Sundering Nature
Chapter 38 - Not the First Time
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 38 - Not the First Time

“Yiming…” Liu Meng’s voice shook at the sight of her lover she had been waiting so long to see. Her fire instantly died out and the phoenix’ silhouette dissipated along with it.

“It’s okay. You can leave the rest to me…” Li Yiming gave her a relieving look.

“Leave the rest to you? Let’s see if you can repeat your stroke of luck with Heaven’s Punishment!” Yun Yiyuan’s heart boiled with rage after being reminded of the humiliation he had suffered during their previous encounter.

“You’ll know soon enough…” Li Yiming raised his hand, calling back his golden sword. Armed with his newfound weapon, he was ready to unleash power and fury at any time.

“He’s level six, but this power…” Li Huaibei finally put his sword down for good and looked at Li Yiming full of anticipation.

“How did he get in here…” Stargaze looked on with a severe countenance. Normally, it would not have been possible for Li Yiming, who had been in Donghai since the start of the domain, to enter at his own will at his point.

The aura of power which emanated from Li Yiming also brought some sense back to Yun Yiyuan.

“You seem to be eager to fight, but it’s not quite the time for it…” Yun Yiyuan took a deep breath to calm himself and turned his attention back toward Sai Gao, who had shifted back to his human form. Although he still possessed all four limbs, Sai Gao’s life signs were waning.

“He’s my friend…” Li Yiming continued to push Yun Yiyuan.

“Oh? Then I’ll leave him to you.” Yun Yiyuan cracked a smile. He jumped back and waited.

“Sai Gao.” Li Yiming looked at his friend worriedly. Although they had only fought together briefly, he did not question Liu Meng’s decision to save him.

“You shouldn’t have come…” Sai Gao said with difficulty.

“Shut up and concentrate on recovering.”

“Linglong!” Li Yiming yelled.

Qing Linglong, who was happy at first when she saw Li Yiming, became increasingly worried as she saw him approach Sai Gao. Knowing full well what Li Yiming wanted from her, she sighed and threw him a bag of medical supplies.

Not minding Qing Linglong’s conflicted expression, Li Yiming took out a couple of vials and put them to Sai Gao’s mouth.

“Are you sure about this?” Sai Gao asked, warmed up by Li Yiming’s gesture.

“Drink!” Li Yiming shoved the vial into Sai Gao’s mouth and emptied it at once.

“Don’t tell me you’ve decided to save him?” Yun Yiyuan looked on with bewilderment

“I’m not going to watch my friend die,” Li Yiming answered back.

“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Yun Yiyuan laughed.

“I’m saving a friend, what else?” Li Yiming turned around, irritated by Yun Yiyuan’s questioning.

“How ignorant can you be? Have you thought about your other friends, then? Those over there?” Yun Yiyuan pointed in Big Beard’s direction with a grin on his face.

“What?” Li Yiming finally realized that something was wrong. In his hurry, he had only seen Liu Meng’s outburst, but had not considered the reason behind the inaction of his team.

“Yiming…” Liu Meng landed right next to him.

“What happened?” Li Yiming picked up Sai Gao and looked at Liu Meng.

“This domain…” Liu Meng took a deep breath and explained. Yun Yiyuan eagerly waited to witness Li Yiming’s despair after learning the truth.

“What will he choose?” Stargaze could not help but ask as she turned to look at Li Huaibei, only to find that he had already put his sword away and sat down on the ground.

“What is it?” Stargaze asked while Li Huaibei continued to meditate.

“He won’t choose,” Li Huaibei answered and closed his eyes.

As Liu Meng finished her story, Li Yiming looked at Sai Gao with a grave expression.

“Thank you,” Li Yiming stared at Sai Gao’s eyes and said earnestly.

“You can let me go now…” Sai Gao sighed and smiled. Being able to witness Li Yiming and Liu Meng fight for his sake was more than enough for a dying wish.

“I told you that I’m not going to watch you die.” Li Yiming said with determination. He had already made up his mind after learning that Sai Gao had decided to sacrifice himself so that Liu Meng could live.

“Are you crazy?” Yun Yiyuan suddenly screamed out. “You’re going to doom us all just to save him?”

“I’m not going to let my friends die for my sake. If I have to face Heaven’s Punishment, then so be it. It’s not going to be the first time.” Li Yiming looked at Yun Yiyuan and stated.

“You…” Sai Gao sobbed, moved by Li Yiming’s declaration.

Yun Yiyuan seemed dumbfounded. When he stared into the golden light that shone within Li Yiming’s eyes, he could read the latter’s sincerity.


Big Beard’s mecha landed right next to Li Yiming, his actions making his intentions evident. Qing Linglong exchanged a glance with Eyeglasses, both smiled at each other and hopped off the mecha, preparing themselves for the fight.

“You’re crazy… All of you, crazy!” Yun Yiyuan cursed and turned his head, only to see that both Li Huaibei and Stargaze were nowhere to be found.

“You can defy Heaven’s Laws on your own, but he must die!” Yun Yiyuan roared in anger and thrust his spear at Sai Gao.

Li Yiming jumped up and met Yun Yiyuan’s spear with his own sword.


Li Yiming bounced back toward Liu Meng after parrying Yun Yiyuan’s blow. When he was sure that Sai Gao was well protected by Liu Meng, he clasped his fingers around the hilt of his oversized sword and charged at Yun Yiyuan.


Another deafening noise, and Yun Yiyuan’s flurry of attack stopped.

‘What incredible strength…’ Yun Yiyuan thought.

Li Yiming spun around after his blow and delivered a second, even more powerful one.

Yun Yiyuan could only feel terror at the relentless whirlwind Li Yiming unleashed upon him, which was a technique the latter had learned back on the Island of Eternity. The successive attacks immobilized him, leaving him with no other options than to block the attacks and hope for an opening to deliver a deadly counter.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

As Li Yiming’s sword clashed with his spear for the thirty-seventh time, Yun Yiyuan finally abandoned hopes of a counter and instead retreated back.

“Yun Yiyuan lost in a front-up clash…” Stargaze could not believe her eyes.

“Li Yiming’s not level seven yet, but Yun Yiyuan’s not in his best shape either. More importantly, that sword of his…" Being a master of the way of the sword himself, Li Huaibei had to put his weapon away as he could feel the spirit of his own blade tremble in terror.

“You’re really going to protect him?” Yun Yiyuan looked at Li Yiming in rage, humiliated at having to back away from a clash yet again.

Li Yiming held his sword up, bloodlust gradually filling his mind as the thrill of combat overtook his judgment.


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