Sundering Nature
Chapter 21 - Heaven“s Blade Wu Yun
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 21 - Heaven“s Blade Wu Yun

“I’m here for her. Someone wants her dead.”

“Me?” Liu Meng’s complexion immediately changed, her long black hair began bellowing as she prepared for a fight.

“Hm, looks like I should have minded my own business.” Pan Junwei frowned.

“Thank you, regardless.” Liu Meng said as she raised her left hand.

Young Master Feng could not believe the sudden transformation Liu Meng underwent. Before he could think any further, he was enveloped by a purple flame with a tinge of green, immediately turning him into cinder with no time given for him to even produce a scream of pain.

“Purple flame?” Pan Junwei squinted and put some distance between himself and Liu Meng.

“Oh?” The lean man was also surprised. “I wasn’t informed about this.”

“So tell me, I’m quite curious as to who would have the guts to target me.” Liu Meng asked in a glacial tone.

“It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t like it when people talk behind his back anyways.” The lean man said as he removed his gloves and put them into his pocket.

“You’ll change your mind soon enough.” Liu Meng raised her arms and the temperature instantly rose as wind carrying hot air blew into the distance.

“Hey, hey. Calm down a bit.” Pan Junwei suddenly interceded. Liu Meng and her enemy, who had both been gathering strength, frowned.

“You don’t know him?” Pan Junwei looked at Liu Meng, who nodded at him.

“You’re here to kill her?” Pan Junwei asked the man, who shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

“Well then, it’s simple. Why don’t we talk this out?” Pan Junwei turned toward the man, leaving his back exposed to Liu Meng.

“Oh?” The man hesitated.

“I made a mistake, yes, I concede. But I carry out my promises. I told this young lady that I would take her home,” Pan Junwei said, “This had nothing to do with whether she’s a guardian or not. I just want to keep my promise.”

“Are you going to fight me?” The man frowned.

“I can handle this myself.” Liu Meng said.

“It’s not about you two. I will honor my promise.” Pan Junwei moved his arms and head around.

“Steel Resolve?” The man seemed to have caught on to something.

“So many truths in this world and I’ve only obtained a fragment.” Pan Junwei smiled.

Liu Meng slowly clasped her hands together. To accept Pan Junwei’s protection was to help him in his pursuit for the Way. Liu Meng could not repay a favor with betrayal, only she did not imagine someone looking like Pan Junwei to have such a pursuit.

“Not bad. To be able to understand one of the truths at your level is a true rarity. But that kid who turned to dust had it right — it’s usually not a good idea to stick your nose in other people’s businesses.” The lean man complimented Pan Junwei and slowly raised his left fist. An iridescent light sphere on his palm and began slowly expanding.

“A Sage? Are you trying to scare me off?” Pan Junwei’s skin began to shine with a metallic luster.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m showing my respect for the path you’ve chosen. We wouldn’t be able to fight properly without this.” The man said as a silhouette of a blade appeared within his tenebrous irises.

“Allow me to introduce myself before we fight. Tian Dao — Heaven’s Blade, Wu Yun.” The man took a deep breath as a dome of light suddenly ran across the sky.

“Heaven’s Blade?” The familiar name took Pan Junwei aback. However, his face instantly lit up the next second in excitement as a heavy machine gun materialized in his hands ‘Let’s see how I compare to the legends…’

* * *

“Something’s wrong.” Big Beard suddenly broke the silence.

“That’s…” Qing Linglong approached the window and looked in the direction where the dome of light was erected.

“Liu Meng’s in there. We need to tell Eyeglasses.” Big Beard made for the exit.

“Liu Meng?” Qing Qiaoqiao quickly switched the surveillance feed. She could see the bloodstains and the car wrecks on the street where Liu Meng was tracked to.

“Can you see her?” Qing Linglong came to the computer desk.


“She’s inside then. What about Li Yiming?”

“He’s been where he was the entire time.”

“Go. We need to warn Eyeglasses. Li Yiming will be there soon.” Qing Linglong picked up her coat and followed Big Beard.

* * *

“A Sage? But who… aside from the people trailing me…” Li Yiming looked at the distance. His countenance quickly sank when he remembered the call he just received.

“Shit!” Li Yiming took out his phone and dialed Sai Gao’s number.

“Keep Shao Xian inside!” Li Yiming yelled and threw the phone into the storage ring he had just stolen. He jumped over a fence, ignoring the looks of the passersby and sprinted toward the dome of light in the distance.

* * *

“Tian Dao? Heaven’s Blade, he’s still alive?” Li Huaibei looked at the dome of light in the distance, his countenance unchanged.

“A lot of them are. You didn’t of them all as simply tales, do you?’ Stargaze’s voice came from behind. She stood up from her chair made with dried up vines and said while sipping her hot tea.

“There used to be a time when I really thought that the three Sages were the strongest guardians out there.” Li Huaibei chuckled as he released his grip on the fence.

“The three sages… We’re nothing compared to them.” Stargaze approached Li Huaibei.

“If it’s possible, I’d like to have a taste of his blade.

“You’ll get the chance.”

“Are you not going to have a look?” Li Huaibei turned around and asked.

“Nothing much to see there. It’s more interesting outside.” Stargaze looked in the distance. She could see several auras converging toward the scene of the fight. Some were carefully concealed, whereas others were much less shy to make their presence known to every observer.

“You didn’t invite me here just to watch the show, did you?”

“What did he tell you?” Stargaze asked as she remembered the scene at the airport.

“He?” Li Huaibei did not understand the question.

“He came to find me,” Stargaze said after a long silence.

Li Huaibei quickly caught on to the message.

“Heaven’s Blades, Aunt Wu, the Taoist child… They’ve been hiding for dozens of years. The Scripture of Purity and Stillness and that Seal… Something big is going on…”

“Unlike you, I know what I want in all of this.” Li Huaibei took a deep breath and looked up.

“That’s why I invited you over. I don’t really know what I want anymore. I’ve seen far too much.”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.” Li Huaibei avoided Stargaze’s gaze, skirted around her to the table and picked up his teacup.

“Will he succeed?” Stargaze said as she looked at the sky.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as someone tries.” Li Huaibei said as he sipped his tea. It was a fragrant concoction, blending the refreshing aroma perfectly with the bitterness of the tea leaves.
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