Sundering Nature
Chapter 30 - Bug vs. Cheating
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 30 - Bug vs. Cheating

Li Yiming dragged himself back to his nexus with excitement clearly showing on his face. It did not take long before the magical spring of the nexus restored him to full strength.

‘Did I just use a tower as my weapon? Is that some kind of bug?’ For the first time, Li Yiming had full confidence in his abilities to defeat any enemy that happened to cross his path.

‘Too bad I can’t maintain it for long.’ The metal orb appeared in Li Yiming’s palm again, and just as the thought of it flashed in his mind, it transformed into the giant stone statue.

Li Yiming closed his eyes to estimate how much energy it took for him to maintain the giant tower. To his surprise, he realized that as long as he stood in the spring water, he would not feel drained of his energy. ‘Wait a second, can I improve this with mana items?’

Li Yiming hesitated for a second, but then decided that he had very little to lose, since he could always abuse the system for even more gold. He then equipped himself up with six mana-recovering items and rushed toward the outside of the base. On his way, he ran past Shao Xian, who was just about to discuss their strategy with him.

‘Is he… serious?’ Shao Xian’e eyes widened as she saw Li Yiming run by with six mana-recovery items.

“I’ve found a way to deal with them!” Li Yiming waved at his friends and quickly made for the frontline.

Li Yiming came back to his tower at the middle lane, just in time to face a fresh wave of enemy minions. He put down the tower he created right next to the one that was already there, and the combined firepower of the two towers made quick work of all the enemy minions.

‘It works!’ Although it took a toll on him, Li Yiming knew that with his current items, he would be able to sustain it for much longer than before. He rushed toward, accompanied by his own minions.

The five monkeys watched Li Yiming with perplexity in their eyes. Li Yiming had a cold smile as he summoned his own tower in the range of the enemy’s tower, and it was not long before the two towers started to bombard each other.

The monkeys were so thrown off by the unprecedented move that they simply stood still, completely forgetting to attack him. However, the progress was too slow for Li Yiming’s liking.

‘Wait. Can I make two towers?’ Li Yiming decided to try something audacious. He put his hand on his tower, and concentrated on splitting the metal orb into two.

With a deafening noise, another tower emerged right beside him.

‘No way...’ Li Yiming could barely contain his excitement.

The monkeys, having realized that waiting would only make Li Yiming stronger, decided to take action. They all left a clone behind and rushed toward Li Yiming.

‘Got you!’ Li Yiming smiled and dropped down yet another tower.

Just as the familiar whistling of a staff was heard once again, Li Yiming touched the hourglass at his belt. The monkeys were now exposed under the firing of three towers while Li Yiming himself was immune from taking damage.

“Li Yiming has slain an enemy.”

“Li Yiming has slain an enemy. Double kill!”

“Li Yiming has slain an enemy. Triple kill!”

“Li Yiming has slain an enemy. Quadra kill!”

“Li Yiming has slain an enemy. Penta kill!”


Li Yiming’s friends were all shocked beyond belief at hearing the announcer. Especially Shao Xian, who knew enough about the game to question Li Yiming’s judgment in the items he bought, but had her eyes wide open at the latter’s unanticipated success.

“Li Yiming has destroyed an enemy tower!”

“Li Yiming has destroyed an enemy tower!”

“Li Yiming has destroyed an enemy inhibitor!”

“Li Yiming has destroyed the enemy nexus! Victory!”

As a loud crack that resounded in the entire valley was heard, Li Yiming found himself teleported back to the beach where he first set foot on the island. His four friends were all looking at him with curiosity and bewilderment.

“How did you…” Shao Xian was the first to ask. She still could not believe what had just happened.

“Now’s not the time.” Li Yiming was interrupted by Yu Runkai, who looked ahead with a grim expression. “Mr. Kong” was waiting for them, dressed in a tuxedo.

“The seal has been broken…” Fang Shui’er, who had the habit to check her talent each time they were teleported to a new place, reminded the rest of the group that the real fight was about to start.

“What am I supposed to think of this? You’re not playing by the rules…” the Mr. Kong look-alike said.

“I think we need to talk.” Li Yiming knew that the man standing in front of him had the truth he sought. This was the reason why he decided to risk it all and get his hands on the golden wok cap.

“Talk?” The man in front of him seemed to hesitate.

“Yes.” Li Yiming said with a smile. He knew that he was getting closer to his goal.

“Behind you!” The man’s countenance suddenly changed and yelled out.

“Behind?” Li Yiming’s surprise was cut short by a numbing pain in the back. He spat out a mouthful of blood and was thrown into the sea. Li Yiming turned back in rage, only to see Yu Runkai retract his hand with a stare devoid of emotion.

“Are you crazy?” Fang Shui’er screamed in anger and jumped back. Her armor covered her body and she pulled back her bowstring.

Li Yiming stared back at Yu Runkai with ice-cold eyes. He knew that Yu Runkai showed animosity and was always careful around him, but he did not think that the latter would choose to strike at such a moment.

As Li Yiming fell into the sea, he took out the small metallic orb he had which he now knew contained incredible power. However, before he could turn the orb into a weapon, the ocean surface suddenly ruptured. A hand made of ice appeared from the depths of the sea and grabbed Li Yiming’s ankle.

‘An ambush?’ Li Yiming could sense something coming at him beneath the water surface.

Another hand appeared and hit Li Yiming in the chest before he could react.

Li Yiming spat out another mouthful of blood. The pain he had suffered from the strike was much more intense than the one he received from Yu Runkai. While Li Yiming was at most lightly injured by Yu Runkai’s attack and used the opportunity to create some distance between the two, he was grievously injured just now.

The two hands made of ice melted instantly and Li Yiming quickly escaped to the beach.

“You’ve improved…” A cruel voice was heard as a man slowly emerged from the water.

“You? How are you still alive?” Li Yiming’s eyes widened in terror.

“Are you disappointed?” The man smiled in contempt.

“But Heaven’s Punishment…”

“Heaven’s Punishment? Let’s see how it’ll help you this time.” The man said, and the ocean surface quickly turned into an expanse of ice.

Bing Shuai was back for his revenge...


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