Sundering Nature
Chapter 8 - Borrowing Money
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 8 - Borrowing Money

After being handed his eleventh cup of hot water, Li Yiming’s thoughts finally descended from the Heavens back down to Earth. He wanted to go to the bathroom, but after seeing the waiter looking at him suspiciously, he decided against it.

The waiter had been secretly observing to Li Yiming and noticed his odd behavior, so he used the time he had between filling Li Yiming’s cup to tidy his shoelaces in the case where he would have to try to chase after Li Yiming if the latter were to escape without paying.

‘What am I going to do?’ The only slightly valuable possession Li Yiming had on him at the moment was his sports jacket, which he had bought three years ago and was now washed to the point that it became slightly discolored.

Li Yiming was confident that he could outpace the waiter if he decided to make a run for it, but it was more a matter of dignity than anything else.

‘Wait…’ Li Yiming’s eyes suddenly lit up as he saw a well-built man with fair skin walking toward him. ‘A guardian, there’s no mistake.’

The man only wore a very thin vest despite the cold weather of late autumn. His muscles were well-defined, and if one were to look closely at his eyes, they would notice that they belonged to a bloodthirsty demon.

‘He looks pretty strong.’ Li Yiming knew exactly what he was dealing with the moment he read the bloodlust in the man’s eyes. ‘Alright, then, I won’t feel guilty robbing this guy.’

“I’ve made you wait quite a bit, Mr. Li.” The man sat down facing Li Yiming, smiled and broached the subject without any roundabouts.

“Oh? You knew I was waiting for you?” Li Yiming had a sly smile as he looked at the man’s belt.

“I should apologize. My master’s instructions were… rather unclear. Please understand that we would not last very long if we did not think twice about our orders.” The man laughed loudly.

“My name is Pan Junwei, people call me the armament machine. Looking forward to knowing you better.” The man said as he raised his hand in Li Yiming’s direction.

‘Ugh…’ Li Yiming was suddenly at a loss for what to do next. ‘Really? Can’t we just get to the action directly? Why do you have to make it seem like it came straight out of a movie set?’

“So, I was just wondering about…” The man continued without minding Li Yiming’s confused look, but he was interrupted by a loud noise.


Li Yiming frowned and rolled to the side.

“A sniper rifle?” Pan Junwei instantly recognized the weapon, owing to his expertise at dealing with firearms, as his nickname suggested.

‘Shit, I’m being framed.’ Pan Junwei was certain that the shot did not come from his subordinates, since he had given clear orders on restraining all hostilities before he finished his talk with Li Yiming.

As the chair Li Yiming sat on exploded into a pile of wooden debris, Li Yiming stood up with a sunken expression and said, “Armor-piercing round…”

“Would you believe me if I said that we didn’t do it?”

“I do.” Li Yiming shrugged his shoulders.

“Wait, what?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Li Yiming retraced the trajectory of the bullet and found the firing location to be the fifteenth floor of an office tower nearby. He was already aware of there being more than one group of people seeking his head right now.

“I’m sorry about this.” Pan Junwei saluted Li Yiming again. “I’m an honest man. Even if I did come to kill you, I would have told you so before we fought.”

“What?” Li Yiming was dumbfounded. ‘So you’re going to keep your manners while trying to kill me? Thanks, I guess…’

“The people concealing themselves in the darkness like cowards would be happy to see us fight. Perhaps you don’t mind these small fries, but I don’t plan to become someone else’s gun. I apologize for what just happened. Please, if there’s anything I can do to make up for this…”


“Please, anything…” Pan Junwei insisted.

“Can you give me some money for the coffee?” Li Yiming asked.

“Coffee?” Pan Junwei was confused, but then looked at the mess that was caused by the cup spilling over and understood.

“If it weren’t for this… I think that we’d be good friends.” Pan Junwei looked at Li Yiming with respect, thinking that the latter was most likely offering him an easy way out of embarrassment. ‘As I’ve thought, people who have the will to become a sage are no ordinary people.’

“I’m paying for this gentleman’s coffee. Keep the change as compensation for the damage caused here.” Pan Junwei took out a thick pile of cash and put it down on the table.

“I’ll do my best next time we meet. Farewell…” Pan Junwei said before turning around and walking away.

‘Is this guy serious…’ Li Yiming’s eyes trailed Pan Junwei. He then glanced at the pile of cash sitting on the table and at the waiter, who was trembling in a corner. Li Yiming sighed and left by the back exit before hearing the wailing of the police sirens in the distance.

Shortly after leaving the scene, a brigade of police cars arrived, led by Liu Meng and her friends.

“He’s gone. The surveillance system here isn’t connected to the grid, unfortunately,” Eyeglasses said and left for the kitchen.

“Qiaoqiao, go interrogate that waiter. Big Beard, investigate that building,” Qing Linglong gave her orders as she picked up the coffee cup.

“Liu Meng…” Qing Linglong sniffed the coffee mug and gave it to Liu Meng.

“It’s him.” Liu Meng said after closing her eyes for a while.

* * *

In a luxurious resort located deep within the mountains, a man relaxed in a natural hot spring. In front of him stood a woman with delicate features and an expressionless face.

“Give up. You can’t kill him.” The man’s voice came from beneath the towel which covered his face.

“So you’re unwilling to help me?” The woman insisted.

“Even if I did, you wouldn’t be able to kill him,”


“I can’t win against him.” The man smiled bitterly.

“So this is as far as the ambition of the invincible Yun Yiyuan goes?” The woman mocked.

“You dare?” The steaming vapor which emanated from the hot spring suddenly transformed into thousands of little spears that shot toward the woman. The woman lifted her head proudly as she faced the deadly threat, and the spears stopped right before reaching her throat, only shredding her clothes completely.

“That’s a warning, and I’m considering the long friendship I had with Bing Shuai.” Yun Yiyuan said as the vapor dispersed once more.

“You haven’t answered me.” Ying Mei’s conviction did not diminish in the slightest.

“Oh?” Yun Yiyuan removed the towel and examined Ying Mei’s now exposed attractive curves.

Ying Mei stared back straight into Yun Yiyuan’s eyes with a fixed expression.

“You said your name was Ying Mei?” Yun Yiyuan suddenly smiled.


“Bing Shuai didn’t waste his time on you.”

“Is there a way to kill him?” Ying Mei pushed her demand.

“He cannot be killed.” Yun Yiyuan’s countenance sunk.

“What do you mean?”

“He isn’t mortal.” Yun Yiyuan turned his attention toward the landscape in the distance.

“I don’t care. Is there a way to kill him?”

“Why are you so intent on killing him?”

“Tell me!”

“Fine. Come over and I’ll tell you.” Yun Yiyuan showed hints of a wicked smile.

Ying Mei hesitated before walking into the hot spring with the fire of spite burning ever so brightly in her eyes.


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