Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
74 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 14
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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74 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 14

Books. And they also sometimes have hidden treasures. I'm not talking about primitive hiding places carved inside books. And about the books themselves. Their owners, knowing that they would come from the political police in the mid 10-20-30s of the 20th century, hid their securities, cards indicating where they hid their jewelry, last will, notes on what was happening in the books.

The nobles carefully cut off the first page of the "bookend" as well as the "backhand", they fasten the book block with the front and back sides of the binding cover. Then they removed the cardboard and put their documents, card, shares and securities there. And in the spine, on papyrus paper, left their thoughts or notes. They wrote with milk or lemon juice. The naive, aristocrats, although some of them, treated the paper with poisons ... One way or another, this did not help them, none of them came back. What about books? Part of them was taken, part was sold, and the parts were handed over to the public library.

In the period of decline, the collapse of the second empire, smart at hand, collectors simply stole a number of valuable books, as well as the workers of these institutions themselves. They stole valuable copies of books, sold them on the black market, and then changed their citizenship and left for other countries. But this is the dark side of gathering.

And bright, this is when the find happens by chance. Having bought a country book in a second-hand book dealer, individual bibliophiles want to restore a shabby book. They begin to disassemble it and randomly discover, instead of cardboard in the flyleaf and on the back, some papers or topographic maps with some strange marks.

The cards found there ... they are sometimes just with marked crosses or triangles and sometimes with encrypted conventional signs. To find their description, you need to find other books "keys." Which give a hint where to find the main book or geek, where decrypted conventional signs are hidden. In most cases, such a finding of one of the keys is already considered a rarity. And to find the whole chain of books, after 100 or 80 years, is almost impossible. Since both trees and stones, "marks", landmarks have long disappeared, like old houses, and even more so books in public libraries.

Since in view of the change in formats, ideology, social system, books from public libraries throughout Small-An were ripened in the 90-00s. These are tens of millions of publications. So apparently, those books in which the data was decrypted have long been lost.

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But the search engine stupidly just goes to the places marked on the map and there, surprisingly, they find something, coins or buttons. Some people think that this is a cipher indicating the geographical coordinates, while others think that this is the direction in azimuth and the angle of the points. But both are mistaken. This is a fortune-telling on coffee grounds. Most likely, these nobles were just joking. And they hid the money, somewhere close by. To immediately quickly take the money and run away. But they were out of luck.

Sometimes the books themselves are a treasure. Gold coins or precious stones are hidden inside them, inside the binding ... and sometimes it's completely unbelievable, the books themselves, by their uniqueness of publication, circulation, publishing house, already cost $ 1,000-3,000.

In old books of the 1889-1940s, which still remained in public funds, you can sometimes see various entries on the pages of books. In French, Hebrew, German, Arabic. If you don't know these languages, then you won't be able to read anything, much less understand it. But some collectors say that sometimes there is some information about the treasures in these briefs. Well, as a historian, it's hard for me to believe it. Maybe this is another urban legend?

Like idle conjectures, old collectors that in the forged railing of old houses, some spans are made of gold or silver, and then simply thickly painted with black oil paint. Hard to believe ?!

But the story with postage stamps and stamps is not fiction, since foreigners gave the forester for these envelopes - a digital camera, laptop and iPhone. If it did not cost anything, they would not give such things in exchange.

- "Uh, dear, Historian, in Europe - electronics, cheap, the same laptop or camera, maybe they were old, already out of fashion and cost not the full price of a couple thousand dollars. But just a couple of hundred?" Skeptical, said Dara.

Well, brother, a couple of hundred dollars for a tattered mail envelope, that's very good, don't you? Said the historian.

- "Of course it's very Good!" Said Dara.

"In general, it seems to me that if everything is arranged like that, then you don't need to throw away old things, it all costs money" ?! Noticed, Dara.

But, not with us! Officially, you have not sold anything to anyone. For example, I had nickel silver cutlery, on the auction site in the Baltic, they cost $ 250-300. And here in Small-An, I was only offered $ 5! Whereas a set of steel, new only spoons already costs $ 25!

Yes, and for some reason we have many restrictions, toughening, you will not be able to conduct business based on prospecting, without obtaining all permissions, approvals, seals, writing reports, paying taxes every month and at the end of the year. This is so tiring. And you can't even send coins by mail to another country until you receive the assessment of the Small-An Cultural Heritage Center that this coin is not part of the country's cultural heritage. You can sell it to local collectors, but only for 30 percent of the price in the catalog ... and the prices there are 45 percent lower than the auction percentages ... in short, it's not so simple as, for example, in the same Baltic States or Europe ...

A lot of restrictions, until all permissions are received, it will take 5 years.

And of course, this is an exciting lesson to find what was lost, a long time ago.

But by the way, I didn't tell you how I found a couple of interesting gizmos in our many mountains - Pistachkov, Rybny, Sveta, and also the Habitats of the Robbers. What colorful names, toponyms!

And they all have their own meaning and are not just named!
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》