Sundering Nature
Chapter 22 - Pan Junwei“s Weapon Cache
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 22 - Pan Junwei“s Weapon Cache

Dashing through the small alleyways between buildings, Li Yiming made his way onto the streets after one last jump over a green belt, where he was finally able to clearly see the dome of light in the distance. He completely disregarded Eyeglasses’ surveillance drone and continued sprinting towards the scene. The sound of moaning from the thugs who were writhing in pain around him furthered his worries.

“It’s Li Yiming. He’s here,” Qing Linglong said as she put her hand on her sister’s shoulder to prevent her from doing anything rash.

“Li Yiming? He didn’t create the Boundary?” Another group of guardians was whispering to each other as they hid in a dark alleyway from afar.

“Even if he didn’t, he’s bound to be involved. Careful everyone, we’re here to make a small profit, not risk our lives.”

“Stay where you are. I’m going to trail him,” Eyeglasses instructed to the rest of his team as he observed Li Yiming from the top of a tree.

“What else can we do? We can’t even enter the Boundary.” Qing Qiaoqiao pursed her lips.

“Li Yiming?” Stargaze turned toward Li Huaibei when she saw him from the rooftop of a skyscraper nearby.

“If your resolve is wavering, then this might be an opportunity for him to make you understand what you truly desire,” Li Huaibei said.

Li Yiming ignored the groups of guardians watching on him as his sole attention was focused on the Boundary. Having been a sage himself, he knew exactly how powerful one could be, and he could only pray for Liu Meng’s safety. Li Yiming continued his way towards the dome of light and leaped into the air, creating a small crater in the asphalt.


Li Yiming knelt down in pain as he tried to recover from the shock of the impact. ‘What? I can’t get in?’

“What is he trying to do? Break the Boundary with his head?”

“Is he crazy? Is that some kind of talent?”

“Li Yiming couldn’t get in?”

“Is he being blocked?”

Li Yiming was just as surprised as those who observed him, but then realized that it was due to his no longer being a sage. It was at this moment that he dearly regretted seeking help from Aunt Wu.

‘Shit! Liu Meng…’ Li Yiming tried from pushing the Boundary to punching it, only to be repelled with increasing force every time.

After almost falling down to the ground from his last attempt, Li Yiming took a deep breath to calm himself down. He then put his hand back on the Boundary and this time, he managed to push through without encountering any resistance.

‘What?’ To his surprise, Li Yiming was able to enter when he suppressed his powers.

Li Yiming pushed through the barrier with his other hand without difficulty. When he tried walking into the barrier, he realized that something was wrong — unlike what he imagined, he had not managed to enter the Boundary. Instead, he was traversing through it.

“What is he doing?”

“He’s trying to get in…”

“Is he crazy?”

“Are you sure that he’s the one we’re after?”

The murmurs around him were more audible.

“He doesn’t know how to enter a Boundary, does he?” Stargaze asked.

“Maybe it’s not that he doesn’t know, but rather that he can’t.” Li Huaibei squinted, having noticed something that others did not.

Liu Meng extended her arms. Her hands were covered by a cloud of thick black smoke, from which a purple flame emerged. Just as she was about to unleash her attack, she jumped back.

A golden grenade landed right where she stood and detonated a second later.

Liu Meng frowned as she looked at Pan Junwei, who was unable to remain on his feet after exchanging two blows with Wu Yun. After the first slash of Wu Yun’s blade, he lost his rifle. After the second one, his body suffered one-hundred thirty-nine bruises.

“This is the first time we’ve met, but I’m a man of my words. You can fight him after I’m dead.” Pan Junwei stood up with shaking limbs as his countenance went pale.

Liu Meng considered saying something back but decided otherwise.

Pan Junwei roared and tapped on his chest frantically. His muscles grew in size, stopping the bleeding from his wounds. He raised his fists and was ready for combat once more.

“The legends were true. Come on, let me see the third move from Heaven’s Blade…” Pan Junwei seemed to have lost his head.

“Surely you didn’t think that I was attacking you with my blade, did you?” Wu Yun said, “I respect your conviction, but I also respect the will of my weapon.”

“What?” Pan Junwei realized that Wu Yun had not drawn his blade the entire time. Rather, Wu Yun was fighting with the shadow of his projected blade.

“You won’t be able to survive the third blow. I’m asking you again, are you sure that you still want to go on?” Wu Yun asked as his hand began shining again.

“Cut it short with the useless questions!” Pan Junwei was now angered by the revelation. A rocket launcher appeared on his shoulders and he shot an explosive projectile at Wu Yun.

The rocket exploded right in front of Wu Yun, creating a cloud of flames which sealed off every possible escape route. The assault did not stop there — Pan Junwei’s rocket launcher changed color, this time shooting out a jade-colored projectile towards Wu Yun.

“What a waste… A shame that you’ve chosen to get yourself involved in this,” Wu Yun sighed and reached forward with his hand. With a movement of his palm, he sliced the explosion into two halves and grabbed the jade rocket right before it reached his head.


Thick smoke quickly discharged from the rocket.

“Poison?’ Wu Yun looked at the skin on his hand, which had turned slightly green, and snorted in contempt.

“A marking!” A cold voice was heard as the bombardment resumed.

Pan Junwei put one foot back and raised the two cannons he held. The nine cannon tubes on each weapon rotated continuously, shooting out a barrage of explosive projectiles at Wu Yun.

“You won’t be able to make up for quality with quantity,” Wu Yun said as he pushed forward with one hand. The shadow of a giant blade appeared above his head, multiplying in numbers as it fell down. The shadows rained down on Pan Junwei’s attack, shredding his projectiles to dust.

“It’s over.” Wu Yun closed his eyes and lowered his arm. It was as if the entire world within the boundary was cut into two, and Pan Junwei stood in the middle of the descending rift.

Pan Junwei’s features contorted as the two cannons vanished and a small revolver appeared in his hand. With gold and silver embroidered rosewood stock, it looked more like an artifact belonging in a museum than a practical weapon.

Pan Junwei shot a bullet toward the ground. The fabric of space was torn was he slowly vanished right before Wu Yun’s attack reached him.

“Camouflage?” Wu Yun smiled in contempt. He closed his eyes in search for his enemy, only to reopen them the next instant, realizing that Pan Junwei was nowhere to be found.

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