Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
64 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 4
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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64 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 4

See the electronic coin catalog. Prices vary from 20 cents per 1872 coin to $ 55,000 per 1873 coin. What is the difference? So it is in the circulation of coins, the mint that issued these coins, printing errors.

So, rare coins are expensive, and those coins that have a circulation of 14 million or even all 50 million are worth cents.

What do you think, Dara, how many valuable and rare coins can be found on the road?

- "Well, probably, the percentage is not very large"?

You're right! Rare coins for three years of searching on the plain and 7 years in the mountains, I just found about 5! Their price was 5000 dollars, some 1000 dollars. One coin was unique ... and if it were intact, it could bring me a fortune! That is about 100 thousand dollars at the auction! However, during the time that it lay in the damp earth, time did not spare the coin, and even when digging it out, I damaged it a bit, the coin with a shovel. They bought it ... but for only $ 1,752, at the price of the weight of gold ... and hello ... disappointment !!!

So you find more coins, kopeks, pfenings, and already ten kopeks, or larger finds, are more rare. Basically it is bronze, copper, silver. Gold coins in the steppe and mountains in the year can be found several times, only 5-7 coins. If you are lucky enough to find a treasure or loose coins. If suddenly someone in ancient times had a wallet with a hole in the halt and money spilled out.

And so ... more and more a trifle. But it also costs money, and there, with luck, maybe there will be a coin of $ 150, or maybe a cent 3.

Once at a time is not necessary.

- "And what roads, more boogts to catch, plains or mountains?"

Well, you, bro said ?? !!!

Mountain roads, it's hard to actually look at them, you can search for something, you can easily get it. And the highlanders are constantly watching. You found something, dug up coins, then buried. Came the next day and there a big hole was opened. And then the locals begin to visit, asking whether the catch was rich? I have found? Show me a coin? And they say - I definitely saw from that mountain that you found two coins!

And before that mountain was 300 meters? !!!! But they see well! That's what the highlanders are!

So some of my finds supplement the budget of a mountain village, a small tax for finds. Well, you can also understand them, they find coins on their land. Some, said the historian, I presented to the museum of local lore. But then they were stolen ... this often happens in museums in the countryside. Well, okay, something remained in the museum ... and then, okay.

But treasure hunting is just a hobby for me. And there are those who earn their living from this.

Personally, I get half a year to get coins and other scrap metal for 28-34 thousand dollars as lucky, in other years I can only earn 3,000 dollars. It all depends on luck.

Sometimes you can find an old blade and earn 5-6 hundred dollars on it, sometimes find an old jug of copper and earn $ 4000. And sometimes the coins of 1954 and immediately get 7800 dollars! This is how lucky!

_ "Well, how is the search process itself"? He asked, Dara.

And so. In the morning you get up, drink tea, eat Herculean porridge with grated apples and a tortilla, eat two tablespoons of honey with nuts, dry raisins and apricot with wax inside. You drink two glasses of black tea with crystal sugar.

This is to ensure that the forces were up to 2 days. Then you pack up your backpack. You put in it, obento, and there horsemeat sausage, dry fruits, and kurt, this is such a local cheese. Cottage cheese with salt and black pepper. You'll take a good dozen, they are round like dragees. Delicious. Do not forget to take water - 5 liters is enough. Plus a first-aid kit and there are serums from snake bites - cobra, steppe viper, karakurt of such a poisonous spider (but this is only in late winter - in spring, summer and autumn). In winter, you don't need to take anything from them.

Walkie-talkie. Cell phone, not really needed, bad connection. But the radio itself is 300 km away, but you need to register it with the Ministry of Communications and pay a fee of $ 1,500 each year. And so in everything else - beauty!

Quadrocopter with high-resolution cameras, laptop fields, sapper shovel, search magnet for detecting objects underwater, search coil, multifunctional soil metal detector, pinpointer. Batteries, and of the body camera, in principle, if you have money, you can take an active action camera. If you are leading your YouTube channel for example ?!

- "What is the point of maintaining your channel"? asked Dara.

Well, advertising, money, 400 dollars a month, sponsorship, and you need to be in sight to show your activity ...

- "aaaaa"? !!!
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Well, I'll go into the intricacies of types and their choice, and types of metal detectors, I will not, said the historian. Now everyone has androids and iPhones, and there's the Internet, you can find it yourself, everything you need ... said, a historian.

- "Well, ash stump (local saying) - now nobody explains, everyone gives a link to the Internet," grunted, Dara to himself.

Then I jump on my old 1956 jeep and off.

I arrive at the place, deserve my updated map, take the navigator and go to the desired point. From now on I begin my search, I am walking along a road, an ancient road. And looking from her one wayby 10 meters if on the plain, but if in the mountains then by a meter in one direction and if suddenly it doesn't work out, there's already a cliff ... on the plain and 10-12 meters in the other direction

It takes 300-500 meters to find something. This is usually the garbage of a past life on the plain. Stakes for paddles, bottle caps, old sleeves, some bolts, nails, sockets, coins of the second empire, sometimes fresh coins of our Small-An, sometimes Euro cents or Russian rubles from the 90-00s. Sometimes come across royal coins of 1840-1915. Copper and silver. Buttons of military units, 19th century.

In three hours I walk 400 meters. Having left in the search field at 6 a.m. at 9 a.m., I am already tired, but happy if there are finds. I look at the coins quickly, then I will already check their price in the catalog. But before dinner, 2 o'clock in the afternoon I still have time. I am looking further ... rarely when you can find gold coins. But there is no need to talk about treasures. They probably are on the plain, but it's so easy to not immediately find them.

Previously, for example, trees grew on the plain or stones were located that the last glacier brought in during the Holocene, buried their treasures near them ... and then in the 50-60s many lands were plowed on the plain, stones and trees were uprooted .. In those times, the second empire wanted to overtake and overtake the United States ... of course nothing happened ...

... and now there are no such marks, and horseradish you will find such a treasure in the steppe on the plain. If only you are lucky!
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》