Sundering Nature
Chapter 36 - Lus
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 36 - Lus

“Find them? Who? Secretary Lin?” The agent muttered as his gaze trailed Li Yiming. He was still in a state of confusion, but he heeded Li Yiming’s request nonetheless.

“What the hell?” As he entered the back room of the shop, he could not help but swear out loud despite his wealth of experience.

“Hello! I…” The young agent rushed outside to report his findings to his superiors while resolving to never let Li Yiming do things on his own again. It was not uncommon for National Security agents to resort to “unconventional methods” to extract information, but Li Yiming had produced a mess which was extremely difficult to clean up after.

However, Li Yiming was now long gone and he would have to call for reinforcements to track him down at this point.

“What? What do you mean waiting for orders?” The agent held his transmitter dumbly, refusing to believe his ears.

“These are orders.” A frustrated voice was heard, which seemed to indicate that his direct superior also disagreed with the decision.

As the young agent hung up the call, he wondered an order for passiveness had been given when the secretary has been kidnapped.

‘There’s more to this case than I had thought. Still, I need to clean up after Li Yiming…’

* * *

“Yun Yiyuan… So it is you…” Ying Mei produced a satisfied smile as she looked at the information on her tablet. It was a phone record of many high-ranking officers in National Security. One familiar number stood out from the rest: the one of Yunyu Corporation.

After hearing about the kidnapping, Ying Mei’s immediately suspected Yun Yiyuan’s involvement. However, given that she obtained most of her information through him, she had to do her own homework to investigate the matter independently.

“Ms. Ying, we have confirmed that the gang leader has had contact with Mr. Yun's chauffeur during the weekend. Should we continue to investigate?” A voice was heard through her phone.

“No need. Tell your people to come back.” Ying Mei said and took off her earphone. ‘So it was his idea. What is the up to? Is this a test to see how Li Yiming will react? Or has he also found out about the truth behind Wu Jia? Since he decided to keep the information to himself, then surely he suspects me.’

As Ying Mei put down her tablet, she looked out of the car window. Right across the street was the sauna center to which Lin Lu and Wu Jia were brought to. A young man rushed out of the building, waved towards the car, and blended into the crowd.

“He's going to be here soon. We need to leave.” Ying Mei sighed.

‘You've used me to your pleasure for so long, and now you're trying to exclude me from your plan? You underestimate me, Yun Yiyuan. Let me help you with figuring out what Li Yiming is up to. Let's add a little flavor to your... kidnapping.’

* * *

“Hey, did you use the wrong drug?” One of the thugs inside the VIP room to which Wu Jia and Lin Wu were brought to asked.

“What’s wrong?” A short, swarthy man by the door asked.

“Have a look for yourself.”

“What the...” The man exclaimed when he witnessed the scene inside.

The VIP room was sumptuously decorated with golden wallpapers depicting rather erotic scenes. In the middle of the room was a large crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Below it was a luxurious circular waterbed, adorned with velvet and a thin layer of semi-transparent pink silk. Every piece of furniture inside the room contributed to the suggestive atmosphere.

During that time, Lin Lu and Wu Jia were both unconscious on the bed. Lin Lu was the better one, showing nothing but a slight frown and a slightly red face. On the other hand, Wu Jia was moaning with closed eyes even pulling on her own clothes.

“Where did you get this drug? I told you to just make them unconscious, what happened?”

“How would I know?”

“Well, the drug seems to be working well at least. Is there any left?”

The thug’s breathing quickened as he felt his pants tighten, his attention completely fixed on the scene on the bed.

“Hey, don't do anything stupid. You know what kind of temper boss has,” His partner warned him, knowing that their boss' generosity only applied after he has had fun himself.

“Huh? Oh, right!” The thug quickly pinched his own thigh and reminded himself that he would also be able to have some fun if he just waited a little longer.

“Haha, look at you. Alright, let's go get some drugs to... make it even more fun tonight.”

“You're right. I don't think I’ll be able to last long with these two if I don't take some…” The thug said, the veins on his forehead showing.

“There's no need to wait for tonight.” A glacial voice was heard from behind.

“Who’s there?” The thug jumped around.

“Who the hell are you? This is a private room, get out of here!” The other thug said. Should their business become public knowledge, their reputation would immediately go down the drain.

The voice came from Li Yiming. He stared at Wu Jia, and, for the first time, his gaze was no longer calm as still water.

“What the hell are you looking at?” Before the thug could reach out and grab Li Yiming’s shoulder, he was suddenly grabbed by the head.

“You!” The other thug yelled out. He rolled up his sleeves and rushed forward but was also instantly caught by Li Yiming’s grip.

Despite their best efforts, the two thugs were unable to break free. They kicked their legs in mid-air until Li Yiming slammed their heads against each other.

A light cracking noise was heard as their skull fractured like eggs. Li Yiming dropped the two limp corpses to the ground and looked at Wu Jia.

For the first time in a year, he could feel anger. He felt a particularly strong sense of rage seeing Wu Jia in her drugged state. He was now certain that the key to recovering his emotions had to do with women. Seeing Wu Jia was like a reminder of his past with Ji Xiaoqing, and, above all, Liu Meng.

‘If only I had the strength to protect her… if only…’ Li Yiming’s expression contorted as he clenched his bloody fists.

As a drop of still-warm blood rolled down into his eyes, Li Yiming’s breathing quickened. He could feel his rational self being taken over by a monster which only obeyed the most primordial of desires.

Wu Jia suddenly let out loud moan, suggesting she was in deep discomfort. The noise was loud enough to wake up Lin Lu, who was right beside her.

Suddenly, Lin Lu began convulsing, her forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“Lin Lu?”
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