Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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The fictional country Small AN ... you can write such a world ... the most difficult thing for an author is to write a nonexistent, fantastic world so that the reader can see it with his own eyes ... BUT THIS WORLD DOES NOT EXIST!

For example, in order to develop new directions in science, in order to come out later on commercialization, you need to apply for funding. Grant system. Justification, relevance, novelty, getting the final, finished product, benefits for people ... extract from the idea of ​​profit.

There are a lot of people, a lot of ideas, development is underway, honest co-tourism is being implemented, new start-ups will appear ... new investment projects. New jobs are being created, scientists are introducing their developments into production. Create their own private laboratories and high-tech companies. The enclosed finance in education and in scientific projects, start to bring money. mastered new methods and technologies. New productions are being created, new products are being produced, new market niches are being mastered, and goods are slowly entering the external, world market. Science and production begins to receive foreign recognition and foreign currency.

Earned money can be invested in getting a good education, learn new methods and technologies, implement them in a new project. Based on the experience gained, it is possible to create new scientific and educational areas.

ON CONDITION and that the competition when submitting applications will be fair. And if not? That grant funding will receive the "one" friend, the clan. Since the money is not very much in the funds for projects. therefore, those who distribute funds can give money to "their" acquaintances. And not to the project that is of interest for the development of science and technology.

And without money, what will you do?

Sometimes even the topic of new projects is relevant, financial resources are allocated for it, you need to report for them ... but for some reason, are these topics being reduced?

In general, such garbage ... and how can we develop science? There is a fund to finance new scientific works, monographs, textbooks ... when the new work is ready, there is no money anymore. And the scientists themselves, pay their money to publish their textbooks or not to publish ... but just to go to another country and do real science there or work as an electrician at a construction site, wash floors ... well, as lucky as anyone ...

These are those who have recently been a designer and built satellites and airplanes ... now having lost their qualifications, he can only wash the floors ... whereas ... if ... if only ... there were funding for significant projects, then there would be their companions.

And so 40 years have passed ... and of all the high-tech industry with more than 7,000 people, there are only 20 people left in the Small AN ... and then some are already retired ... and others have been disappointed in science ... since the last 15 years on their subject scientific organizations were closed ... and they did not work on specialization ...

Clans with connivance can easily destroy the economy, reduce GDP by 10 times and, if desired, 100 times ...

And so it looks like spending on science and education is big ... but in reality ... everything is completely different? It is like with the modernization of the utility system, pipes, new technologies, new equipment, new electrical networks and transformers. It seems that they were, during the last 30 years ... it seems to be talking about this every year, raising tariffs by 25-39 percent every year, 2-3-4 times. And there is no modernization as such, in part unless ... 30-40% ....

Installation of a resources consumption metering system. turns into a tragedy for the user.

Consumers need to pay tariffs, you need to pay for the purchase of a device for the accounting of consumed resources (it costs from 40 to 70 dollars per unit). You need to pay for checking the device, every 3 years ...

So the accounting system of this data is far from transparent. Not every day you can enter a payment for them, as the computer often breaks down and the computer program starts to fail. So also the of these organizations go and sometimes make mistakes when writing data from these devices in analog form on paper ... Then fines for non-existent debts come. This is a silent horror!

They can't set up a payment and accounting system for 30 years ... although it seems we can take as an example the work of the same utility service companies in Japan or Germany. Just transfer them to the local soil, taking into account the salaries there in the developed capitalist countries ...

But these seemingly simple problems cannot be solved in any way, this is not the first and second decade.

All the same, the world is a magical, fantastic, simple things that become complicated, and complex things turn into unresolvable ones. But that you want the same non-existent world, pure profonation, the world of which never existed. But if it were, it would be a quiet horror!

Since the consumer would still have to pay, even for the lack of service, for boorish attitude, for stupid limits, for checking, for buying at his own expense gadgets for accounting, for which there were no debts, for raising quotas, for what in the world market oil is growing, for the fact that oil is falling on the world market ... In general, just pay, shut up and say hello to the cat!

It would certainly be a complete ass!

The Klingon Empire ... well, this is another book and it's a very good one, although my former sector chief said that these books were written by a smart computer. And the books were written back in 1965 ... I got 16 volumes from a departing colleague in the United States for permanent residence. We had a chief programmer, a system administrator, and there ... for the first 6 years he worked at a construction site, now he has his own company in New Yor, he has a C ++ programmer living well, his house, three cars. Life is a success! He has achieved his American dream.

Something like this)))
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》