Sundering Nature
Chapter 40 - Fallen Sky
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 40 - Fallen Sky

After finishing his speech, Li Yiming turned around to look at his friends. Liu Meng walked up to him and picked up his hand. Big Beard smiled, while Qing Linglong wrapped her arms around her sister with a bit of an apologetic expression

Eyeglasses sighed and helped Sai Gao stand up, who had his eyes red from listening to Li Yiming.

“Domain concluded, Mission failed.” A voice came from the sky.

Instead of the surroundings breaking down and being teleported back to reality like usual, thick layers of clouds appeared in the bright sky and the low crack of thunder could be heard.

“The sky is breaking apart…” Stargaze was still hesitating about escaping.

“Thunder?” Eyeglasses looked at the sky.

“Not thunder, the sky itself is…” Bai Ze appeared in a flash of white light.

Sunlight quickly disappeared from sight as the clouds thickened, plunging the world in complete darkness.

“The sky is… coming down…” Qing Linglong trembled with fear.

The lightning and thunder only lasted for a short while. Everything was now enshrouded in a darkness unlike anything Li Yiming had ever seen before. This was the wrath of the Heavens fury at its worst.

As the apocalypse drew closer and closer, Li Yiming and his friends could almost feel their eyes being pushed out of their sockets and their hearts beat faster and faster as if they were inside a giant balloon which was being overblown.

Suddenly, a radiating sword pierced through the sky, returning light to the world like a second sun.

“It’s Li Huaibei, he’s here!” Big Beard exclaimed while trying his best to maintain his mecha to resist the immense pressure.

“Fight the Heavens…” Li Yiming looked at Li Huaibei’s sword as it went through the layers of clouds, but it was ultimately too little too late, as the clouds were far too thick, and they simply congregated once again and came crashing down.

However, the sight of Li Huaibei’s weapon was enough to ignite the will to fight within Li Yiming. The mysterious runic glyph within him emitted an explosion of golden light, and hatred filled Li Yiming’s heart. It was as if he suddenly became an entirely different person.

“I won’t go down without a fight!” Li Yiming suddenly yelled savagely, and his small metallic orb transformed into a sword which flew straight upward.

Big Beard’s mecha bent backward, exposing its abdomen. A cannon tube quickly formed after a repositioning of the armor plates. The four limbs of the mecha became the supporting legs for a giant cannon aimed at the sky.

Qing Linglong’s daggers reappeared in her hands. Although her hands trembled from the pressure, a blue glow wrapped the blades as she prepared her attack.

Liu meng closed her eyes and put her hands in front of her, materializing a red orb which transformed into a small bird. Just like before, the bird had a very long tail feather and a single leg which shone with a golden light.

Qing Qiaoqiao’s body was enveloped by fire, but unlike Liu Meng’s, her fire was that of pure desire and lust and burned coldly, with deadly beauty.

“Drink my blood…” Sai Gao put his wrist in front of Eyeglasses’ mouth. As Eyeglasses sucked on Sai Gao’s blood, he could feel his body being taken over by madness.

Li Yiming’s sword reached the clouds and started to swing at them like a giant paddle, clearing the area instantly. Big Beard’s attack supported him from below, obliterating the clouds in the vicinity.

A monstrous roar was heard as Eyeglasses’ frame grew massively. A pair of vampiric wings emerged from his back, and he took off toward the sky.

“The effect of my blood is only temporary, you…” Sai Gao could not warn Eyeglasses in time.

Before Sai Gao could finish his sentence, a blue crescent also took off toward the sky. Next to it was an apparition of a young girl who was almost naked, only covered by a ribbon of cloth. Her figure exuded an irresistible aura of lust and desire; it was the Qing sisters, who had unleashed their most powerful attacks.

The endless attacks of Li Yiming and his teammates cleared the clouds that painted the skies, making way for the sun to gleam back to the world. It relieved the pressure that Li Yiming and his friends felt to some degree.


‘It's working…’ Li Yiming frowned and glanced at where Li Huaibei’s attack first came from. ‘Why did he stop?’

Big Beard continued his bombardment, and Liu Meng’s bird of fire was now near a hundred meters tall. With every flap of its wings, bright crimson flares would consume the black clouds around it. Eyeglasses, Qing Qiaoqiao, and Qing Linglong also worked together to clear a large portion of the sky above them.

“They’re far too naive if they think that’s enough…” The light around Stargaze faded away. Her resolve wavered along with her gradually becoming more nervous.

‘It’s too slow.’ Li Yiming thought as he looked at the clouds and suddenly roared. His golden sword suddenly grew tenfold in size and flew past the clouds, just like Li Huaibei’s weapon moments before.


A loud sound was heard as Li Yiming’s weapon collided against something.

Li Yiming and his friends turned their attention toward the object which was hidden behind the clouds; it was a giant, black wall covered with golden glyphs.

“What is that?” Qing Qiaoqiao exclaimed.

The discovery of the wall did not distract Liu Meng in the slightest, and she continued to expand the size of her firebird, burning away the last remaining bit of the clouds.

As the clouds finally dispersed, an even more terrifying sight was beheld.

“The sky… The sky…” Qing Linglong’s voice trembled.

It was a borderless black ceiling which was crashing down upon them.


Li Yiming and his friends turned around, only to find the summit of a mountain being crushed by the falling wall.

“It’s going to crush us…” Eyeglasses gulped.

“The sky has fallen…”

* * *

“It’s not in your habit to drink wine like this…” A little boy looked at the man in front of him, and then at the knit-bag at his feet.

“You do need to be picky about when you choose to drink wine like this.” The man chuckled and emptied his cup. The pungent smell of alcohol came from his nostrils as he exhaled, and he put his cup back down.

“I don’t drink. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The boy smiled and filled up the man’s cup once more.

“You have to pick up your cup with two fingers, and fill it completely without overflowing. Then, raise the cup slowly, and feel the wine as it streams down your throat. You should empty your cup completely and cleanly…” The man laughed and picked up his cup once again.

“I told you that I don’t know any of this. Are you trying to teach me how to drink?”

The man shook his head and said, “The sky over there, it’s falling down.”


The man nodded.

“So it’s time?” The boy suddenly said with a voice that was far from fitting his age.

“Everything should be ready, but…” The man sighed and looked at the bag which rested on the ground beside him.
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