Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
1 Trading trick number 8
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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1 Trading trick number 8

At a time when trade routes connected continents and were of global importance, then rules of conduct appeared among the merchants. In particular, the ability to get away from critical issues, to find beautiful solutions that do not require power actions (they were left to the very last case). This was all done in order to be able to trade effectively, not to waste time on leaving the pressure groups of certain influential forces. And there were many of them from different countries and empires.

Therefore, the merchants tried not to be angry, not to push themselves out once more in front of the powerful and in the course it was it!

Flattery, it is pleasant when it is little, and any dish, when it begins to taste bitter and becomes a delicacy, a poison but traders were able to serve this food with special chic and in moderation, so that flattery became exquisite food.

Of course, to say sweet words is so customary for a merchant person and thus avoid problems. It makes no sense to say the obvious, for sweet words can give halvah, but they can give nothing. But it's better than getting it in the neck, for the truth.

Why try for others, nobody will appreciate it anyway, and even if it does, then so what. Living this will not be easier, but rather more difficult.

"The elephant still leads to us" so do wise and cunning people. In Arabian fairy tales or myths of the "Silk Road", "aurchilik" was always appreciated - cunning, strategy, tactics, the ability to decorate things beautifully and without broken noses. Because a big fight inevitably draws attention to itself and as a result, some of them depend on valor, others have a feeling of revenge.

A merchant does not need this! How, then, to conduct business, if everywhere there will be bases, obstacles, intrigues. It hurts commerce, money becomes less, the speed of trade deals is lost! Not to mention the increasing risk factor!

It's easier to agree, retaining the face of everyone and at the same time moderating our pride and also honored deception. Strength is everything. If an influential person comes to the interest of a less status person, then the latter will simply say:

- do not dig so far, it's just my master's will and I'm glad to be his stepping stone to success.

Although of course at this moment they think very differently. But the main thing is not to shine, not to resist, and then, big people will not harm personally ... and maybe they will help with some small problem, but they will furnish it with a lot of help.

A naive and short-sighted person will not keep his true thoughts, somewhere in a secret corner and say, as he feels, thinks ... and he will get a long-playing problem on his very smart head. And this problem will not be a single one, but will be extended to all its activities, from the financial sphere to the social one, and the loss of its former status. With greater probability and appropriation to him by force, the vow of begging. To others it was dispelled, not to follow the rules of ethics and to keep a high profile in front of those people whom you should not insult

There are also moments when the same person, during the day, can show three of his characters at once.

In the morning, call in a disgruntled, cold tone, begin to run down and shout or show complete indifference and say that there is no time to discuss the issue.

In the afternoon call and in an unctuous voice, with aspiration, gently say, if there are any questions, we will solve them within a minute, just tell us.

In the evening, smile broadly, press your right hand to your heart, speak sweet words and then without even walking ten steps away, start weaving intrigues and conspiracies. East pancake.

In the morning, a person does not care about his neighbor, he thinks that the question that they want to discuss with him will take his precious time, and maybe he will have to spend it. And a man like that, no one, social status is small, not cool, there are no necessary contacts, and past merits are no longer appreciated. Therefore, it is easier to politely or not to send.

In the afternoon, important people call the person and say that they themselves want to help the person who called him in the morning. Why they want to help that person is unclear, maybe to raise their image, maybe some other goals, or maybe for an impulse of the soul, although this seems unlikely and so the person who had previously sent, now begins to rush, thinking:

- oh, as I so, goof, sent, the right person turns out to be, you urgently need to make amends for such a school, a ton of flattery and ghostly promises that you don't have to fulfill. And first see how the wind blows.

In the evening, having learned the root cause of the desire to help influential people, to manifest outward flattery and to start putting into practice the instructions received in relation to who needed to resolve the issue. That is, hiding information from him and start taking steps aimed at his deliberate deception.

With the advent of the great geographical discoveries and discoveries of the sea route, the importance of land routes began to weaken and over time the value of the great route from the world gained regional status and he remained so until the middle - the end of the last century.

Nevertheless, even with the loss of status, first global and then regional, local commercial transactions were still carried out and the rule that arose two thousand years ago remained. Of course, they eventually changed, something went into non-existence, something appeared new, but the base remained unchanged. To be able to find a common language with everyone, trying to do without broken noses. This was precisely the number 8 trade ploy, and there were a lot of them in the supply of the cunning and those who know how to go around the water around many obstacles that the merchants had.
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    《Stories about merchants or cunning merchant》