Sundering Nature
Chapter 26 - Balance Disrupter
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Sundering Nature
Author :Teacher Clear River
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Chapter 26 - Balance Disrupter

Li Yiming returned to the river as Fang Shui’er looked on, confused.

‘So why don’t I have any special abilities?’ Li Yiming was familiar with the game, but knowledge alone was not enough for him to beat the enemies he was facing.

‘Wait a second, equipment?’ Li Yiming suddenly remembered the crystal bow Fang Shui’er held. He distinctly remembered that Fang Shui’er had picked up a wooden bow at the start of the game.

Li Yiming had figured out a way to become stronger. He remembered that he could defeat minions and monsters to obtain gold, which he could then use to purchase items from the weapons shop near his nexus.

‘If it’s only gold I need…’ Li Yiming turned his bloodthirsty eyes toward a cave in the middle of the forest. His knowledge of the game proved to be useful, allowing him to recall the location of three wolves that he could slay to obtain some precious in-game currency.

‘I’ll start with you…’ Li Yiming walked toward the cave with a sinister smile.

Li Yiming spotted the wolves right away as he entered the cavern. One of them was nearly as big as a buffalo, while the two other ones were around the size of an adult pig. All three stared at the intruder viciously and attacked as soon as Li Yiming charged at them with his sword.

Li Yiming smiled with the confidence of a sage as he thrust his sword toward the throat of the biggest wolf. ‘I can’t beat Wukong, but if you think that I’ll have trouble handling a few animals…’


A metallic clink was heard as Li Yiming’s sword bounced back against the fur of the wolf.

‘What? This hard?’ His attack had produced nothing but a tiny white mark on wolf’s pelt.

The three wolves had already surrounded Li Yiming, preventing him from repositioning himself. Li Yiming moved to the side and dodged the jaw of the first animal, but the claws of the second wolf were already aimed at him.

‘Shit! They know how to cooperate?’ Li Yiming ducked and rolled on the ground, barely dodging the attack after losing a few strands of hair.

‘These monsters are just as scary as the monkey!’ Li Yiming could no longer afford to underestimate the wolves as they proved to be much more troublesome than he had expected.

‘I need to run.’ Li Yiming decided with shame. He found it to be utterly embarrassing to run away from mere wolves as a sage.

‘Who would have thought that just some wild animals...’ Li Yiming thought as he bolted toward the exit of the cave. However, the giant wolf suddenly rammed Li Yiming’s back, causing him to fall down.

“Awooooo!” The hungry wolves surrounded Li Yiming, ready to feast on him.

“Li Yiming has been executed!” The robotic voice was heard once again. Li Yiming was speechless as he looked at the world turn black and white.

“Are you sure that you didn’t get the wrong guy?” Yu Runkai looked at Fang Shui’er as he used his wine barrel to send a minion flying.

“That’s exactly what I thought when I met him for the first time.” Fang Shui’er shot out a volley of arrows, pushing back the two monkeys facing them.

“Executed?” Chen Quan scanned the area around himself, worried about a sudden ambush, and further retreated toward his tower.

Shao Xian slipped through the lines of minions elegantly, pointed ahead of her with her magical wand and shooting out a beam of light. A monkey full of fire revealed itself as it was caught by the attack, immobilized by two rings of light.

Shao Xian retreated swiftly as the monkey struggled to free itself, and with another movement of the wand, she created an explosion of light right where the monkey stood.

As the flaming monkey retreated back to its tower, evidently hurt by the attack, Shao Xian continued her retreat. She threw her wand out, and it flew back to her like a boomerang, creating a semi-transparent barrier around herself.

Suddenly, a green staff appeared, smashing against the barrier. Just before the barrier shattered, Shao Xian was able to return to the protection of her tower. The monkey continued to taunt Shao Xian outside of her tower’s range, hoping to lure her out. Shao Xian, who knew far better, looked back at her nexus worriedly.

Color finally returned to Li Yiming’s eyes as he reappeared next to his nexus.

‘Alright, this isn’t the worst, I can always come back!’ Li Yiming tried to cheer himself up, but could only feel discouraged after staring at his broken sword. He looked at his wristband, which showed him the amount of gold he had: 298.

Li Yiming wanted to try his luck at the shop, but as he had expected, the amount of money he had was not even enough to buy the lowest-tier weapon. He looked at his damaged sword in frustration. Although items could not be broken in the game, things were vastly different in a domain.

‘Why don’t you try extracting it?’ Bai Ze reminded Li Yiming of an ability he had not used in a long time.

‘Of course!’ Li Yiming’s eyes lit up and he focused his attention on his weapon.

However, as he attempted to examine the interior of his weapon, a protective barrier around the rune inside of the sword prevented him from extracting it.

‘It’s not working...’ Li Yiming’s eyes became downcast once again.

‘I can’t do anything… Not even slay a bunch of normal monsters… What am I supposed to do? Go out there and suicide?’ Li Yiming pinched at the blade of his sword, only to realize that his sword could break at any moment at its current state.

‘No talent, no character skills, even my own strength is limited. And now, my weapon’s going to break. Do I have to smash my enemies with this metal ball?’ Li Yiming suddenly remembered the small metallic sphere he received right at the end of the previous domain that could change shape. Although he could use the item as a weapon, it probably would not take very long before Li Yiming tired himself out trying to maintain the shape of the orb.

“Huh?” Just as Li Yiming was flustered at the impasse he was facing, the metal orb suddenly reshaped itself into a grey replica of Li Yiming’s sword.

Li Yiming examined the item closely. ‘Are you serious, it’s the exact same!’

Li Yiming scratched his head and thought about selling his sword.

“Item sold, 180 gold obtained.” The robotic voice was heard as the sword disappeared from Li Yiming’s hand.

‘So selling works just fine… but what about selling that copy?’ Li Yiming just had an audacious idea; if he was somehow able to sell the “copied” sword, it would prove to be of great use.

‘Well, no risk, no gain.’ Li Yiming decided to give it a try.

“Item sold, 180 gold obtained.” Li Yiming confirmed his new balance.

‘What if I tried to get it back?’

At the thought of it, the metal sphere reappeared in Li Yiming’s hand.

‘Transform!’ Li Yiming focused on the metallic ball, changing it into his sword once again.

Li Yiming examined the sword with his senses once again, but, unlike before, he found the weapon to be a hollow husk instead.

Li Yiming looked at the shop and bought another cheap sword.

“Item purchased, 450 gold deducted” A brand-new sword appeared in Li Yiming’s hand.

“Item refunded, 450 gold obtained.” Li Yiming was aware of the refund function in the case where the player makes a mistake while purchasing.


“Item sold, 180 gold obtained.” Li Yiming’s eyes grew red as he saw his balance increase to 838. He yelled in excitement and kissed the metallic orb as soon as it reappeared.

As the combat within the valley raged on, with beasts roaring and Li Yiming’s allies clashing against their enemies, Li Yiming continued his “shopping”. When he re-entered the battlefield, he had the best equipment could possibly afford with money. A full set of armor, two swords, and even a magical item. If it was not for the limitation that he could only buy six items, he would have emptied the entire shop.

‘Tremble before me, monkey!’
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