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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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33 32.

I nodded in understanding after she said that, I closed my eyes before being surrounded by what I assume is magical energy. I could feel that magic energy actually just appears out of thin air unlike the life energy for senjustu.

I can also see that I was surrounded by different colors which I assume was the element, that was when I heard akeno say " if you see the different colors, try and see which one gives you a familiar feeling" I concentrated and felt a calling from one the element before reaching out to it.

I opened my eyes to see my self being surrounded lightning and it was really make a loud noise until I drew it back inside me before looking around to see the guys all stunned and looking at me with a glistening eyes.

Akeno: it seems lightning is your element.

Me: yeah, I also saw you using one does that mean that it is your element too.

Akeno: yeah but mine is different because it is black lighting while yours is white.


Akeno: yea.

Me: can you help the others to find their own elements.

Akeno:no problem, who wants to go first?

Yami was the most excited so he went first before the others, Yami also got the lightning element but his was yellow colored, Toshi awakened the fire element, shirou got the earth element, Eiji got the water element while aito got the wind element.

After everyone awakened their element i asked Akeno how we can train them. She said

Akeno: you can only train them by connecting with your elements and gather more of it inside you, also the closer and the more you gather your element inside the more powerful and easier it gets to use.

Me: why do we need knowledge then to be able to use magic since all we need is to get closer to our element and absorb it.

Akeno: That is for your element but you need knowledge on the other elements to be able to use them. It is also possible to gather other elements inside you but to do that you have to force the element under you and that's why it is hard but with knowledge you know about that element and how to gather it to do what you want to do instead of forcing it.

Me: OK, I think I understand what you mean.

Akeno: To make it easier, the knowledge is kinda like a spell you know to use a certain element.

I thanked her and stood up before going to look for sirzechs to ask him If we can use the libraries in their house. I found sirzechs in his office with grayfia, I nodded to both of them before saying "I hope I wasn't interfering"

Sirzechs: No you weren't, mind if I ask why you are looking for me.

Me:I wanted to know if we can use your libraries.

Sirzechs: why do you want to use it, you don't strike me as someone that likes reading.

Me: I don't want to read either but for me to use magic, I heard that I have to knowledge to do that.

Sirzechs: Hahaha, no problem you can go on and so whatever you want. Grayfia will lead you there.

Me: I thank you, but I won't taking it for me you can get one free service from me.

Sirzechs: I will let you know then if I need something.

I walked out of the room when I heard grayfia ask sirzechs.

Grayfia: why did you let him owe you a favor.

Sirzechs: He won't accept using the libraries if I didn't do that.

Grayfia: why

Sirzechs: Because he is that type of person.

I smiled when I heard him say that.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》