from his dormant state. After all, Li Yiming could only be described as nothing more than a walking corpse in his current state.

Enticed by both her relationship with Li Yiming and Bai Ze’s charming cuteness, Wu Jia could not refuse. Chen Jiawang also tagged along, for fear of Bai Ze’s safety, and so all three embarked on a trip to the amusement park.

“Bai Ze…” When Ying Mei saw the surveillance footage of the trio exiting the tea house, she smiled confidently. ‘Exactly as I thought... And now you're letting Bai Ze protect her? Let’s see how long you can hide…’

“Tell our people to keep their distances. Especially that little girl, do not create eye contact with her.”

“Oh? What's happening over there? Who is responsible for that team?” Ying Mei suddenly noticed an abnormality in the surveillance footage.

“I think it's team seven…”

“Team seven? The team responsible for recruiting that guy who broke out of jail?”

“Yes, it seems like they're there. Should we tell them to abandon their operation?”

“Wait…” Ying Mei put down her coffee and stared at the screen as she recalled the information written in the criminal’s file.

“Call the police. Tell them we’ve tracked down the criminal.”

“Tell the police? “

“Do as I say.” Ying Mei ordered with a glacial tone.

“Yes, ma'am.”

On the rooftop of a building nearby, under the focus of many cameras was Fang Shui’er, who was in the middle of an interview.

“So, Ms. Fang, what do you think of your character in this new show? You did state that it was going to help you achieve a career breakthrough…” The host asked a question she had rehearsed many times, as it was extremely difficult to get Fang Shui’er to participate in such kinds of show.

“I did indeed say that. It’s very different from the roles I’ve taken on previously, so when I saw the script, I was instantly charmed…” Fang Shui’er brushed her hair as she tactfully maneuvered her way through the host’s question, but not before she was interrupted by loud police sirens.

“Oh?” The host turned around. The director gestured to the camera crew to stop filming and went to check out what was happening.

“I’m sorry, but we’ll have to redo this segment. Ms. Fang, would you like to take a break?” The director glanced at his watch with disappointment and rushed toward Fang Shui’er.

“No worries, do you know what’s happening below?” Fang Shui’er pulled on her skirt and walked to the fence of the rooftop. She could see a file of patrol cars converging toward an intersection nearby.

“Who knows… It seems like security nowadays is a lot tighter, I’ve heard that…” The director sighed, but halfway through his complaint, he suddenly realized that it was an inappropriate thing to say with Fang Shui’er’s presence, and decided to keep quiet.

“The world has changed.” Fang Shui’er sighed, but just as she finished her sentence, her attention was suddenly caught by a little girl with ponytails who was munching away at an apple near a fruit stand. As she stared at the little girl, the girl stared back at her with her big, watery eyes.

‘Bai Ze…’ Fang Shui’er’s body shook as she could feel her connection to Li Yiming slowly awakening.

“It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to resume anytime soon. Director, do you mind if I take a walk below? I don't have anything planned for later in the day, so we can always come back,” Fang Shui’er said with a smile.

“Of course!” The director was relieved, as he had been most worried by Fang Shui’er’s schedule not working out. “Are you sure you want to go down by yourself? Should we send an assistant instead?”

“It’s okay, I’ll just walk around for a bit. I’ll be fine.” Fang Shui’er said as she signaled her assistant to bring her coat and made for the elevator.

“Go with her.” The director signaled to his crew to accompany Fang Shui’er, just to avoid any kind of accident before the end of filming.


Just as the elevator went down the building, a giant explosion was heard from a street corner nearby, and a giant puff of smoke slowly rose into the sky.
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