Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
82 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 22
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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82 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 22

And if you go back to the old maps, I looked at one such 16th century. The Arab map of Small-An, there was the name But the two names that attracted my attention most were "Sammakun" and "Fustukun-Dubbun." The location is "Fishermen" and "Pistachio" mountains ... but where can I find Pistachio Bear?

This was not on the map ... on other European maps there was not even the slightest hint of this "Bear Pistachio", nor geographical names, nor village names ...

What to do? It is in the same and the clue to the treasure? !!! I turned to our place names, geographers, historians, archaeologists ... no, they could not help with anything, they just looked at me with square eyes.

Well, I thought, probably this is a false trail. But somehow I was at a conference in Big An, there one specialist who was fond of cave paintings, remarked to me: "maybe there are cave paintings with bears in those mountains"? "I myself have never found a composition of rock paintings in general in the mountains," "but who knows, maybe they still exist" ?!

"Seek and convert!" "As you find, do not forget to tell me, here is my phone number, send a message and a photo via Telegram if we write and publish the joint publication in Germany with you!"

But the idea ?! Maybe the landmark was - Between the Fishermen and Pistachkov mountains, and there is some kind of field with bears?

The truth is not clear why it was necessary to give so many landmarks? I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm looking for it!

- "And what's up with that" Sammakun "and" Fustukunn-Dubbun "? He asked, Dara.

And what? And take it all off! I have found something.

As you know, the mountains of Light ...

- "Hey, dear, just do not, now tell me the physical and geographical description of the area, it is tiring!" Said skeptically of Dara.

- "If necessary, I'll look at the topographic map or Google Map."

- "no need for extra information."

- "essentially give"! He said a little evil Dara.

Well, well, that you were not taught at the university, in order to talk about an object, you first need to tell what surrounds it, what are the boundaries, what is there from the orography of the area?

- "Hey, old man, quit, don't drive nonsense, let's get the point!" Dara began to swear.

- "So here I am hanging around with you more than I wanted!"

Well, the point is. Near the Fishermen and Pistachio mountains, there are two caves, one in the shape of a bear and the other called the bear in the 16th century. Because it contained rock paintings of bears and their bones.

I realized that this is a "label", the key!

And he went there with a metal detector and geophysical equipment.

One cave was deep, in the Fishermen Mountains ... 50 meters deep, 20 meters wide and 1.5 km long. And the second in the pistachio mountains, small, 14 meters deep, 5 meters wide and 250 meters long.

I examined the walls and the floor, the ceiling ... I almost curled my leg, did not crash when the cable broke ... but I stayed alive. Escaped with a couple of scratches and bruises.

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So in a cave near Fishermen at a depth of 20 meters I found an old helmet, steel, as well as two copper coins of the 14th century ...

at a distance of 900 meters in the wall there was a clear signal, non-ferrous metal.

Breaking the stagmites, I found a small brass door ... and there was a room behind it ... and in the outside ... nothing ... just dust from the tree. On the floor I found only one silver coin and a golden button without a stone ... the stone was probably a ruby ​​or an emerald. As can be seen on the old frescoes of that period. Sorry! Sorry! But this is already a trace ... that the treasure was here! And someone took it !!!

I examined with geophysical equipment but didn't find anything worthwhile, I was just tired and wasted my time. But what was interesting at the end of the cave was the underground lake and it had an exit to the underground river ... and where it led, I don't even know!

Well, I poured a writing dye into the water to find out, maybe somewhere outside he will show himself ...

And for good, he threw a search magnet into the lake ... he fished out a piece of an iron sword, some kind of iron trash, a pair of forged nails and a horseshoe ... in general, nothing interesting.

When I left the cave for good luck I spent near the entrance and found there three silver coins of the 18th century and two 20 copper 5 kopecks of the second empire. Alas ... I could not find the treasure! But I found one more confirmation that the treasure or part of it could be hidden in a cave!

It was now necessary to check the cave in the pistachio mountains !!!
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》