Sundering Nature
Chapter 37 - Outburs
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 37 - Outburs

Although Wu Jia fell under the effects of the drug much more quickly than Lin Lu, the drugs seemed to have affected Lin Lu much more. Having trained for many years in the military, Lin Lu had developed a higher tolerance for various kinds of drugs. If they had drugged her using ordinary drugs, chances are that she would have been unaffected. However, the drugs were provided by Ying Mei herself, meaning that it was impossible to resist its effects no matter how many years of training she might have had in the military.

“Ahhh!” Lin Lu let out another loud moan, which seemed to even affect Wu Jia, who was right next to her.

As Li Yiming watched the two half-naked women, his heart began to burn with lust and desires — his emotions had indeed come back, but he was unable to reign them in. As he slowly clenched his fists, his shirt turned into shreds and fell onto the floor.

“Are you okay?” An anxious voice came from the door.

“Chen Quan?” Li Yiming was taken aback by the sight of his friend covered in blood, holding a dagger in one hand and a machete in the other.

Chen Quan had followed Li Yiming to the entrance of the sauna center, only to see him vanish in a flash of purple light. It was an unbelievable sight, but he was not ready to let the answer to his unsettling confusion and aimlessness slip away. Placing trust in the gut feeling that has saved his life so many times before, he resolved to talk to Li Yiming, whom he believed to be undoubtedly more important than the three stone tablets.

After a few deep breaths, Chen Quan took a life-changing decision. He asked a shopkeeper nearby to watch over the stone tablets before pulling out a dagger and entered the sauna center after surveying his surroundings. Despite the precautionary measures he took, the structure of the building was a complicated one and he was immediately spotted by two security guards.

Even with his wealth of experience, Chen Quan did not manage to finish off the two men before the ruckus aroused the attention of more thugs. As fleeing was his only option left, he seized a machete from one of the thugs and cut his way through to the room where Li Yiming was.

Li Yiming understood the situation as soon as he heard many footsteps approaching. He took a deep breath and approached Chen Quan.

“Keep an eye on them.” Li Yiming took the machete from Chen Quan and exited the room.

Chen Quan froze when he stared into Li Yiming’s eyes. It was a gaze which pierced into his soul, one which threatened to slaughter everything it came into contact with. Even with many years experiencing a plethora of horrible things as a graverobber, he had never seen anything like it.

He could not help but focus his attention on what was happening beyond the wooden door, even as a lustful scene unfolded before his eyes.

The footsteps and cursing quickly died down, yet strangely, there were no screams of pain whatsoever. Chen Quan did not have the courage to open the door to find out what had happened, and instead, pushed his back against the door and clenched onto his dagger.

A voice only came after a long while of dead silence. “We need to take them to the hospital.”

Chen Quan jumped up and turned back, readying his weapon, only to see Li Yiming in front of him.

“What happened?” Chen Quan said as he examined Li Yiming, who was soaked with blood. A chunk of flesh hanging by his left shoulder.

“They won’t be able to come in. At least for a while.” Li Yiming said in a glacial tone and went back to stare at Wu Jia and Lin Lu, who had began fondling each other.

“Is this some kind of aphrodisiac?” Chen Quan asked after looking at the two.

“I think so.” Li Yiming said as he picked up a blanket and wrapped it around the two, only for them to struggle free and try to wrap their arms around his neck instead.

“I don’t think that this is going to work…” Chen Quan remarked.

“Do you have any ideas?” Li Yiming asked as he pushed the two girls away, not knowing how to deal with the situation.

“I have an idea, but…”

“What is it?”

“I don’t think that this is a common drug. It won’t do much good to bring them to the hospital. I have a method to alleviate the symptoms by concentrating the drug in their blood and releasing it from their bodies,” Chen Quan proposed after a moment of reflection.

“How much time do you need?”

“A few days to completely eliminate the drug from their circulation, but only a few minutes if you want to alleviate the symptoms for now.”

“Where did you learn that?”

“I learned it from my teacher. We encounter these things quite often in graves, since drugs which have been put there for hundreds of years ferment into rather… interesting fragrance…”

“Are there any side-effects?”

“I’ve tested it on myself once. Aside from some weakness in the limbs for a few days, it’ll depend on what kind of drug they took.”

“Do you need me to do anything?” Li Yiming decided to let Chen Quan have a try, since he himself could not think of anything better.

“Could you keep them still for me?” Chen Quan began searching through the cabinets of the room for medical supplies. The room, being a VIP suite, was not only equipped with all kind of items for erotic play, but also with equipment for health care. It took Chen Quan only a few minutes before he found a brand new set of acupuncture needles.

With Li Yiming’s help, Chen Quan began the treatment. Shortly after, Lin Lu and Wu Jia had calmed down.

“We still need a little more time…” Chen Quan wiped away the sweat on his forehead and began bandaging the wounds on the girls’ arms produced from his treatment.

“Don’t worry, no one will come to disturb us.” Li Yiming nodded and went to the shower room.

As the icy-cold water trickled down his back, Li Yiming pondered over his actions. He still could not believe that he had killed the forty-seven thugs in the sauna center without a sliver of regret – unlike the last time he committed to a bloodbath, which was in Bai Xi’s illusion, this time, his victims were people who were real and alive.

Although Li Yiming spared the customers and the girls who were forcibly brought to the place, the thugs all died gruesomely, and Li Yiming even took pleasure in slowing himself down, so he could feel his blade slicing through the flesh and bones, severing the limbs, and sending the thugs flying around. Strangely, committing such violent acts gave Li Yiming a sense of satisfaction.

Even at the end, when the thugs began to kneel down and beg for their lives, he continued to kill them mercilessly, not stopping until the last one was dead. Li Yiming shivered in horror as he realized that he had become a monster, the very kind of person he despised from the bottom of his heart when he first became a guardian – someone who abused his power and killed whenever it pleased him, without regard for anything else.


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