1 School Days
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Author :Kratos619
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1 School Days

Lisa went to a christian school, and her least favorite class was Mr. Thompson's english class because it was so boring. He was young tho; about 23. She walked into his class that day and sat down in her seat like normal. She was kinda a trouble maker in school. Always was breaking dresscode by wearing her skirt to short for her uniform, and her shirt to high showing her belly. "Alright class, today we're goin to finish what we were doing yesterday," he said looking over at Lisa with her legs crossed. She wasn't paying attention to Mr. Thompson, and bent down to pick up a note her friend just passed her. Her skirt was showing between her legs as she uncrossed them and grabbed the note. He noticed it, and felt his dick grow harder as he watched. "W-what are you doing Lisa?" he asked trying to hide behind the desk as he felt himself grow hard. "Um.. what the hell does it look like im doing?" she said stubbornly. He smirked and walked up to her giving her a detention slip. "After school Lisa," he said walking away and she crossed her legs again smiling. She always had a thing for him anyway.. but she hated his class. Her friend looked over and smiled and she smiled back.

Later on after school Lisa walked into his class, "Mind telling me what I did wrong?" she asked. "Well, you're out of dresscode.. again.. and you were passing notes in my class!" he said back to her. She turned and walked to her seat. Her dress was riding up and you could see a little bit of her smooth ass and her thong from under her skirt. "I think you should sit up here today," he said pointing to the seat next to his. "Whatever," she said sitting next to him. He smiled and kept grading papers.

"Anything you want me to do Mr. Thompson?" she asked him as she slowly opend her legs watching him notice her. "You're not getting out of this detintion Lisa," he said staring between her legs. He started to get harder again. She stood up "But I'm not trying to get out of detention.. I'm just trying to please the both of us. You know you can't resist this," she said as she un-buttoned her shirt. He stutterd, "I-i could get fired for this," he said. She walked over to the door and locked it, then slowly walked back taking off her shirt.

He showed a small smile and started un-snapping her bra. Lisa was 17 years old... and very mature. She put his hands on her 36 c's and started to moan softly. He cleared off the desk and layed her back on it as he un-zipped his pants. She watched him as he slid off his pants and boxers, seeing his huge, hard cock in front of her. "Oh Mr. Thompson," she moaned as he took off his shirt and layed on top of her. He slowly slid his hand up her skirt feeling her smooth legs, almost like silk. He pulled her thong over and inserted 2 fingers into her tight, wet, hot pussy. She began to moan softly and closed her eyes as he fingered her. "Oh god.." she moaned as he kept fingering her, feeling all her juices on his fingers. He took his fingers out, and slid off her skirt...


hope u guys like it so far! sorry its kinda short.. and not too much sex..., but i liked it.. let me know if you want anything special to happen and ill try to put it in part 2
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