Rising Titans
2 Dawn of the hero
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Rising Titans
Author :urirh
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2 Dawn of the hero

@@As the rage of the Titans ended, the family of the baby died but the baby was already born with a bright light around it's body showing the sign of the savior.

A few hours later while a beautiful elf was doing her afternoon walk she suddenly heard a baby's voice in the broken ship near the shore, the elf went straight to the ship and looked inside and saw a baby with a bright glow around it's body. The baby was crying so the elf decided to take him in, the kind elf fed him and took care of the baby until she noticed that she doesn't know the baby's name or it's birth date so she gave the baby a name and she called him Orion, and Orion's birthday as the day she found him.

Years passed and Orion turned 12 even at a young age Orion was as wise as the wisemen in the elven country he was like a warrior always ready for battle but he was weaker than the other elves.

Months passed and the elven city was living a peaceful and harmonized life and then suddenly Titans ambushed the city with their giant weapons lashing through the sky the elven forces had no match for the Titans, they fell in despair as they die leaving not a single scratch in the Titans Body.

Orion and her mother Tries to run away to the city and find a safe place until a Titan with a big hammer suddenly appeared right in front of their eyes, knowing they cannot do anything the mother throwed out a thousand marked stones.

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