Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
93 Different systems of medicine Part 1
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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93 Different systems of medicine Part 1

He decided everything for himself, having met with imaginary shoulders, uncertainty, Dara boldly headed for the mountain valley.

He was already waiting ...

... well, merchant ... do you have a weapon? asked a tall highlander dressed in a cloak of snow goat fur, belted with a belt on which a small bronze sword and a dagger hung, behind his back hung a bow and quiver with twenty or so arrows. His face was tanned. It betrayed in him an Indo-European and not a representative of the Turkic-speaking tribes.

At that moment, Dara was thinking frantically what kind of people they were? Who are they? Obviously not the Mongoloids, but also not the Türks, not the Huns, not the northern Chinese tribes? Ahh ... this is the first century of our era ... the Turks have not come yet, the Ephtalites - the white Huns came only in the second century of our era ... who is it? Obviously not Greeks ... and not Macedonians, remnants of the garrisons of Macedon ...

.... ahh, I think I get it ...

... are Iranian-speaking tribes ... Sakki? Sarmatians?

... no ... but maybe ... yes, I'm sure these are Sogdians ...

Well, it seems to have carried ... then there are general topics for discussion ...

"Yes, I have weapons; how else would I have passed thousands?" said confidently to Dara.

Is it tysch? You look at you, like our relative, but you say that thousands have passed? Are you from Eastern Han? Is your emperor Liu Xiu? the highlander's face immediately became tense ...
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"oh, damn it ... but I thought that the Sogdians had good relations with the Chinese ... I read in historical chronicles, damn it ... they didn't add something to these chronicles ..." Dara thought in dismay.

It's necessary to somehow get out ...

... "no respected, we have a settlement of Sogdians, near Kocho (Gaochan), our ancestors came there from the mountains of the White Deer, which is located in the Fiery Desert, near the mountains of Light ...

"Ancestors came a hundred years ago and founded their settlement there, merchants, merchants, warriors."

"After they bought the land from the local prince, they stayed there ... from our lands, the status of a city-state under the protectorate of the Western Han Dynasty."

"We pay them protection tax before it was 140 grams of gold people, growing in three months (28 grams per 1000 people), but now even the gold of faith is not enough ... therefore we pay 5 Ferghana horses per year or 15,000 sheep that we trade arrowheads and food from the Huns. " With a clever look, Dara said smugly.

Wow, so your kind and city, so rich? Where did you get the medicine? are there alchemists? Highlander asked with interest.

"Yes, in our family, there are alchemists from the Boss and Western Han empires, they owe us ..."

What medicines, what level do they do? Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Jade or Heavenly?

"What an ass ... what kind of levels are these, I read something about Taoists, something about Chan Buddhism, but I don't remember a damn about these levels ... it's something about the levels of cultivation ..." . Thought otachodeno Dara.

"Oh, oh, I didn't read modern Chinese novels, hell knows what the levels are ... but if you assume that heaven is the coolest, then the rest is easier ...".

"No, we have a different gradation!" Insolently said, Dara.

"We use the knowledge of our ancestors ..." damn, we have a different standard ... for sure, take Tibetan or Persian, even Persian is better ...

What is he like? - Highlander asked with interest.

"The first level that cures ...

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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》