Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
2 Trading trick number 7
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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2 Trading trick number 7

Traders guys are cunning and as they say deceivers. Well, it is understandable that they turn over hundreds of thousands of gold tills and ducats, millions of silver tangas, and tens of millions of copper pools. Here you need to keep ears on top.

All who are weak and do not have a good roof to crush. Whoever has support but also has an interesting trading business that we, merchants, merchants, and people with cunning strategists will like, leave behind with their noses and without their "roof".

But sometimes there are moments in history when time for a moment changes its course and then you need to be able to save face.

Somehow a large merchant clan became interested in a new trade business, which was in a neighboring area of ​​their kindred community. They established good relations there with Kashgar, Agra, Kabul and Tibet. They exchanged goods, made a profit of six hundred percent, agreed with all the principalities, specific properties and robbers who controlled the trade routes. Profit just started to come and this interested the head of the merchant clan. He once invited to his capital the emirate, his relative from the periphery who had just begun a profitable business.

He drank tea, but did not give shurpa food afterwards, even though she was served on dastarkhan, immediately ordered his relative:

"Now you will be my servant, your business goes to me, give all your contacts, business contracts, trading houses and I will let you live with me." And I will give 2 gold a month for living and drinking. And if you will be against this idea, blame yourself!

Relative, was indignant:

- We both come from the same family, our ancestor was a respected aksakal, he was wise and virtuous, famous for good deeds. How can you do that?

- After all, you are his offspring, the same as me?

- Why do you want to humiliate me?

- After all, you and I are engaged in trade, why harm each other?

- I do not understand how such a thing could be?

To which the head of the merchant clan said:

- Why understand?

- You're poorer than me!

- So what, you and I are from the same clan, one family, but now I have my own family and you have nothing to do with me, and our ancestor has already died, and therefore I am in charge.

"Everybody respects me, but few know you in the capital."

- Be a servant with me and you will live well!

- You can not, have no right to be independent, it will violate my plans!

- I am against the fact that in the emirate there were two independent offspring of our ancestor!

- Only I am worthy to represent him!

- I am rich, influential, I have great prospects and you in these plans mean only as my subordinate and servant! For all the grace of the ancestor is not enough!

The relative was surprised and outraged by this attitude, he did not want to be a servant, to give all his business in which he invested all his soul and strength. He stood up, smiled bitterly, and said:

- I'm against! I disagree! I will live my head! And I'm not afraid of your words!

And he left.

Following him came the words:

- Look, you will regret, crawl back on your knees, you will still ask me to take you as a servant! And I'll see if you take it or not!

A large merchant clan has ravaged a smaller kindred, selected the entire matter, exits, connections, all buyers and suppliers. In general, let the world.

Time passed, a year, two, three, ten, twenty years ... and then once in the palace of a merchant, who by that time had also become a nobleman, the following dialogue was heard:

- Relative, have you heard me sick?

- So I will help you! Send to the island uninhabited. We will treat there.

The relative grunted and said nothing and left.

The faithful servant of the grandee Sardor-jon, asked with astonishment of his master:

- Taxi (lord) - Did you really decide to help this beggars?

To which the nobleman replied:

- You, what a fool! Out of sight, out of mind. And not in public view. And what will be there as the cards will fall.


- But why help them then?

- After all, we ourselves brought them to that state. They took away the trading business, froze the flow of finances, poisoned them with dogs, selected any opportunities to get up, start the business again.

- They even watched them, cleaned out all their surroundings, made all their friends and acquaintances their enemies!

- I now do not understand why, now we have to assist them?


- Eh, Sardor-jon you are not too simple. We spread their rot for the fact that they did not want to be our servants, we all showed what would happen if they tried to disobey and try to get away from us.

- It was a clear lesson for everyone and you see, after that no one else dared to express their opinion. We have achieved, well, or almost achieved what we wanted.

- But it seems overdone!

- Now the created legend, began to collapse, and we are to blame for this. The pressure was too great. And the time is not quite right now.

- So in order to preserve the legend, to preserve the appearance of the face, we have to show our reaction before the public and that we are ready to help them.

- But in fact, as you understand it is not. If it were not for the fact that now this problem is out of place, we would be happy to get rid of them all.
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》