Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
4 The Shifu and his cunning method of teaching
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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4 The Shifu and his cunning method of teaching

He lived in the city on the border of two civilizations - nomadic and settled, one apprentice, and he had a master of wisdom. Everyone knew him as a man of crystal honesty, great intelligence, tremendous efficiency and a tough, almost despotic character.

At the same time, he was silent and sullen with his acquaintances and cheerful, kind, talkative, responsive for his beloved students. But there were students and not loved ones, he didn't tell them anything, didn't teach anything, they only carried out economic assignments. At nights and until dawn, these students themselves tried to cultivate from books, broken manuscripts, separately heard phrases from the mouth of his mouth tongue, which he told his beloved students.

Some of the unloved students succeeded in making a breakthrough in their comprehension of the path of enlightenment and get an interesting result, however, when they were tired and fell asleep at the morning dawn, their awards came to them. Carefully read their work, and then took away the results and gave to his beloved students ...

Respect for elders, respect for traditions and rituals honoring social status, was higher than justice. And therefore, students who are not close to Shifu , working selflessly, did not receive anything. Over time, after a decade, they realized that they were mistaken ... to work selflessly, if they don't appreciate it, just to waste their strength and health to the wind. Smarter than these students, they didn't try very hard, they just fulfilled the necessary minimum and no more.

Shifu said that the student should take responsibility for the decisions made on his own development, on the choice of methods and techniques to achieve a new level of cultivation of his talent. To be happy you need to cultivate in yourself - a healthy mind, strong muscles and develop creativity! Do not waste time in vain, and improve the level of skill, rising, higher and higher in the development of new knowledge and methods of self-improvement!

Beloved disciples, skillfully flattered ustoza. He is their more appreciated for it and rewarded. Some of them left his school, but successfully advanced in the secular world, of course, did not forget about the teacher.

The teacher in public was extremely attentive to them, joked, smiled warmly, did not show rudeness and ironed a real aristocrat who knew etiquette and good manners.

Shifu, with his talents and ability to work hard, was messy, so he often picked up all sorts of ailments with which he generously shared with his students. But he showed it only in front of his unloved apprentices, who performed the role of his domestic servants.

Unloved disciples saw the reverse of the Shifu. When he was wrong, he never took the blame and responsibility on himself, said:

- it is you, careless and stupid students to blame, everything is dirty and dusty, you yourself are poor and do not know how to live!

The disciples tenderly listened to the words of their teacher, but, turning on their faces, there were bitter smiles. Shifu was like an "alvasti" demon, for the powerful and beloved disciples, he was a good friend, a wise mentor, for ordinary people - powerful and kind, but unloved disciples saw his true nature. After all, it is difficult to hide all the time its core essence, you need to be able and relax.

Unloved disciples thought, perhaps they were an accuser, they thought of us better than of others, because it allows us to see its natural essence, which it does not show to everyone else. He trusts us! However, it is so difficult to live in poverty, to constantly hear screams and swearing, grumbling at the signatum. He reprimands us for everything, for ours and his mistakes, he appropriates our result and gives it to his beloved students, sometimes he starves. Although, of course, you need to recognize his genius and the ability to work hard to comprehend the truth!

The first not beloved student said:

- Is it you, really, strongly bent, that our stig, comprehends the truth ?! He hurries away from her!

- Nevertheless, I admit that he learned a lot, discovered new methods of self-improvement, but he is so two-faced!

To which the second student remarked:

- And all people are two-faced!

The first student answered:

- You're right! However, how offensive it is when your merits are not appreciated and all your efforts go to those who have not worked hard to achieve them!

The second said:

- The world is not perfect! We are guilty when, when they told the master, they told the truth, we did not flatter him like others, but simply worked honestly!

- As can be seen from the actions and not the words of our wickedness, the one who says everything as it is or how he sees, without the shell of a sweet lie, will live like us!

- You need to be able to get along with people, walk in front of the rich and influential, lift the head high and poorly speak before the poor, feed the hardworking with sweet words and make them work like oxen. Then you will be happy, full, dressed in a luxurious bathrobe, ride an expensive horse accompanied by nukers.

- Otherwise, remaining to comprehend the truth, to be equal in relation to all, people regardless of their social status, becoming enlightened, you will only get shouts, little food and many empty promises. And yes, most likely you will die in poverty without knowing a comfortable and full life!

First noticed:

- But what about the truth then?


- And nothing, she will stand on the sidelines. Most people don't care about it. Everyone wants to live well and happily. What do you need most?

The first answered:

- Yes, I strive for the truth. This is a matter of choice. But I realized one thing: words and deeds are two different things. I understood the teacher, he with his behavior like this, wanted to guide us on the enlightened way of knowing ourselves. other world! Search the light, passing through the darkness!

- To survive in the world of people and preserve at the same time, understanding the enlightened path, you need to be more flexible and smarter. Therefore, our eastern flattery is precisely the way to reduce resistance and pressure from people ...

Shify, standing under the window of a cell of apprentices, smiled sweetly, which means his teaching methods were not in vain.
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》