Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
39 Clan business in Small An
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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39 Clan business in Small An

In Small An, it was still good to be in the construction business. There was no master plan yet. Investors could choose any piece of land in the city center and demolish all the houses, both private and multistory. Acting like a yakuza or a sicilian mafia. Evicting residents of houses on the street. Selecting property, paying ridiculous compensation in the amount of 1-2 percent of the real market value of housing. Evicting tenants from the city center to the outskirts, in their own newly built buildings. whose walls cracked, the gas system worked poorly, the roof leaked after the rains. Instead of concrete lay sand on the floor, jammed doors.

On the lands where houses were demolished, investors built new houses in six months, selling them for millions of dollars. You could become rich in a year. A house in the center of the city, bought for almost 2 percent of the market value and sold for 200 percent!

So many clans got rich ... 20 years passed, formats changed, clan influence weakened ... then new clans came ... and demolished houses of old clans, paying them the same 2 percent of market value.

Therefore, doing business in Small An, was a risky business and it was possible to engage in investments only for the short term.

Those who hoped for a calm and sustainable business development for 6-10-20 years, having bitterly paid for their illusions. Their property was nationalized by the clans ... they remained beggars ... respect for private property among the clans in Small An ... was zero!

Therefore, the clans quickly grew rich while there was strength and just as quickly became poorer when the strength left. The most cunning of the clan world quickly made money at home, then they transferred money to offshore, bought themselves new citizenship for $ 100 million somewhere in Europe, bought themselves a ready-made business for $ 300 million, and enjoyed having more 20 billion dollars.

And at home in the meantime, the standard of living fell ...
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》