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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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31 31.

They all looked at me and said " we understand boss"

Me: Good because we will soon be getting a lot of people coming after us.

Shirou: Why

Toshi: I guess because they see us as a threat and want to get rid of us.

Me: you all need to start thinking like Toshi but he missed something, they may not want to get rid of us but instead use us as a lab rat to see what they can find out about us.

I told them that they need to get stronger because I won't always be with them whenever someone is sent after them so they need to be capable of handling whatever is coming their way.

Me: Come on, I don't want to keep our new teacher waiting.

When we got to Akeno, she was already looking pissed I looked at her and said "I just had a small talk with them" she scoffed before telling us to sit down.

Akeno: Rias already told you that using devil magic is impossible since you aren't devils but it is possible to use normal magic but that is harder because there is a big difference between the two.

Me: What difference is there?

Akeno: Devil magic can be used with imagination while the normal magic can be used with knowledge, what that means is to use normal magic you have to have a lot of knowledge about different types of magic. Devil magic limitation is imagination while normal magic limitation is knowledge.

Toshi: I now understand why normal magic is hard because not everyone can get access to this knowledge about magic but with devil magic as long as you have the energy to support it then you can do anything you want with your imagination.

Me: Isn't that a bit overpowered.

Akeno: It is but your imagination can be your downfall an example is if you imagine something impossible like a black hole and expect it not to affect you or your surroundings, Also the harder the things you imagine the more energy it takes. Normal magic doesn't have that problem because if you know the knowledge about the black hole you can put up a countermeasure against it like for example a force field to keep you from getting sucked up too.

Me: I think we got it so how do we gather this magic energy, I tried it but felt nothing except the life energy around me.

Akeno: So you know senjustu.

Me: Yes, We all do.

Akeno: Magic is different from senjustu, close your eyes and I will let you know how magic energy feels but before we start that, you have to know that everyone has an element they are comparable with so when you start feeling magical energy, you will be feeling the element you are most close to.

Me: Does that mean that I will only be able to use the element that I am good at.

Akeno: No, it means that it will be easier to use the element you are at while the others will be harder to use.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》