Sundering Nature
Chapter 45 - Emotional, Naive, Foolish
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 45 - Emotional, Naive, Foolish

“Reversal!” Mr. Xie cried out as he clapped his hands together, emitting an invisible shockwave. Simultaneously, the watch above Li Yiming’s head flashed. Li Yiming began to convulse as a ray of light shot out of his body and entered the watch.

“The timing is perfect. There’s no way he can escape that attack…” The guardians who were watching were intimidated by Mr. Xie and his obedient team of guardians.

As the forest of blades approached Li Yiming, the other guardians directed their attacks toward him as well.

“Die!” The young tailor let out a savage cry.

“Something’s wrong…” Big Beard looked at the screens in his cabin. Instead of seeing Li Yiming’s strength readings decline, he saw a sharp increase.

Li Yiming’s body broke apart like fragments of a mirror as the attacks neared, blinding the attackers in an explosion of purple light. After reappearing again, he stood at the other side of the crater, looking at his own hand in awe as thunder sparks ran down his fingers.

“What?” Mr. Xie was incredulous.

“Thunder Purity…” Li Yiming turned toward Mr. Xie.

“What? Why…?” Mr. Xie did not understand how Li Yiming became stronger rather than weaker after he cast his technique.

“Why am I not dead? Why am I stronger? Was that clock your talent? You made me return to my previous level, didn’t you?” Li Yiming looked like he wanted to laugh.

“Did my spell fail?”

“Quite the contrary, it worked perfectly well. The only thing is… My previous level was that of a sage…” Li Yiming slid his left hand over his right palm, and a ribbon of thunder appeared.

“Gathering thunder into a sword?” Ying Mei was shocked.

“Did you really think that he could force me to sacrifice my own weapon with that stupid dancing technique?” Yun Yiyuan smiled and looked at Mr. Xie as if the latter was a complete fool.

“Impossible! You dropped down from being a sage?” Mr. Xie cried in desperate disbelief. He had thought himself to be careful enough. After observing Li Yiming trying to parry Wu Yun’s blow to save Liu Meng, he concluded that the latter was not a sage. After all, it was impossible for anyone to hide his strength at that point.

However, he did not consider the possibility that Li Yiming had come down from being a sage. By reversing time, he inadvertently restored Li Yiming’s strength. Although his technique only lasted three minutes, it was more than enough time to Li Yiming to kill them all.

“Ahhh!” A scream of pain brought Mr. Xie back to reality. He turned to the side in shock, only to see that his assistant, the young tailor, was staring at the tip of thunder blade which emerged from his chest with widened eyes. His moustache was roasted by the sparks, and his life quickly faded away.

“When?” The rest of Mr. Xie’s subordinates faces went ashen. They could not believe the speed at which Li Yiming finished the young tailor off.

“Thunderflash… Ah… I missed you….” Li Yiming sighed and he vanished again in a purple flash of light.

With his full arsenal of thunder techniques, it took only seventeen seconds for Li Yiming the rest of the guardians he struggled so hard to fend off.

“So there’s a time limit?” Li Yiming glanced at the watch above his head, which was slowly fading away, and frowned.

“Run!” Terror quickly spread amongst the guardians, who had only now witnessed the power of a true sage. To their despair, Li Yiming had not forgotten about them. With every flash of purple light, Li Yiming would suddenly appear in front of one of them, turning them into a charred corpse a split-second later. It was not in Li Yiming’s style to spare anyone who tried to take his life.

As the action died down, only Mr. Xie, who seemed to have given up on his own life, was still left standing.

“Where’s Liu Meng?” Li Yiming looked up and asked. To him, Mr. Xie was already a dead man.

“You were the only one who came out.” Big Beard’s voice came from the mecha.

‘So Liu Meng’s still inside?” Li Yiming looked at Mr. Xie, who was trembling on all fours. Mr. Xie, seeing Li Yiming turn toward him, seemed somewhat relieved at meeting his end. Even if Li Yiming lost his sage powers right now, it would be impossible for him to win the fight.

“Bring Liu Meng back, and I’ll spare you.” Li Yiming said coldly.

“Do you think that I still have the strength to use my technique?” Mr. Xie chuckled.

“But you know how to steal power from others…” Li Yiming appeared in front of Mr. Xie with a flash of light.

“I’ll need someone to take power from…” Mr. Xie sighed. To his stupor, Li Yiming presented his hand to him.

“Now you have a willing sage. Can you do it?” Li Yiming asked.

“You…” The turn of events was completely unexpected to Mr. Xie. Everything suddenly made sense to him now: Liu Meng and Li Yiming’s background information, Mr. Kong, and even the collapse of the world Wu Yun spoke around.

“We don’t have much time left.” Li Yiming reminded Mr. Xie.

“I can try…” Mr. Xie’s will to live was reignited.

“What is he trying to do?” Ying Mei was just as baffled.

“Emotional, naive, foolish…” Yun Yiyuan smiled in contempt.

Mr. Xie trembled with excitement as a multicolored light shot out from Li Yiming towards him. It was an opportunity in a lifetime to drain power from a willing sage, and so he took every drop of power he could get.

A noise resembling a bell’s chime was heard as the barrier which sealed off Mr. Xie’s ascension for dozens of years finally ruptured, and a pillar of light came down from the sky, illuminating him in the process.

“He’s a sage?” Qing Linglong frowned.

“Only for now. He’s borrowed Li Yiming’s power.” Big Beard replied.

“This is what being a sage feels like?” Mr. Xie not only became younger, but he returned to his prime as a handsome man in his twenties.

“Quick!” Li Yiming urged Mr. Xie as his power faded away from him.

“As you wish…” Mr. Xie let out a smile and crossed his fingers. Runic glyphs began to appear around him.

“He has sealed his own demise.” Yun Yiyuan took out his spear and prepared his attack.

“We can rest now.” Big Beard said as he distanced himself further away from the scene.

“Traceless Time!” Mr. Xie pushed forward with both hands, and the glyphs which floated around his wrists shot toward Li Yiming.

“You!? Li Yiming thrust his lightning sword forward, but Mr. Xie grinned and dodged his attack with ease. The rest of the glyphs which were floating in the air all shot towards Li Yiming at once..


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