She transmigrated and started different life
269 269.Kendra has ““that““ smile
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She transmigrated and started different life
Author :JennyS
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269 269.Kendra has ““that““ smile

Days passed and nothing happened. Her people started training among themselves.

''Today six people with the fire power will go to the training ground and try out their powers. When they are done I will mix up groups and we will start doing combined training. Bot only after I am completely satisfied with you all the stability of your abilities. Ok?'' Kendra stood there like a general with a serious face and walked in front of six excited people while others felt sad. 

Actually, since the first day they started training again, they felt more and more filled with energy.

They had excited expressions. ''We will finally start using our powers to mix the energies as we spoke before?''

They looked at the girl that had a huge smile. ''Oh, yes. But do you think I will let you off because of that? Your bodies must become stronger. From today on, we will grow our bodies healthier. We will start proper training.'' A small wicked smile appeared on her face making Isaa look at her with panic.

''Uhm, sister. I know you want us to become stronger. But do we have to go to that extend?'' She tried to make the training a bit lighter but made Kendra smile even brighter.

''Oh yeees. Isaa. As you will be one of the commanders you will train even more than them. I want you, Olek, Jason, Chula, Kimi, and Sirius to be commanders of your groups. To be ready for that you will need firs to learn. So from today on, you six will be under my own special training.'' Her eyes became crescents and her teeth became more pronounced as she spoke about her idea.

The other five were excited about future prosperity while only Isaa stood there in complete horror. Anita saw her completely pale and patted her hand. ''It can't be that bad.''

Isaa turned around towards her in almost slow motion and with terrified expression held her hand. ''My big sister is scary when she smiles like that. You think it won't be bad. You are right, bad is to light word for that what will await us. Ahhhhhh.'' Suddenly she started crying while everyone else turned their eyes towards her.

Suddenly she could hear light steps approaching her and she felt a small pat on her head. ''I promise you will survive. Later on, when we start other training it will be much easier.''

Isaa suddenly rose her wet face and almost cried again. ''Other training!? Sister, are you trying to punish us for something? We were all good all this time. Please let us off, hm?''

Kendra rose her finger and shook it. ''No can do. You all need proper training before we don't start cultivating your pearl of power. You remember how much I made you train before I gave you permission for the first layer?''

''But, but...but... Then and now its different.'' She was on her knees and watching her beggingly.

Kendra chuckled. ''Of course, it is different. I gave you just light training as you were small child, but now you are a grown-up woman. You can handle more. I gave you all the time to relax last year and was planning to let you be lazy this year as well. But, many things changed. I fear when we come out some clans, guides and sects will start making trouble. I can not lose even one of you. And I will not.'' Her eyes darkened.

Isaa slumped on the floor knowing that no matter what she said it won't work. ''We are so done for...''

Everyone heard and saw the conversation between the two but had no idea what is going on. But when they saw Kendra turning completely serious a foreboding feeling started appearing in their hearts.

Anita and Cynthia came closer and were trying to prop us Isaa that weakly sat on the floor while Kendra looked at the group of confused people. ''After the six stabilize their firepower, the six people will be gone with me for basic training. Then they will come back and each of them will fist do their own basic training with you for a week. And so on. Don't worry, this winter won't be boring.''

From one side, they were excited, but form the other side the feeling that something bad is about start happening made them feel slight unease. 

At that moment large fireball started falling over the village and made everyone stunned. Isaa turned her eyes towards Kendra as she saw clear annoyance on her face. She sent a little prayer for those people and closed her eyes.

With wave of the hand, it changed the direction and just went back exactly where it came from. Isaa shook her head. ''Stupid beyond repair, really.''

Everyone stared ta little girl that had annoyed expression with respect and a hint of fear. They knew she was powerful, but to casually change direction of sent power, they couldn't do it even when they were full cultivators. 

She turned around and was silent for a while. ''I know you all have many questions, but I can tell you one thing. My pearl of power is back again. The powers I have are already almost as strong as when I was outside. Isaa knows how much I did to stabilize my powers. Now its time for all of you to do the same. If you want to become strong cultivators that will live peaceful life but still being feared by others, you need to cultivate both, your pearl of power and your body.''

Isaa stood up as she knew that there was no escaping from this. ''I am not ready, but I will still do it. Sister is maybe harsh when si the training and cultivation matters but only when she cares.''

Kendra came closer to her and held her hand. ''Isaa, I am doing this to make them stronger as I wish none of them to be harmed in any way. The moment we come out, we have no idea what will really happen. Things outside are getting strange. Many sects are preparing for war and some larger sects started attacking smaller ones. I do not fear that some of our sect members will be hurt at home, but until we come back home who knows what ideas they might have. We are only few dozen people. I fear they will think of us as snack food.''

They realized the seriousness of the situation as she spoke. And their excitement turned into resolve. Must become stronger...


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