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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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39 39.

When I got into my room, I went straight for the bathroom while taking off my clothes when I heard the door to the bathroom open to see a beautiful angry naked Isabella standing there, I raised one of my eyebrows seeing her action but she didn't let me talk before releasing all her magic pressure and focusing it on me while walking to my face.

Feeling all the magic power coming from her, I didn't get flustered but kept looking at her when she got close to me and looked me straight in the eyes and said " Who else do you think is going to be your luna apart from me Mister"

Me: I don't know who, but she seems more determined than you.

Isabella: I'm going to show you who is more determined and will see if she can do much better than I can.

I opened my mouth to answer her but she stole my lips and attacked me with her tongue but I got excited from the challenge and attacked back, it was just a beastful sex moment after that where the other seeks to dominate over the other, I won at the end which was as expected cause of my monstrous stamina but I won't deny that hard.

I wanted to warn myself from aggravating her again but I shook my head and smiled because I like the challenge and won't find taking her on any time, we both took our bath to wash off the sweat while calling a maid to fix up the bathroom that looks like where two low devils fought.

we were both laying on the bed with Isabella laying on my chest while I brush her and she twirls her finger around my chest while looking deep in thought before it seems she made her decision and said "Why don't you like her back and back down to let me win"

Me: I can't because a woman that stays by my side needs to be worthy to bear the blood that flows in me and it is quite a dominant blood if I should say.

Isabella: So it just about the blood.

Me: Not just a blood but an independent one, if it doesn't accept or find you worthy then it will rampage in your body and kill you.

Isabella: Scary, so that's why you need a strong woman

Me: Yes.

Isabella: I will become one but please don't scare me like you did last time, it hurts that you looked down on me like that.

Me: I just wanted to see how determined you are but I do apologize for what I did.

I kissed her after saying that and got up from the bed to go eat since I'm hungry from the two exercises I did today. I got downstairs with Isabella while acting like we didn't see the way they were looking at us. when we got to the dining table, everyone was there so we both found us a place to sit before hearing Issei say.

Issei: Bro you alright, I could hear a lot of sound coming from where u are.

Rias: Issei, why don't you shut up and stop being a fool.

Sircherz: Mazuka san, can you tone it done because everyone could hear what was going on.

Me: Don't you have any sound canceling magic.

Sircherz: We do but you both destroyed it during the act.

Me: my bad, will see what we can do.

The week went by fast with me and the guys training in magic and Isabella coming over every time to keep me company. It's just one more day left before we get back to the human world and that's why I will be fulfilling the dating promise with Akeno because if I don't do it know, I won't have the time to do it when we get back to the human world.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》