Sundering Nature
Chapter 20 - Who“s the Lucky One?
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 20 - Who“s the Lucky One?

The tall man on the driver seat of the pink Porsche glanced at Liu Meng, who turned around slightly as the vehicle vibrated to the rhythm of the music being played on the stereo. He took out a blanket from seemingly out of nowhere and put it on top of Liu Meng.

After parking the car on the side of the road, he opened the car door and left the vehicle.

“Young girls nowadays…” The man sighed as he looked at the car. A jeep suddenly drove by, and he could see a girl asleep on the passenger’s seat, just like Liu Meng.

The man took out a pack of cigarettes, lit one up and sighed.

“Guess I’ll have to save whomever I can,” He said as he looked up at the sky.

Liu Meng slowly opened her eyes. She peeked at the man standing outside, her mind on high alert. She had already woken up from her slumber the moment the man unleashed his aura in the park. If he were to try to do anything to her, she would have unleashed the full extent of her fiery fury upon him.

‘Doesn’t look like he’s after me. Maybe he just thinks I’m an ordinary girl… but that one back in the park, he needs to die.’ Liu Meng’s heart burned with anger as he thought about the man who brought her to the park and tried to violate her.

However, she started trembling as she recalled the reason why she entered the bar in the first place. Something in her felt very wrong about the impossible mission of taking Li Yiming’s life.

“Oh? You’re awake?” The man noticed the subtle changes in Liu Meng’s expression right away and opened the car door on her side.

Liu Meng nodded, still trying to wrap her head around the situation.

“Have some water.” The man said with a frown as he made a plastic bottle appear in his right hand that he put behind his back.

Liu Meng took the bottle but hesitated before putting it to her mouth.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t have waited if I wanted to do something bad.” The man smiled and went back into the driver seat.

“Thank you.” Liu Meng said.

“Instead, you should think about how to avoid having the same thing happen to you again. You won't be lucky enough to meet someone like me every single time,” The man lecture Liu Meng.

Liu Meng obviously knew her actions this night was not the brightest, but when she recalled the events of the previous one, she became visibly irritated.

“Oh?” The man was surprised by Liu Meng’s reaction to his counsel, but his attention was quickly attracted by a jeep which appeared in the rearview mirror.

“Persistent guy.” The man smiled coolly as he smashed the gas pedal. The Porsche, proving its worth, did a quick spin-around and dodged the ramming of the jeep.

Satisfied with his evasive maneuver, he glanced at Liu Meng to check on her, only to see that she had a sunken expression and stared outside instead of displaying anything resembling fear or panic. The screeching of tires was heard as several other cars arrived and soon encircled the Porsche.

“These people are really looking for it, aren’t they?” The dark-skinned man said as he cracked his neck. He opened the car door and walked out. He immediately Young Master Feng, who stood there surrounded by a group of bodyguards, his right hand covered in bandages.

“Surprised? You’re gonna regret taking my car. I have a GPS locator on it!” Young Master Feng shouted in a frenzied rage.

The group of underlings which came with Young Master Feng finally understood the motives of their master when they saw Liu Meng walk out of the car, with the blanket still wrapped around her just short enough to expose her thighs.

“How about you give me your name. You’ll be on the headlines tomorrow.” Young Master’s Feng’s eyes fell on Liu Meng’s long, slender legs, and his fury could only grow as he thought about the pleasures he would otherwise have enjoyed.

“Pan Junwei.” The dark-skinned man smiled as he looked at the crowd in front of him. Most of his enemies were dressed fashionably, with some carrying long machetes, whereas other held metal baseball bats or military knives.

“Break his limbs. Cut off his manhood. We’ll each have our turns with the girl.” Young Master Feng then spat out as he noticed that most of his underlings’ attention was on Liu Meng as well.

This was the spark which was about to set off the explosion of craving for lust and violence. It also set off Liu Meng’s anger, as she clenched her fists and made herself ready to burn all those in front of her to dust.


The yells of the group were suddenly muted by a gunshot. Pang Junwei stood surrounded, holding a gun with its barrel emitting smoke.

One of the underlings fell to the ground, writhing in pain, followed by dead silence.

“Beretta 92F. This is my favorite gun. Aside from the fact that it takes a while to take care of business,” Pan Junwei said as he looked at the man on the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three more people fell to the ground from the gunshots that were fired so quickly that they could have almost be confused for a single shot.

“I didn’t quite like that aspect of the gun, so I changed it. Isn’t it a lot better?” Pan Junwei said as he raised his weapon.

“You’re not saying anything. Shouldn’t you be saying something like ‘he should be running out of bullets!’?” Pan Yunwei looked at Young Master Feng with a contemptuous smile. The latter froze still as a statue.

“Four bullets gone, only eleven left, but I have another magazine.” Another metallic casing magically appeared. The black metallic frame suddenly flashed silver, and Pan Yunwei finished reloading his gun within a second.


Another man fell to the ground.

“No worries, all you need is practice.” Pan Junwei said in a tone that could be mistaken for pity, but Young Master Feng and his underlings understood that this man was a demon.

Bang! Bang!

“Have a guess. I started with thirty bullets. I’ve fired seven, so there’s twenty-three left. Yet there’s twenty-four of you. Who’s going to be the lucky one?”

“Ahhhh!” Panic finally broke as the group of thugs scattered, fleeing in all directions. Some of them fell to their knees and begged for their lives while others climbed fences and dove into cars.

“That’s right…” Pan Junwei grinned and showed his white teeth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The firing continued, piercing through everyone it hit. Liu Meng’s angered dwindled down as she was impressed by Pan Junwei’s flashy display of murderous skills.

‘These bullets, they’re curving!’ Liu Meng frowned as she observed the impossible. Furthermore, she noticed that the bullets were all landing on the left knee of their target, not missing a single time.

“Don’t… don’t…” Young Master Feng fell onto the asphalt, his pants wet.

“What are you waiting for?” Pan Junwei turned toward the darkness in the distance instead of finishing his work.

“No need to be so bloody when you kill people…” A voice came.

“I’m not killing anyone.” Pan Junwei shrugged his shoulders as he reloaded his gun.

“They’re going to be on a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. How’s that different from murdering them?” The new visitor was a lean man wearing a dirty factory uniform. The visible veins which ran down his arm were exposed as he kept his sleeves rolled up to accommodate for his pair of dirty linen gloves.

“Did he pay you?” Pan Junwei asked as he pointed at Young Master Feng.

“Don’t insult me,” The lean man smiled and answered.

“So what are you up to? Why are you following me in the middle of the night?”

“Not you, her.” The man said as he turned his attention toward Liu Meng.

“What?” Pan Junwei turned around and scrutinized Liu Meng from head to toe.

“Yes. Someone asked me to take her life.”


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