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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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42 Second chance

Mergen was experiencing not the best of times. A long time ago, when he was an adviser, an expert who entered into a powerful Olympus, he acted according to his conscience. And not how he was whispered by his inner voice "an employee of the apparatus, an employee of the system, the cog of a huge mechanism of power of the clan world." While he followed the format, he had a chance to become a significant person in the social world. There were every chance. He quickly climbed the career ladder, every year he traveled abroad for business trips. He was supposed to be a deputy deputy director and in six months and a director!. Car with a personal chauffeur. a good salary of 10,000 dollars a month. He was an enviable bridegroom.

He became an adviser unexpectedly. After he was invited to give an expert assessment. Mergen knew that almost nothing depends on his opinion whether the project will pass or not. Mergen also knew that the clan promoted him, and he made him an adviser. Mergen guessed that the project was important to the clan and had powerful lobbyists.. Big people, big clans ... and not only in Small An, but also of one western empire ...

On the scales of his soul were national interests and his personal. If he had only given his approval, the mechanism would have turned further ... and if he had not, then this decision would be returned to the narrow, purely bureaucratic procedure.

The project was crude, financially expensive, put Small An in a subordinate position, the Western empire received a powerful lever of pressure on the country.

Mergen did not want this. So he made a decision ...

He was summoned for discussion, there were key players ... Mergen voiced his concerns and said that it was better to abandon the project. Suddenly, he was supported by one of the patriarchs of the 5 most influential clans in Small An.

The project was wrapped ... it did not work ... someone was very disappointed, angry, indignant ... but Mergen will find out about this later.

A month later, Mergen was dismissed from the advisers ... after two, he was no longer the most enviable groom in Small An, after three he was included in the black clan list. After four he was denied the position of deputy director. Five months later he was fired from a prestigious research center. All his applications for new jobs were rejected. After seven months, his neighbors stopped talking to him. A year later, when they met him on the street, they lowered their eyes to the asphalt and crossed to the other side of the street.

After a year and a half, an echo was heard on his mobile phone. After a year and seven months, all his mail services and social networks were hacked.

Two years later, powerful guys from the pressure groups of clans began to visit him, during the year they came 352 days. This went on for 16 years.

All of his friends and acquaintances were recruited; those who did not want to betray him were forced to go to other countries.

When Mergen wanted to leave Small An himself, he was not allowed to leave for some reason.. He became restricted to leave. For some reason, all his finances in the banks froze ...

He was followed on the street, there was listening equipment in the apartment.

The invitations for the work that were sent to him from the USA, Canada and Australia never reached him, Mergen did not even know about them at all ...

Invitations to the conference came to him after the deadline. There were figures on post stamps that the letter arrived three months ago and Mergen received it only in the fifth month.

The letters sent to them did not reach the addressee.

He has become a complete outcast! Outside of society ... for 16 years, pressure groups of the clan pressed it almost every day!

It was an exemplary flogging, for all those who decided to make an independent decision against the will of the clans.

Formats have changed ... in the blacklist of the ban on work, Mergen remained, but the observation and wiretapping was removed from it.

Mergen with difficulty could not get a job in his specialty ... there was simply no other work ... All his projects were taken away by clans ... He could only get a job as a laboratory assistant. Although a couple of years ago, he was a middle manager in a prestigious research center. For 14 years he has lost his qualifications, ambitions, interest in life.

Mergen was 55 years old!

One night, his blood pressure jumped ... 225 to 155 ... and Mergen turned off ...


Mergen woke up in the morning! He was again 28 years old! A week later he was to become the deputy director of science.

Tomorrow, that is, already this morning, he should have been invited to give an expert assessment to the project ...

He can choose a different fate! He can become cool, powerful, rich, respected! He will have a family, children, grandchildren, the respect of others! And the soul? Oh ny can not think!

In addition, the project still later appeared on the horizon. That old man, the patriarch, who supported him in order not to miss the project, suddenly died after that. Literally a year later ... and could still live and live ...

Yes, and Small Anhn, five years later, he abruptly changed course and went towards rapprochement with the western empire, soon becoming its new colony ... So the victim, Mergen, was not assessed by anyone except his inner conscience. He received blows of fate and poverty for his decision, becoming lonely and outcast. So was it worth refusing a full and rich life just because of national interests?

Mergen decided this time to act differently, according to his inner voice of reason, he drowned out his heart and inner conscience. Speaking to them, here he is Mergen acted according to his conscience, and he was made an outcast! What did he get from his principles? Nothing but poverty! And now there is a second chance to fix it! Need to try! What are we losing?

Morning has come. Mergen approved the project. Two months later he became director. He was immediately given three cars with personal chauffeurs. The house is three storey. Salary he began to receive 25,000 dollars a month. A year later, he married the daughter of an influential clan boss. He ate deliciously, everyone respected him, greeted him with wide and joyful smiles. He traveled abroad five times a year with his family. He got kids, three. Then grandchildren. He arranged everything, married, married, to clan offspring. All his children and grandchildren had cars, at home, a good job. Small An has become a well-established new colony, all of its resources belonged to the Western Empire ... new formats came ... clans flourished and ordinary people did not ... they had small wages and taxes and tariffs were high. Those who did not sell to the clans lived in poverty.

Mergen was pretty smiling sitting in the sun near the sea and was happy about the choice made right this time!


Not! Well, never ever! Sell yor self to ​​clans? Western empire? New colony? Yes, they go forest and far! Not! I do not agree! This is not worth it ... Mergen thought ... why I dream about some sort of slime ... It's all from the crafty whom beaten with stones!

The richness bought at the expense of the peace of mind is not worth it! Whether poverty, poverty, but you will not burn in fire, you will not roast in a frying pan.

I made the right decision. And the family? If it is bought in this way, the person himself as a person did not take place. He did not fulfill the main task, his life, to check whether he became a man? Does he show humanism?

Oh, what just do not dream?! It was not necessary to eat meat with rice in the evening, after 7 pm. This is a violation of the Healthy Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle!

Tomorrow you need to drink gipomerts, walk 7 kilometers on foot, get some fresh air! It is not necessary to despond as Shol Nokhumovich Rabinovich spoke or the writer Scholom Alleykhum.

Life is a uniquely complex and not simple thing, it is difficult to live adequately, but you need to be called the best title - a human!

Independent country, is better! Down with colnialism! On ne passe pas! ! We ourselves will be able to create something of our own, reach new frontiers, develop the economy, culture, science and technology.

A weak man of spirit! But as the Persians say, the more the human soul receives blows, the sweeter it becomes, the more you beat a porcupine, the thicker it becomes. That person's soul becomes better, stronger!

So the let clans go through the forest, together with the imperialists ... Life in the near life is not sugar, but this is not a reason to become a loser in the future!


Mergen realized that it was stupid to regret the past ... What you have, you have to be grateful for it. What managed to remain a man. Well, everything else from the evil one.

We must be content with less, as his friend did, he said - thanks for what we have and thanks for what we don't have.

Now that Mergen survived the ups and downs of the fall, he did not pursue the success that the clans gave him, he understood how the world works. Therefore, the manipulation of consciousness and its hidden clan control did not inspire confidence. He said often and these clans go forest.

The life of an ordinary person is better ...

Sometimes he noticed that the clans were bad fishermen ... then he mentioned the book of Mitchell Wilson. "Live with lightning." He laughed ....

And his eyes were so calm, a real fisherman ...
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》