Sundering Nature
Chapter 13 - Fugitives
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 13 - Fugitives

Li Yiming slowly released his grip as he stared at the gun.

The young man smiled in contempt and cast down a dominating look on Li Yiming. “Should’ve listened to me earlier! Kneel!”

“You…” Shao Xian was paralyzed by terror as she looked at the handgun. She was initially overjoyed at being saved like a princess by her prince charming, but the sight of the firearm chilled her blood.

“What do you want?” Li Yiming said in an impassive voice.

“Shut up and kneel down!” The young man mistook Li Yiming’s calmness for terror and smashed Li Yiming’s head with his weapon, thinking the latter would be too afraid to even react.

Li Yiming dodged back and threw out a counter blow. A crack was heard as he rammed his elbow into the young man’s nose, causing the latter to fall back with blood gushing out from his nostrils. Li Yiming pushed his advantage and disarmed his opponent with his right hand.

“You little…” The young man retaliated in anger as a black dagger appeared in his left hand and he slashed at Li Yiming’s throat.

Li Yiming raised his right arm and made an attempt to parry the blow with the firearm he had just acquired. However, the dagger cut through metal like a knife through hot butter as the man showed a sinister smile, ready to slice through Li Yiming’s hand.

Li Yiming suddenly raised his arm high up, interrupting the young man’s thrust and dragging his weapon along.

“You…” Li Yiming’s speed was completely unexpected to the young man, which was clearly beyond that of an ordinary human being.

Meanwhile, Li Yiming used his other fist to punch the young man’s ribs three times, with the sound of the bones breaking clearly audible as he delivered blow after blow.

“I’ll kill you!” The young man twisted back in a frenzied rage and threw a slash at Li Yiming with another dagger.

With a strike at the man’s wrist, Li Yiming interrupted the attack, followed by a shove which drove the dagger into his own chin. The blade’s tip emerged out the young man’s head, and he fell down to the ground, limp. A small stream of blood slowly seeped out of his head and tainted the carpet red.

Li Yiming was not about to hold any pity for a guardian who was ready to kill him.

“You… you killed him!” Only now did Shao Xian react to the chain of events.

Li Yiming crouched down and examined the corpse. He removed the space-storage item and held it in his hand. After a long silence, he turned around and looked at Shao Xian. ‘Didn’t look like he knew me… So that means he was here for Shao Xian? But why?’

“Are you sure you don’t know him?” Li Yiming asked.

“I… I’ve never met him before.” Shao Xian panicked after seeing no reaction whatsoever coming from Li Yiming, who had just murdered a man.

“You…” The biggest problem Li Yiming now faced was how to protect Shao Xian from all of the trouble that would soon ensue. Shao Xian had agreed to help him, and he was ready to repay the favor.

“Hm?” Li Yiming turned his head toward the door. ‘One… two… three… Seven people?’

Li Yiming frowned as he could determine from the pacing of the footsteps that the incomers, which were running up the stairs at lightning speed, were not ordinary people.

“We have to leave!” Li Yiming suddenly dashed toward the bed, picked up Shao Xian as she screamed in surprise, pushed open the window and dove into the darkness of nightfall.

* * *

“Mr. Xie…” The assistant opened the door to the office in a panic.

“What is it?” The old man answered as he played around with his jade thumb ring.

“It’s the young master! He went to find that girl…” The assistant stammered.

“Alright, let me talk to him.” Mr. Xie sighed and sat up straight.

“He… When he arrived at the girl’s home, Li Yiming was also there…” The assistant said.

“Li Yiming?” Mr. Xie finally caught onto the gravity of the situation.

“We’ve left the girl undisturbed, as you’ve instructed us. So we didn’t receive the information that Li Yiming was with her.”

“What happened to him?” Mr. Xie squinted and asked.

“The young master is… dead…” The assistant did not dare to look at his master in the eyes.


The jade thumb ring, a precious jewelry article worth a fortune, was turned to dust. The assistant cowered in fear as lowered his head and stared at his own feet, afraid to make eye contact with his master.

“Are you sure that he did it?” The old man’s chest heaved.

“When our team arrived, Li Yiming jumped out of the window with Shao Xian. All witnesses pointed to Li Yiming…”

“Li Yiming…” Old man Xie closed his eyes and raised his chin to adjust his irregular breathing.

After a long silence, Mr. Xie slowly relaxed his clenched fist and put his hand on the jade fragments which were on the table. As a blue light appeared around his hand, the fragments flew around and assembled themselves back into a perfectly intact thumb ring.

“Tell them to carry out the plan…” Mr. Xie said calmly, but the assistant could hear the rage in his voice.

* * *

“I found him!” Inside the police headquarters, Eyeglasses suddenly looked up from his screen and exclaimed.

“Really? Where?” Qing Qiaoqiao took her feet off from the office desk and ran toward Eyeglasses, followed by the rest of the team.

“Inside the old city. This is footage from fifteen minutes ago.” With a quick tapping of the keyboard, Eyeglasses brought up a video for Li Yiming running with Shao Xian on his shoulders. Judging from the video, it looked like Shao Xian had been previously naked before getting caught on camera. Her terrorized expression suggested at perhaps a kidnapping.

Li Yiming stared back at them with a frown, having obviously discovered the camera.

“What is he doing? Kidnapping?” Qing Qiaoqiao asked.

“The same clothing, so it was him back at the sauna center…” Qing Linglong remarked.

A fizzling sound was heard. Big Beard looked up and saw a red glow from Liu Meng’s hand which melted the brick wall into lava, trickling down between Liu Meng’s fingers and dropping onto the ground.

“Where is he?” Liu Meng asked in a glacial tone.

“He knows about us, and he’s avoiding the cameras on purpose. I sent all of my drones his way.” Eyeglasses shrugged his shoulders and said. Liu Meng’s Heart Trial Punishment was superior to that of the other team members, which made her a natural leader with fearsome authority.

“Tell me when you find him.” Liu Meng said as she took a deep breath to recompose herself.

“What is it with her?” Qing Qiaoqiao muttered.

“Just do your own job." Qing Linglong rolled her eyes at her younger sister.

Big Beard glanced at the melted wall and sank into a contemplative silence.
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