Sundering Nature
Chapter 25 - Xie“s Clothing
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 25 - Xie“s Clothing

Xie’s Clothing was a shop located on the top floor of a shopping mall in a bustling business district. Not only did it occupy the entire floor, but it was empty most of the time. The reason was very simple: Xie’s Clothing was a shop which only served its members, who were international celebrities, or prestigious figures of society. Every time a celebrity showed up on the international stage with clothes which were flagged with a particular brand, it usually meant that the article came from Xie’s Clothing. A nouveau-riche had apparently offered millions for a membership, only to be refused straight away.

Li Yiming was standing at the entrance to the shop, smiling bitterly at the receptionist.

“Sorry sir, we do not accept walk-in clients. I cannot let you enter without a membership card,” The receptionist said with a gentle smile, but her posture made her adamant resolve more than clear.

“I didn’t see my friend flash the membership card when he got in…” Li Yiming pursed his lips.

Li Yiming had accompanied Sai Gao and Shao Xian to the shopping mall. Sai Gao had suggested them to come to the dressmaker’s shop after Shao Xian mentioned wanting to be prepared for her show. Upon arriving at the mall, Li Yiming suddenly had a craving for a smoke and stayed behind for a bit. Li Yiming was looking from the distance as Shao Xian and Sai Gao entered the store, and only saw the receptionist bow respectfully rather than ask for any kind of identification.

“My apologies sir, but if your friend is inside, I would recommend you contact the person in question. We have our rules here, and I do apologize for the inconvenience.” The receptionist kept her smile, hiding her bewildered thoughts as she scrutinized Li Yiming.

Li Yiming scratched his head and pulled on his collar when he saw the receptionist look at him rather disapprovingly. He realized that he was still wearing his washed-out jacket after finding nothing suitable for himself in Sai Gao’s closet. He did plan to buy some new clothes for himself after getting his hands on the storage watch he looted.

Li Yiming let out a long sigh and decided to call Sai Gao.

“Beep! The number you’re trying to reach is not available…”

As Li Yiming thought, Sai Gao did not have his phone with him, as he was accustomed to putting it inside his storage item.

Li Yiming shrugged his shoulders and began playing with his cell phone to kill some time. He did not think that he would be of much use in finding fashionable clothes in the first place anyway.

The receptionist let out a sigh of relief as Li Yiming backed off. It was a frequent occurrence to deal with people like Li Yiming, who would use friends as an excuse to get inside. Even worse were those who were angered after being refused and began hurling threats or throwing money at the door.

Unlike Li Yiming, the man who had just entered the shop did not even need to be checked, since every piece of clothing he wore clearly came from the store.

The sound of a stiletto heel hitting against the floor was suddenly heard. Li Yiming turned around and frowned soon as he laid his eyes on the newcomer.

‘Guo Ying… Bing Shuai’s agent…’

Ying Mei wore her sensual leather outfit and completely ignored Li Yiming as she walked by.

“Welcome. Please show us your membership card,” The receptionist bowed and said, but Ying Mei ignored her and turned around.

“Mr. Li, you wouldn’t happen to be blocked here, would you?” Ying Mei mocked. She did not plan to interact with Li Yiming, but in the end, she could not resist the urge to show her superiority.

“Seems like a pretty high-end place. Makes sense that I can’t just walk in there.” Being the mortal enemy of Bing Shuai, Li Yiming was wary of Ying Mei’s intentions.

“Shall we go in together? I have the freedom of bringing in a guest,” Ying Mei said as she pulled out a white card with nothing but the character “Xie” written with a calligraphy brush, which made Li Yiming wonder how the receptionist could verify its authenticity.

However, with Ying Mei’s showing up, Li Yiming was balancing the risks of letting her get inside with Shao Xian still there.

“No need. We have our own.” A voice suddenly came from behind.

‘Fang Shui’er?’ Li Yiming put a hand on his thigh as he remembered the occurrences on the Pandaria.

‘It’s over for me.’ The receptionist knew that she had committed a mistake when Ying Mei showed signs of knowing Li Yiming, but little did she expect him to be a close acquaintance of Fang Shui’er, the last person on Earth she could afford to anger.

“Why are you here?” Li Yiming looked at Fang Shui’er, who naturally wrapped her arm around his. ‘Right, she’s my…’

“The music festival, of course. Do you find it strange to see me?” Fang Shui’er suddenly pursed her lips and feigned at being spoiled.

Li Yiming let out a sigh as he realized that every single guardian was invited to the show Heaven’s Laws put in place for him.

“You have a card, right? My friends are inside.” Li Yiming slowly pulled his arm out of Fang Shui’er’s grip. He did not think that it was a good thing to be seen with a celebrity such a Fang Shui’er, and satisfying his ego no longer gave him the pleasure it once did.

“Of course. All my outfits for performing are custom-made here. Let’s go.” Fang Shui’er nodded and put her hands behind her back, not reacting to Li Yiming’s coldness.

As for Ying Mei, as soon as Fang Shui’er showed up, her countenance sank and she entered the shop without saying a word. Li Yiming’s mood also took a turn for the worst as he looked at her. ‘The three sages… even with Bing Shuai dead I can expect retaliation…’

When Li Yiming arrived at the entrance of the shop again, he found the receptionist looking at the ground reverently, as if she was afraid that he would take his revenge on her. Li Yiming smiled as he had no time for such trivial matters. “Sorry to have bothered you.”

“Ah, ah… It’s nothing…” The receptionist was stunned at Li Yiming’s apology.

Fang Shui’er also smiled. Seeing her do so was almost a hypnotizing experience, as the receptionist’s fear was instantly superseded by joy.

‘What a fitting couple…’ The receptionist thought, without giving a thought to how she treated Li Yiming just moments earlier.

Fang Shui’er was deep in her thoughts. Her fate had changed after the Island of Eternity, as her soul was sealed and bound to Li Yiming’s, effectively making her his slave. However, the connection between her and Li Yiming suddenly faded away a few days ago.

‘Just who is he? What is up to?’ Fang Shui’er thought as she stared at Li Yiming’s back.

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