Separated Sands: Reincarnated in Naruto
40 Zabuza“s Truth and Haku“s Trus
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Separated Sands: Reincarnated in Naruto
Author :ShadowRose13
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40 Zabuza“s Truth and Haku“s Trus

After the Gato business was over it was time for me to put my plan into action. As we sat in the living room of Tazuna's house, he still looks uncomfortable being around his former assassins, it was time to get to business. "Sooo Zabuza why DID you kill off an entire class when you were a child?" Ok maybe that isn't a great way to start a conversation.

"I didn't like the exams." Surprisingly I was getting an honest answer. "After I 'massacred' that class they never held those bloody exams again where children were forced to kill their friends just to be genin." I nod my head understanding if only slightly.

"Alright and you are a missing nin because?" In the Bingo Book it listed as him trying to stage a coup on the Mizukage. "I tried to kill the Mizukage." Seems that is true "Ok why would you do that?" Zabuza sighed, shoulders slumping a bit before he looked at haku. "Fine fine. Ok the Mizukage was a great man, key word is WAS. One day he started getting a bit paranoid then it just got worse and worse and finally he just declared all those with bloodlines as evil and had orders for kill on sight for any and all bloodline users."

A collective gasp came from everyone in the room except Kakashi who already knew about the cival war. "One of my friends, yes cyclops I had friends" he says to Kakashi who was giving him a look of disbelief "Was a user of bloodline. Their family was brutally killed and then left for any wild life to come pick at the corpses. My friend though survived due to the sacrifice of her family letting her escape. I joined up with the Resistance or rebellion or whatever they called themselves, honestly i didn't care about the name. Though I didn't join officially. I staged the first assassination attempt on the Mizukage and failed forcing me to go on the run."

"So is that why you worked for Gato, to send the money to the resistance to help them?" Zabuza nods. "Well how about this. I talked it over with Grand- I mean the Hokage. He agreed that if I can convince you to I could offer you and your partner sanctuary in Konoha" Zabuza grunts "I ain't joining your village kid" I chuckled a bit "No no YOU don't have too. It can be temporary or we can get you both duo citizenship so you can be both a Leaf and Mist shinobi."

"Anyway back to the contract I had planned. You see there aren't many, if any, heavy weapon users back in the leaf. Seeing as you were one of the seven swordsman I would like to hire you as a tutor to any who wish to learn about Heavy Weapons. As for Haku the Hokage told me he could make Haku a genin if he chooses to be one. I would also like to study that ice release, no experiments just talking about it."

Zabuza looked over at Haku "We will think about it and give you an answer tomorrow kid." I nod "Well think of it this way. You won't have to worry about Hunter Nin. Also to add more incentive" He took out a dagger from his storage band and pointed to the symbol of a sapling growing from a grave "That is my mark"

"WHAT?! You are telling me that YOU a snot nosed runt are the Rebirth Blacksmith" A tickmark forms on my head "I am not a snot nosed runt you overcompensating b*st*rd! And yes I am that blacksmith. Comes naturally I guess seeing as my one of my Bloodlines allows me to have Metal Manipulation." Zabuza grew his own tick mark at being called overcompensating and would have retorted if I didn't continue "I am willing to provide weapons for your resistance if you agree to my contract." That left him wide eyed and mouth agape. I had to use my willpower not to laugh at that face.

"Oh yea and thanks for the meal" I said pulling out the broken part of Zabuzas sword that snapped off during the fight. I place the third of the swords blade on my chest and watched their expressions of amazement and confusion as it slide into my body like a rock in water without leaving any damage. A blast of Blood Lust erupted from Marix body for a second once the sword piece was fully absorbed but it fades just as quick.

"Interesting. A blade that uses blood to regenerate itself." With that being said Marix pulled a notebook and a pen out his storage band and began writing down ideas and notes on his newfound metal he absorbed completely ignoring everyone else. "Don't worry. Marix does this a lot when he finds new things or has new ideas." Said Naruto. Everyone but Team 7 nod still a little stunned watching him literally absorb part of a sword.

[Later that night]

Marix was outside the house staring up at the moon. He found the night sky to be very calming especially the moon. He swears when the moon is full he feels like his blood is pulled towards it, like something is calling him. "Why are you still awake Haku?" He says as a figure approached from behind. "How did you... I just wanted to talk to you. I feel like I can trust you." Marix nodded allowing the other to sit beside him.

"I think I should tell you I am a girl." Marix merely nodded "Ah" he said with no real other expression "What do you mean ah? Shouldn't you be in disbelief or something?!" Marix smiled and shook his head "Not really. I knew you were a girl the whole time and I knew why you told Naruto otherwise." He chuckles at how gullible that boy is "How did you know and what do you know about my lie?" Marix gave a gentle smile "Well I will answer the second part first. I figured IF you were a girl you would say you were a boy because of Gato. I mean he did have a semi army of thugs and rapist working for him. If they knew you were a woman they would have plotted against you seeing as you are rather cute" Haku blushed at being called cute.

"As for how I knew. I'm a doctor and if I am to boast a bit I am a d*mn good doctor. Back at the hospital they call me the Second Tsunade. What kinda doctor would I be if I couldn't tell the difference between genders?" Haku nods "That and I got some training with the Inuzuku so my nose is pretty good. I can smell the difference between a male and female by scent." Again haku blushes "How is that useful for being a doctor?!" Marix chuckled once more "Well poisons for one. Some poisons are indeed scentless to normal people but can be smelt by those who have higher senses of smell."

"I find you Kekkei Genkai to be very interesting by the way. I would love to study it with you, maybe we can both learn more about it" Haku looks at marix skeptically "How could you do that? You can't copy a Kekkei Genkai like a normal jutsu even with Sharingan." Marix smirked "Well I am also a scientist. Water has three forms you know. Mist can be counted as a gas form of water. Water itself is liquid state. Ice is the solid state. Technically speaking it should be possible to create ice jutsu using water release just no one has figured out how to make it solid yet. But I have two bloodlines. One is a Metal Kekkei Genkai that gives me full control over metal, any metal. I can even make metal from my own chakra. My second one is called Mujun. It allows me to fuse things easily. Such as I can fuse Earth and Water to use the wood element without having the Kekkei Genkai of the Senju clan."

"That's amazing!" Haku exclaimed being genuinely impressed "I guess it is. It allows me to do a lot but there is one draw back to it. My first bloodline uses a lot of chakra to create metals. My second Bloodline well it started off as mood swings but as I got older it became personality changes at random. I'm working on a seal to prevent me from actually developing full blown alternate personalities but it is still in process." He sighs it is one of his bigger concerns.

Haku looks at the boy with pity. She heard there was once a clan who could make illusions real but they had the same issue. They developed a second personality and sometimes the second personality was very very dangerous. In fact that is why they were wiped out due to their last Clan Head had a very kind and caring personality and a sadistic and evil personality, sadly the evil personality won over the good one leading to war on it's neighbors. "I'm sure you will figure it out Marix."
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