Sundering Nature
Chapter 34 - Strange Ticket Entrance
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 34 - Strange Ticket Entrance

The queue at the VIP entrance became longer and longer as more guests arrived, and all chose to wait patiently instead of entering the venue. Not all the important guests were guardians, but even those who were ordinary people had enough tact to wait instead of stepping out of line.

“What’s happening?” The young employee asked as she witnessed the bizarre scene.

“Haha, they are just scared.” Mr. Kong lit up a cigarette for himself.

“Why are we stopped?” A young obese man wearing a fur coat started to lose his patience. Most of them had calculated their time of arrival to tightly match that of the festival start time, so they were at risk of running late.

“The people ahead are not moving for some reason, I wonder why,” A man asked after choosing to stay silent all this time.

“Let me go ask,” The obese man looked at his new girlfriend, who was growing impatient by the second, and made his way ahead of the queue.

“Hello, may I ask what we’re waiting for?” The young man approached a woman with heavy make-up.

“Don’t you see that the people ahead of us aren’t moving?” The woman complained.

“Will you shut up and just wait quietly?” The woman’s partner glanced at her and scolded.

“Well, the show’s about to start soon. We can’t just sit here and wait forever, can we?” The young man asked.

“Well, you see that guy in white ahead of the queue? He’s the biggest sponsor of this show. Maybe you can go ask him?” The man pointed at Yun Yiyuan.

“Alright.” The young man glanced at his girlfriend, who looked at him expectantly, and somehow managed to muster the courage to have a try.

“Sir, I’d like to know, what are we all waiting for? The festival is about to start…” The man squeezed himself to the front of the queue.

“Oh?” Yun Yiyuan seemed amused. “We’re waiting in line, of course.”

“But… there’s no one ahead of you…” The young man looked at the entrance and only saw a few staff members and the security guard, who all looked very confused.

“Isn’t there another one?” Ying Mei, who stood next to Yun Yiyuan, chuckled and pointed at Mr. Kong.

“Him?” The young man observed the man who was smoking.

‘Well, I’ve come this far, might as well…’ The young man thought as he took a deep breath and continued making his way forward.

“Hello sir, why aren’t you entering the stadium?” The young man did not mind the appearance of Mr. Kong, as he had enough wisdom to notice that there was something strange with the man, so he was best being prudently polite.

“They’re not letting me in…” Mr. Kong said.

“What…?” The young man was perplexed.

“Sir Wang, why are we…?” A voice was heard. It was the vice-director, who finally arrived after being notified of the situation.

“That’s what I want to know! Is the show canceled? You’re wasting all of our precious time here!” The young man finally burst out in anger, as he knew more than enough about the vice-director to think of him as just a pawn on which he could vent his frustration on.

“Please be patient, please. Let’s wait for a bit.” Beads of sweat rolled down the vice director's forehead as he realized that unlike what he expected, it was not just a single guest throwing a tantrum at the entrance.

The vice-director shivered as he looked at all the people waiting in line. To anger even one of them would be enough to give him a headache.

“Come over here!” The vice-director burst out at the captain.


“Shut up! What did you do?” The vice-director gave the captain a slap on the forehead. If nothing else, at least it made his stance clear in front of the important guests.”

“Our respected guest over here…” At this point, even the captain knew enough to realize that Mr. Kong was the root cause of the issue. However, he still did not know how to extricate himself out of the predicament.

“Can I go in?” Mr. Kong put his cigarette butt into an empty bottle and stood up.

“Of course! Of course!” The captain almost knelt down and begged.

“Can I bring my bag with me? I’ve been holding onto it for many years.” Mr. Kong smiled.

“Of course!” The captain looked at the bag in fear. No doubt the item would come back to haunt him in his nightmares.

“Oh, thanks.” The man made his way for the entrance under the nervous-racking attention of the vice-director and the captain.

“Oh? Can anyone here do me a favor?” Mr. Kong suddenly turned around.

“Please,” Yun Yiyuan stepped forward and bowed down.

“You can help me?” Mr. Kong asked.

“Anything.” Yun Yiyuan kept his head low.

“Can I ask that girl to sit with me during the show?” The man pointed at the young employee.

“Go, go!” The vice-director signaled to his employee before Yun Yiyuan could say anything.

“Huh?” The young employee did not expect Mr. Kong to suddenly ask her to sit with him during the show. ‘He’s not going to do perverted things to me… right?’

“No worries. They’ll still pay you for your work.” Mr. Kong let out a warm smile.

“Okay...” The young girl said as she glanced at all the big shots behind her.

“That girl’s fate changed…” Tian Yan suddenly said.

“He doesn’t want her to die today…” Stargaze said with a frown as she turned around to look at the people queued up behind her.

“We’ll be going in first,” After saluting Li Huaibei and Stargaze again, Yun Yiyuan turned around and left. When he passed by the vice-director, he said in a low voice, “I don’t want to see that person again.”

“As you wish.” The vice-director bowed down. And so, a man’s thriving career was ruined.

* * *

In the resting room backstage, Li Yiming savored the high-quality wine the vice-director brought him as he looked at Shao Xian and Fang Shui’er. Their radiating beauty reminded him of Liu Meng.

‘Where do I… Where do we belong?’

Li Yiming wondered if he could live to see the next dawn.

As Li Yiming stared at his wine cup, he could only see the crimson liquid as an omen for what was about to come.

Knock! Knock!

Fang Shui’er’s assistant quickly went to answer the door.

“Ms. Fang, Ms. Shao, the show is about to start.” A staff member arrived.

“It’s time,” Li Yiming said.


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